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MNN. Apr. 22, 2014. We gave our word to our prophet Dekanawida that we would spread the peace throughout the world. Another international peace conference to spread the Great Peace is coming soon like the one we had in London in 1710. In the Great Peace women have a duty to intervene in all conflicts of other nations to stop or prevent the spilling of the blood of their people. Jigosaseh, the Mother of Nations, brought peace in Mohawk country. All “Women are the progenitors of the Nation”. W44. They create the children and are half the population of the world. We must assert our natural power to create peace by asserting our responsibility to consider all matters first and reaching a consensus. We will then inform our men of our decision.

Queen Anne's Court

Queen Anne’s Court listens to our chiefs describe The Great Peace 1710.

The power of the people is vested in our community and our consensual decision making process. Our communities override all corporate authoritarian bodies. We can quickly spread peace as Jigosaseh did among the Rotino’shonni:onwe.

We women can bring a nation into the Great Peace by persuasion. No war can be called until we have tried three times to reach a peaceful solution. We can declare the war, appoint the warriors and negotiate the peace that follows.

The peace was blocked on Great Turtle Island with the European orchestrated American Revolutionary War 70 years after the first International Great Peace Conference in London in 1710. The US constitution of war was based upon some principles of the Constitution of Peace but the Council of Women was removed. They were replaced with an all male Senate. A hierarchical president was placed overall so that banker wars would always continue.

Women everywhere beat down the enemies of freedom.

Women everywhere beat down the enemies of freedom.




Women throughout the world must now take their proper place in the consensus process within their communities. When Jigosaseh instituted the first council of women in her community, it spread throughout the Mohawk Nation and then quickly to the other Ongwehonwe communities.

Europeans owned their women. The European paternalistic oligarchs did not want their women to have powerful roles as described in the Kaianerekowa/Great Law. In their hierarchical model the man was the head of the family. The colonists created the Christian-based Handsome Lake Code to conquer the Rotinoshonnionwe.

The belts our chiefs took to Europe are hidden. The belts given to Peter the Great of Russia in 1710 have been located. This confirms the world’s first international peace conference occurred in 1710 in London at our instigation.

Like the Ongwehonwe, Russians love their Mother. At the 1710 male dominated monarchs did not accept sharing equal power with the women and set aside our message. Now the time has come to hear the message. The one you have been waiting for is yourself. With unity of mind comes great power. With that power comes the peace.

"Honey, I assure you your surrender will be sweet!"

“Honey, I assure you your surrender will be sweet!”

As Sarah McLachlan sing about the last “surrender”, which is to our Women’s Council. It will be a “sweet surrender”! “Sweet Surrender”.

Watch Russian woman stop attacking tanks. Woman stops tanks.                                Watch video about the Kogi Indians warning to the world.“Elder Brothers Warning”.

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