Looney Toons


MNN. Oct. 23, 2006.¬†First they were begging for $1 million and now it?s $1 billion. Doesn’t it sound like Dr. Evil, the enemy of “Austin Powers”, who asked for too little ransom? Everybody laughed at him. Where did these figures come from?

When the big guy at the top of the hierarchy goes round the bend, the sickness and confusion starts to drip downwards. It starts to contaminate all the people at the bottom of the barrel, especially those with weak minds. The big guys are trying to save themselves, but they don’t have the sense of reality that is needed to face the truth. They are sending their lower level characters to come and take us out for exposing the fraud, deception, theft, pollution and immorality.

When U.S. President Richard Nixon started getting paranoid about his political opponents, he sent in plumbers to break into Watergate to get all the goods on them. This started all his troubles. Eventually he had to quit before he was impeached.

Porky Pig has run out of money for organizing that failed riot in Caledonia on October 15th. His 20,000 “White Hog’s March” was supposed to go onto the Indigenous land and stomp the Indians into submission with their muddy hooves. Porky Pig thinks that forced assimilation is the answer to all the problems with Indigenous people. He and Miss Piggy waddled down Argyle Street with 200 of their herd up to Tim Horton’s near Kanenhstaton, the reclamation site. He had a coffee, a donut hole, “oinked” and left. There were more Ontario Provincial Police there than rioters. They didn’t riot. They just stood there and grunted at us. Thousands of us and our supporters partied on with our “Pot Luck for Peace” and had a great time.

All Porky Pig wants is to fill his “honey pail” and have 5 minutes of fame. The march on Caledonia scam worked against him. It was a flop. It bombed. Obviously he’s grunting up the wrong tree. He found out he had no public support. Canadians do not want to follow Porky Pig or Miss Piggy. Canadians are starting to wake up to the hoax and the illegalities of a society built on genocide.

So now Porky Pig has to try something else to fill his trough and pay his mortgage on his mansion in Richmond Hill, which is also on Six Nations land. We’ll soon see if the bank thinks his house is made of straw. His website states that he’s raising money to pay for his lawsuit on behalf of Caledonia against the Women Title Holders and the Mohawk Warrior Society. In other words he has a grudge against every Mohawk man, woman and child on Turtle Island.

Did Marie Trainer have a town meeting to hire Porky Pig to act on their behalf? Why are they doing it from New York State? Are they shopping around for the best venue to do their action from? Why not Ontario? Is this another publicity stunt to get more money from more suckers? What’s next? Are they going to bring down aliens and try to take over Turtle Island? Do they think the Women Title Holders won’t have any jurisdiction because it’s an air attack?

All we can figure is that the higher ups are encouraging bush league criminals like Porky Pig, Miss Piggy and, their co-swine, Dirty Pig, also known as Scotch-on-the-Rocks, to stir up as much trouble as they can for us. These three little pigs are being encouraged to take frivolous court actions against the enemies of the hierarchy to shut us up. Dirty Pig, their sidekick in New York State, runs Miss Piggy’s racist website “NY Crimewatch”. Dirty Pig is a known instigator and enforcer for some unscrupulous people.

When will the police do their job and charge Porky Pig, Miss Piggy and Dirty Pig with hate and racist crimes?

Porky Pig has announced that we Women Title Holders and our men are going be sued by Porky Pig on behalf of the citizens of Caledonia. What does he want? Let’s give him 1 billion pounds of “slop”! We wonder if the citizens who were at our Pot Luck know about this. Not to worry. We’re thinking of hiring Bugs Bunny to defend us. He seems like a sharper character than Porky Pig. All he wants is a few carrots. He can say, “What’s up, Pork” as much as he wants.

By the way, Miss Piggy is now passing herself off as a Mohawk named “Sky Woman”. On top of all that, by taking that name, she’s claiming to be the ancestor of everyone in the world! How’s that for megalomania? Is she friends with “Luke Skywalker” of Star Wars? Did she get all her information from Yoda, the swamp monster? Beware. This porker is posting all kinds of crazy hateful messages about us on the internet. But we think we know what she really wants. When we get control of our land, she wants to build a house here. Just like in the old fable, “three little pigs”, their straw house will not stand up to the huff and puff of the big bad wolf, turtle and bear.

T-T-T-That’s all folks!

Kahentinetha Horn

poster: Thahoketoteh