MNN. MAY 5, 2013. Prime Minister Harper is controlled by the globalists. He does not represent the Canadian people. [See link below]. He announced that Canadian sovereignty will be dismantled (Canada is not sovereign, it’s a corporate entity). He is bringing about a corporate hostile takeover bid by the bankers to bring Canada under global governance. He thinks this move will allow him to spread around our ever growing $80 trillion Indian Trust Fund, to the globalist cabal.

Harper just 'came out of the closet'!

Harper just ‘came out of the closet’!


“We have always had a stable democracy” (dictatorship), he told the G20 meeting, “Now it’s time to move on” to the big war! 

Resistance is the inevitable answer to the political, economic, social genocide program of the Corporation of Canada. The multinational bankers are using more threats and violence, as their power is declining. Giving law enforcement para-military training and weaponry, shows their fear of the public. Such violence to maintain power sparks a stronger response among oppressed peoples. worst enemy

Suppression is the result of the uncompromising truth about the theft of our resources and Indian Trust Fund by the Corporation of Canada on behalf of its banker shareholders.   

Canada, US and other western states face serious economic and social problems. Behind the smoke screens, the economic situation is our invisible prison based on war, all invented by the bankers.  This means heavier dependence on the theft and exploitation of our resources everywhere. Indigenous people standing up to the bankers is causing hysteria. 

How strong are we? We would stand together to protect each other. Except for those treasonous corporate Injuns who owe their positions and wealth to serving their masters. Some of the puppet organizations being set up like the “Iroquois Caucus” to mimic the Iroquois Confederacy are a springboard to subversion. They are illegally signing away everything. 

We are unified by our ties to our mother, Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, to carry out our instructions to stop theft and desecration of us and our mother.  

Powerful commercial multinational interests pour money into their Indian tribal and band council agents. Prime Minister Harper is trying to form an ‘Indian’ government that will be in charge of us and our resources as part of the military and foreign policy strategy.  

The corporate Injuns job is to slow down any political resistance by discouraging, confusing us and telling on us. They are the enemy within who declare support for our struggle for freedom and then by secret devious means, serve and promote the imperial interests. The corporation of Canada needs them to sign away our rights, resources and destiny. The enemy within for Canadians, is Harper himself.The traditional womens’ fire of our communities can remove them immediately and replace them with a true grassroots Indigenous body.

As Stonewall Jackson sang: “Waterloo, Waterloo, where will you meet your Waterloo? Every puppy has his day, everybody has to pay. Everybody has to meet his Waterloo.”

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Women's Fire will send Harper on his way.

Women’s Fire will send Harper on his way.


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