MNN. October 10, 2010. During the French and Indian Wars in the 1750s, the invaders came up against the Mohawk “Keepers of the Eastern Door” who told them to go home. In order to occupy land the legal occupants had to be killed off. The colonists started a genocide campaign beginning with the Mohawks.

As a story goes, once upon a time in present day New York State, a French troop came across a lone Mohawk Warrior standing on top of a cliff waving at them. The troop commander told three of his men, “Go up and kill him’.

They climbed up. Behind the bushes a big fight broke out. The commander waited. They never returned. Eventually the Mohawk Warrior appeared on top of the mountain and waved to the troops below. Aghast, the commander ordered another 10 soldiers to, “Kill him once and for all”.

They went up. Another noisy fight ensued. None returned. Once again, the Mohawk Warrior stood on top and waved to them with a big smile.

Finally the commander ordered the rest of his troops to go up and “Finish him off”, to return and tell him what happened.

Another huge fight took place with lots of yelling and screaming. This time one badly wounded man came down the hill. “What happened?” asked the commander.

The soldier said, “That Warrior wasn’t alone. He had a Mohawk woman behind him!” and then passed out. The Mohawk Warrior stood at the top of the cliff and waved at them to leave.

Indigenous women continue to be the foundation of our communities. Presently 550 have disappeared without a trace. Canada refuses to investigate, callously calling us “sexual objects” and “street workers”.

Our women are not protected by police, politicians and upper levels of society for a reason. Possibly these girls have too much information on the underbelly of the ruling class and their fascination with abusing children, particularly Indigenous.

It seems the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA and law enforcement want to arrest and criminalize our men who protect our women and children.

Border guards leer at Mohawk girls and our young men. Perverted Border guards are known to put their hands in the pants of the adolescent boys and grab their genitals. Cavity searches are going to become common to intimidate and psychologically subjugate people.

A British military man once remarked: Mohawk men allow themselves to be dragged around by their women, but in no way did it emasculate them. In fact, they became great warriors.

We were the canary in the mine. The behavior that the indigenous people have withstood for centuries is now going to become mainstream for everyone.



– OR GERIATRIC “VULTURINES”MNN. March 13, 2009. Just when we thought men were the main pillagers of our people! This is about specific DOLPs, who are dirty old experienced predators. DOLPs are plain, lonely, usually barren, compulsive liars, elderly white women. They have no close family ties. They know how to sit still and wait for a long time to jump their victim. There is usually not much background history on them. They haven’t worked much, feign illnesses and are not generous though it is sometimes revealed they have lots of money. These Grimm Brothers’ depictions of these women as old, ugly, have warts, big noses and green skin come up in fairy tales to warn children. These women see Indigenous People as vulnerable and less able to protect ourselves from them or their hooks and lures.

An 18 year old Indigenous girl we’ll call “Wanda” got a scholarship to study in Paris France. On the trip over on a freighter, she was befriended by an older Dutch woman we’ll call Mrs. Mendacity, who had become a Canadian citizen. She invited the young girl to visit her in Holland during her stay. She was well treated by the family. Afterwards this older woman wrote to Wanda once in a while.

Years later, Wanda was a single mother with three young children who had to take a job in Ottawa. She moved there and found out that Mrs. Mendacity lived there too. Mrs. Mendacity never had children, lived alone and had developed a digestive ailment that she constantly complained off but lived to 93 years of age. She re-befriended Wanda and the kids with gifts, invitations to dinner and so on. Then one day Mrs. Mendacity asked Wanda to help her get around the welfare system. She did not want to declare all her money so as not to lose her subsidized housing. She offered to give Wanda a few thousand dollars to be paid back every month. She got Mrs. Mendacity to sign an agreement and then gave her monthly checks for more than the amount. After two years it was all paid back.

Years later Wanda got a big surprise. Mrs. Mendacity charged her with theft and conning money out of her. She sued for $25,000, about five times the amount. Wanda fortunately had the agreement and all the cancelled checks, which she sent to Mrs. Mendacity’s lawyer. The case was dropped.

This episode troubled Wanda. These women hustlers usually have a secret history. She decided to visit Mary, a neighbor who knew Mrs. Mendacity. Mary’s husband, a World War II vet, suggested that Mrs. Mendacity was one of those who probably had to leave Holland after the war for collaborating with the Germans. To escape punishment, she married a Canadian soldier and came to Canada. Shortly after, she divorced him. Though she never worked, she lived well.

Wanda eventually went back to her native community with her kids. She was very knowledgeable about her culture and had gotten a master’s degree in her field.

About ten years ago a non-native woman, we’ll call Mrs. Doubtfire, searched out Wanda and befriended her. Mrs. Doubtfire was in her fifties and originally from Ottawa. She rarely worked and had valuable properties. She was studying and writing on the areas of knowledge that Wanda knew well. Mrs. Doubtfire visited the native community constantly and made friends with Wanda and her family.

Mrs. Doubtfire was testing the waters. One day she arrived with a young Indigenous boy she wanted to raise. She got his family to sign him over to her and put Wanda’s name on the informal agreement without her knowledge or consent. The boy lived with the non-native woman but Wanda became responsible for him.

For six years almost every morning at 4:00 am Mrs. Doubtfire called Wanda to discuss her views on some aspects of her dissertation.

As the Indigenous youth got older, he started to show signs of being troubled. He ran away and failed school for four years in a row. Wanda became concerned and tried to find out what was going on. In her sixties, Mrs. Doubtfire finished her study and started to distance herself from the Indigenous family.

Then Mrs. Doubtfire announced she was suffering from a progressively degenerative disease. Wanda saw she had trouble walking, was exhausted, aching, anxious, acting unstable and always badly constipated. Mrs. Doubtfire whined she had to “get away” and that she had no money. She applied to teach at a mostly native university far away.

Wanda was now almost 70 years old and a respected elder of the community. The boy was insecure and needed stability. After much consideration by the native family, she suggested that the youth should be reunited with his birth family and native community. Surprisingly, Mrs. Doubtfire became enraged.

Mrs. Doubtfire showed up at Wanda’s house without notice. The green mask came off. She did not appreciate “Indians” interfering and that the boy was best in a non-native home. Mrs. Doubtfire punched Wanda. The police were called in.

It confirmed to Wanda that some of these absconders of our children will do anything to cover up the strange relationships they’ve developed with their young charges. Because of the stunted emotional development of both dirty old men and dirty old women, they feel safer with young people they can isolate, threaten and control.

None of the eight social service and police agencies that were contacted were able to help this young boy. Was it because he is indigenous and she is non-native? Authorities hesitate to investigate mistreatment or deaths of thousands of our young people. At this moment, parents of young indigenous boys and girls of British Columbia who have disappeared are demanding answers. Authorities have shut the doors in their faces.

Wanda realized she had been targeted several times in her life by members of the “Dirty Old Lady Predators” DOLPs. They start out being really nice. Then they start getting the Indigenous to do things for them. Then they get close to them and even become the “grandmothers” or “aunties” of the children of their target.

We Indigenous think everybody is nice like us. When the disguise comes off, we can see the evil behind the niceness. Then they disappear and start all over again somewhere else, oftentimes changing their names. They repeat the same m.o. until people start becoming suspicious, compare notes and find differences in their stories. Then they disappear again.

Intellectually DOLPs are smart but have a childlike emotional development. They know how to take advantage of people through years of practice. They are adept at making themselves look like victims with weaknesses or diseases to get pity and to divert us. They thrive on and get high on conning people. When pushed they can become violent and start freaking out. When they become desperate, who knows what they’ll do. How many kids have they taken? How many are now trying to find their way home? These dirty old women predators don’t stop. Even in their wheel chairs they’ll be swinging their canes looking for new victims.

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