MNN. July 7, 2009. The old Nazi genetic hygiene blueprint is being dusted off by today’s imperialist jerks. They want to exterminate those whose life they think is unworthy. Former US Secretary of State, fat-bellied Henry Kissinger, calls us “useless eaters”. The Rockefellers, IG Farben, Loeb and Krupp were some of the main research funders of this Nazi program.The German holocaust was preceded by a prolonged economic crisis, inflation, food shortages, unemployment, lack of confidence in the democratic process, ideological crises, emergence of extremist political philosophies, a trend towards fascism and carefully staged propaganda bombardment. World War II was the one of the biggest organized mass murders in recorded history.

In 1933 the Nazis passed the T-4 law to carry out euthanasia on selected children. The target was 70,000. Victims were selected on political, economic and social basis. They were assessed by psychiatrists, studied and then murdered. They were killed with cyanide gas, morphine injections, chemical warfare agents or phenol injection directly into the heart. Their families were told they had gotten sick and died. No death certificates were issued. The bodies were secretly disposed of.

It took less than 30 years for psychiatrists to import their madness into science, politics and law for the Third Reich and beyond. [Psychiatrists – the Men Behind Hitler]. In 1941 the T-4 program was disbanded in favor of the “final solution” of the Jewish problem.

Psychiatrists and the military worked closely together to set the norms for those in power. Robert Malthus, Charles Darwin and Frederich Nietsche laid the ground work. Malthus 1766-1834 thought that populations grow so rapidly that they outdistance the food supply leading to poverty. Discourage the poor and lower class from having children, keep wages down and no welfare.

Darwin 1809-1882 created a fake scientific basis for the holocaust of the lower races by the higher civilized races. Racial purity programs were set up such as euthanasia and murder of the feeble-minded, crippled and sick.

Friedrich Nietzsche worked on the politics of hate. He preached that war is good, positive and to be embraced. He admired the refined Aryan aristocracy who took advantage of the weak. Those who disagreed with them were sick. Democratically inclined people were insane.

In the 1930s German doctors were invited to Canada to experiment on Indigenous children in the residential schools. [Hidden from History: the Canadian Holocaust].

Eye witnesses at the Kuper Island Catholic school in British Columbia described German-speaking doctors injecting them in the chest which caused deaths. Their families were told they had died of natural causes.

One ten year old Indigenous boy described how several of them were given two needles in the chest, one near each nipple. They fell down immediately and became dizzy. Some passed out and were taken away for special treatment and put in isolation. Their body became smelly and swollen and they would die.

Researchers used prisoners, mental patients and Indigenous children from reserves and residential schools. They experimented on erasing memory and personality, using drugs, electric shock and trauma-inducing methods which had been used for years in residential schools.

An Indian Affairs official said there was a gentleman’s agreement for the church to provide the kids. The Mounties delivered them to whoever needed a fresh batch of test subjects. The government, churches and residential school principles just had to turn over the dead bodies to get paid by the military. [IHRAAm Tribunal, June 12-14, 1998]. Remember when some pioneers became wealthy by killing us and selling our heads and scalps to the colonists?

Secret links between Nazi racial hygienists and the Canadian government continued after WW II. Part of the transition on Great Turtle Island was Project Paperclip. So Russians would not get them, over 1200 Nazi scientists were brought into US, Canada and Britain. They infiltrated the medical establishment.

Medical experiments were authorized through agreements between the government, the churches and the schools. Sara Hunter, a residential school survivor [Always Remember Love, 1999] described how a former German SS doctor code named Bob Armstrong worked for the Canadian military outside of Calgary from 1956 to 1958. He experimented on 25 abducted children who were killed slowly. In Ontario Indigenous children were brought to experimental labs by RCMP, who were residential school agents under the Indian Act.

Psychiatric associations were set up worldwide. They were an integral part of the German killing machine. When the war was over they moved on. They forgot that the Germans lost the war and turned out to be nothing more than Teutonic failures.

The fascists of today are using these same failed strategies to impose a dictatorial global government. Hard times are being created by economic, political and social pressure pushing us toward totalitarianism. The neo-cons think it is easier to sell an ideology that supports extermination of the social, political and economic dead weight. Today the poor that have lost their houses and live on the streets are seen as losers. They have become targets of the municipal governments.

From racial hygiene to Nazism to racial purity [or whititude] to one global order. We too learned from the tough school of experience! Let’s overcome them again without fear by asserting our human values as Ongwehonwe.

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com

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