“Beam me up Captain Bush”


MNN. Oct. 21, 2006. U.S. President George Bush signed an executive order to conclude his ascendancy over, not just the earth, but the whole universe. Read the “U.S.A.F. Counter Space Operation Doctrine”. Never mind the “Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies”. Never mind the American agreement that weapons should not be used in outer space. That was 1967. Georgie has his own plans.

President Bush has given himself the right to eliminate anyone who opposes him. He thinks he’s the lord and master of everything. It’s a common delusion. It’s running rampant on Turtle Island. And it’s dangerous. Psychiatric hospitals and jails are full of folk with these kinds of wild ideas.

It seems like this condition comes from the top of the hierarchy and trickles downward. It manifests itself openly among the weak-minded. They have delusions of grandeur. They think the whole world is their video game. Bush has so little contact with real life that he has no sense about what he?s doing. He’s convinced that he’s right.

Meanwhile sane and responsible people all over the place, and even ordinary Americans, are now wondering if there is something wrong with him. Some people are saying right out “He’s sick in the head”. But they’re afraid to say anything because he’s surrounded by a circus of handlers who seem to be just as unhinged as he is.

Remember Joseph Stalin at the beginning of WW II? He and Hitler had signed a “non-aggression” pact. Believe it or not, Mr. Ripley! Hitler completely ignored the agreement and decided to attack Russia. “No fair” yelled Stalin. He was such an egotistical self-centered S.O.B. that he didn’t want the war to be started by Hitler. He wanted to start it himself. “Me first!” he screamed. “There can’t be a war unless I say so. Your bombs don?t count! Ouch!” But Hitler went ahead and started it anyway. When Stalin heard about it, he said there was no war because he didn’t start it. As a result Russia got creamed at the beginning of the war. Stalin was such a screaming, tyrannical bully that nobody wanted to tell him anything for fear of being eliminated.

So here we go again. Bush is terrorizing the world. Anybody who says anything will be visited by his “black special ops” choppers to hover over their houses. When this happened to me this morning, I thought, “Oh, oh! Somebody must be mad, having a tantrum”. I stepped outside and waved. Suddenly they took off.

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has caught the same syndrome. He is trying to act like the big kids on the block. He wants to tame the press in Ottawa so he dictates who’s allowed to ask him questions. He’s terrorizing his cabinet. He’s duct-taped their mouths and threatened to take away all their lollipops. They can’t speak to the press or anyone. He wants to do all the talking. If anyone gets out of line, he kicks them right out. Garth Turner got the treatment last week. Stevie told him, “Nobody’s gonna be your friend anymore, not in a million gazillion years! So there!!!” Garth made the mistake of exercising his own free mind against Harper’s orders. Tsk! Tsk!

The People who survive in the Harper gang are known as “sycophants”. Technically speaking, this means they’re either ass-lickers or brown nosers. “You’re so great! Stevie! We’re gonna conquer the whole wide world. We’re gonna rule everything”. But with Bush, Harper is just a little panting puppy dog. When Big Daddy came up here to talk about space, Stevie jumped right into his lap to get stroked. That’s when Big Daddy Bush said, “Hey Stevie, I gotta have the major planets and the Milky Way but I’m gonna give you Pluto and a Mars Bar!”. “Yip! Yip!” yapped Harper.

The circus continues because the sycophants want to keep their jobs. So they keep bowing down and they keep kissing feet.

Why is all this crazy stuff happening?

What was left of Bush’s mind got twisted when he was initiated into the “Skull & Bones Society” at Yale University. Those who pass muster are told they are going to rule the world. He said, “Right on. That’s for me, man! Pass the beer and gimme another toke.”

Harper, on the other hand, was just a straight ‘burb kid from the “ticky tacky” outskirts of Toronto. Suddenly he’s at the top of the heap and he thinks it?s the CN Tower. He just doesn’t know what to do in this position. He’s not even sure how he got there. It hasn’t occurred to him that he is supposed to represent a democratic state. He seems to think he’s playing “I’m the king of the castle”. So he’s become Bush’s dirty rascal. Those who claw their way to the top of the dung hill have to make sure no one comes anywhere near them. They’re scared shitless, so to speak. Jees, someone might even cry “Scaredy cat. You’re a brat.” How could anyone deal with that?

So then this guy comes up from Texas, puts his paws on him and tells him, “I’ll show you! You and I are gonna take over the world”. Little Stevie thought he was saved. He bought into the lie and now he’s George Bush’s greatest disciple.

Bush isn’t sticking to his cow pie. He’s staked out an aggressive claim on outer space. Forget all those formal treaties and agreements signed in the sixties. Forget government by the people and for the people. Forget democracy. Forget life. He’s gonna do what he wants and he’ll zap anyone who gets in his way. He must be surrounded by a bunch of drunken cowboys. Or maybe they’re just a bunch of teen-aged video-maniacs. The U.S. Strategic Command has protocols that sound so corny and cardboard that they must have been snatched out of a script for Captain Kirk of the Starship “Enterprise”. Remember Star Trek?

But let’s face it, the man is dangerous. He’s got his finger on the button that could annihilate the world. The guns are real. He’s saying “I double-dog dare you” to all comers, real and imagined. But this is no game.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh