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MNN. Oct. 23, 2014. It’s nice to see the Mohawks aren’t being blamed. This event was Canada’s 911. Watch for Canada’s Ex-Patriot Act coming soon. “Everything changes now”, Harper-Trudeau and Mulcair warned their fellow Canadians. Fredrick Hegel wrote about this exact scenario of problem-reaction-solution. Federick Hegel.

The date 10/22 is very big within the numerology and symbolism context that the ruling elite rely upon. Numerology. High Noon at the O.K. Staff Meeting It was a false flag in Ottawa. Choppers in the air and everybody on lock down as if it was a training mission. Two cops were filmed laughing. The shooter ran through the supposed heavily secured front door of Parliament. Everybody courageously chased him down the hall firing what sounded like cap guns. Cops set up the two fall guys, Rouleau and Bibeau for the two incidents, by monitoring, following and studying them. Infowars: See: Infowars: Ottawa was False Flag.

Their solution will always be to take away the little freedom we have left. After a few more false flags, Canadians will demand a solution for this terrorist problem. Only the cops and military will be allowed to have guns. Those in charge say, “We have no way of protecting our soldiers”. Aren’t they suppose to be trained assasins to protect us? Watch for more massive armaments of the police, more money for CSIS and the erosion of people’s rights.

"What did you say? You want to plant a flag here!!"

“What did you say? You want to plant a flag here on my land!!”

Canadians should be reminded that  NORTHCOM North American Command is in charge of Canada militarily by treaty signed by Martin and then reaffirmed by Harper. A few years back NORTHCOM announced that Toronto, Cleveland and Seattle would be part of a nuclear terror drill. NORTHCOM by treaty can move into Canada whenever they need to.

This incident in Ottawa was meant to take the focus off Canada’s role in murdering innocent women and children in Iraq. The show, “Gunflight at OK Corral” in Tombstone Arizona is more realistic than this fake shoot-out in Parliament. It’s definitely not Academy Award material, produced and directed by Harper and his phony cronies.

Look guys! The words are '

Harper: “1-2-3-4! Happiness is a warm gun!”’

Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and everybody are singing the same Beatle song today: “Mother Superior jump the gun. Mother Superior jump the gun. Mother Superior jump the gun. Mother Superior jump the gun. Happiness is a warm gun. [Happiness! Bang! Bang! Shoot! Shoot!] [Happiness! Bang! Bang! Shoot! Shoot!] [Happiness! Bang! Bang! Shoot! Shoot!]” Beatles. Happiness is a warm gun.

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