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skenna karenna. nonen onka tionkwetayeri raskaneks ne ahateweyensteh ne skennen karenna, roriwayen ne tonayawenneh, onenktsi enhakwaren ne ronwarihonniennireh, skatne tehontoneh tahnon enhonterennoten. 

Six years ago MNN posted an excellent take on how we have all been purposely disconnected from the natural sound and the natural time. The 13 moons were changed into 12, the 13 notes were changed into 12. 

MNN. Jan. 5, 2014. The orenda [energy], oyendera [body] and onikonra [the mind] all work together to be healthy and to communicate with the natural world. We are spirit beings with inherent vibrations. Taking us off natural sound and natural time creates divisions in our mind so that we can be separated from the oneness. 

Pope Disney: "You take over time and I'll take over music and sound".

Pope Disney to corporatists: “You take over time and I’ll take over music and sound”.

The human cell is an electric magnetic field of possibility. Old indigenous languages are in touch with true consciousness. By design English does not generate those patterns. 

Physical healing can be aided or hindered by tone. Frequencies are deliberately altered to weaken the spiritual impact. Singing gets into deeper levels of the subconscious, accessing insights beyond artificial belief systems. Out-of-tune languages such as English vibrate at different frequencies. Many of us were beaten when we spoke our own language and forced into the English vibration. 

All of creation communicates on the earth on the 13 note solfaggio scale. The original frequencies are recorded in the “Book of Numbers” in the Old Testament , “Healing Codes of the Biologic Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz”. The Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, invented the chromatic scale that is 12 notes. When tuned to A440 all the original 13 salfaggio frequencies will be hidden between the notes of the chromatic scale so that you will never hear them.

The original 13 salfaggio notes are all that nature creates upon. The original sounds of nature that Creation communicates with are hidden between the artificial man-made chromatic scale to further disconnect us from nature.  

Mohawks do the small condolence ceremony to connect with creation. We take the soft leather and wipe our eyes, the eagle feather to clean our ears and drink the clearest water. Our body then clears itself. The frequencies of our songs also connect us. The native drums connect us directly to Mother Earth. 

The sounds are there but we are not hearing it. They have been deliberately turned down and masked. “Owistah” [the money disease] prevents us from becoming of one mind. When we boost the volume on the natural frequencies, we will hear the vibrations and the consciousness of the universe. An old paradigm will emerge to heal all the separation that’s been artificially created. 

Memory is experience and intelligence stored in the cells of our mind and body called DNA. With the right stimuli, sounds and frequencies, information is released from the true self. 

Music is for the secret ear. Changing the notes causes the matrix of thought and well-being to be squelched. Frequencies can turn grief into joy, cause people to connect to their inner source. These channels have to be kept open so the life force can flow. 

The 12 note chromatic scale is essentially thought control. The 12 month Gregorian calendar takes us off natural time to cement their thought control. It take us out of tune as a piece of the force energy of creation which gives us our power as creator beings. 

At the deepest level we are together as a body, spirit and mind. Indigenous worldwide can lead us all back to healing ourselves in our own minds. When 5 of the ierokwah [Iroquois] nations figured this out in our own minds, our teacher, Dekanawida, left. He asked us to help the rest of the people in the world to figure out this simple formula in their own minds. He said, “te-ia-ta-te-wen-nio”, that each one of us is sovereign. We all have a piece of the source energy within our minds that gives us our power as creator beings.

nia’wen tsi wasewata’honsat

Mother Earth is changing her frequencies. So will all life. You will have to return to Mother Earth.

The music prophet, Jimi Hendrix, tuned to A417, one of the original solfaggio earth frequencies, the only modern musician to do that. 

His song, “Third Stone from the Sun”, [our Mother] is all about frequency and vibration. He said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”.

 Jimi Hendrix. “Third Stone from the Sun”.


Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Peace shall reign.

Peace shall reign.

Keshe. Timetable for taking our planet back”.

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