MNN. Sep. 12, 2009. Colonists Canada, US and Mexico formed a political block to better control Indigenous territories, labor and resources.

In 1973, Henry Kissinger said that depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards less developed countries. The US needs our resources. [].

Indigenous are the greatest resisters of global control by international banksters. We assert autonomy, self-determination and human rights by communally holding our territory. It’s an obstacle to theft by US political and economic interests.

The US military and geographers have a plan to dissolve indigenous autonomy, self-determination and resistance.

In 2005, the US Department of Defense gave Kansas University $500,000 to map communally-held indigenous land in the Mexican states of San Luis Potosi and Oaxaca. The professors and US Foreign Military Studies Office FMSO at Fort Leavenworth Army Base are implementing the “Mexico Indigena” program to privatize Indigenous communal lands.

The Officers are trained in land and resource theft at the US Army School of the Americas. They also learn to torture and set up death squads in Latin America.

Propaganda is spread that our communities are breeding grounds of crime and insurgency. They advise doing away with our communities.

Land data and military strategy was carried out in Colombia [Mapping Colombia: Land Data and Strategy]. At the same time, the FMSO assessed so-called guerrilla armies, terrorist organizations and Indigenous defenses.

As part of NAFTA the Mexican President revoked Article 27 of the constitution that turned communal land grants over to the indigenous in 1912.

On January 1, 1994, the day after NAFTA went into effect the Zapatistas captured a third of the state of Chiapas.

Oaxaca State is extremely wealthy in natural resources. It is a site for NAFTA based mega industrial projects known as Plan Puebla Panama such as highways, railways, ports, wind energy, mines, agribusinesses, and maquiladora-style assembly plants. Indigenous communities are pushed off their land, used for cheap labor or robbed of their livelihood.

A geographer at the University of the Earth in Oaxaca City saw the danger. Mapping was combined with US military aid known as the Merida Initiative, to displace Indigenous communities, remove hot spots and control the region. Natural and mineral resources could then be stolen by government and its transnational allies.

On June 14, 2006 a teacher’s union strike in Oaxaca City erupted. It was a popular Indigenous uprising of farm workers, teachers, students, housewives, and laborers. The people wanted traditional land tenure and self-governance.

The Oaxacan People’s Popular Assembly APPO took over the state’s capitol city for six months. It was organized under the Indigenous principle of leading by obeying the people and through consensus.

They occupied state, local, and federal government offices and took over food, water, transportation and communication. The state police started murdering, disappearing, raping, torturing and drive-by shooting. The movement temporarily eroded.

The “Mexico Indigena” mapping project then moved to a biologically diverse and mineral-rich region in Oaxaca.

In southern Mexico territory and culture are together. Constant propaganda devalues Indigenous culture.

Holding land communally maintains indigenous culture, life and identity. The capitalists can’t overcome our birthright and natural relationship with the land. International law provides that changes can only be made with our full knowledge and consent, which we’ll never give. Removing the artificial borders between Canada, US and Mexico is for the immigrants and foreigners, not us.