MNN. Mar. 26, 2013. COINTELPRO is the US developed “Counter Intelligence Program” against the American Indian Movement, Black Panthers and any group they deem “enemies” of their national security. The security of the banksters to continue their war program, it was implemented in the 1950s. 

Intense fear is created to divide the people. Who are objecting to environmental destruction of Mother Earth. The “royal economist bankers”  work diligently with their corporate Indian puppets and accomplices throughout Great Turtle Island to provide a “solution” for the problem they created. 

FBI: Divide and conquer program.

FBI: Divide and conquer program.

“Agents” are law enforcement disguised as activists and supporters. They have no obvious income or too much money. 

“Informers” provide information and recruit from within, or are sent in. They discredit, provoke tensions and sabotage us to create paranoia. 

Cops at G20 Toronto: "Aw, s--t! Forgot to wear my runners!"

Cops at G20 Montebello Quebec: “Aw, s–t! Forgot to wear my runners!” [Paul Manley].

“Infiltrators” are cops or intelligence agents. They can make arrests and be witnesses against us. [Douglas Durham]. Cops supply funds and arms to “vigilantes” to organize shootings, beatings and unrest, eg. Gary McHale. “Assassinations” are search and destroy missions. 

“Bad Jacket” is a true activist that is falsely framed by disinformation to create suspicion. Their names are put out in phony police messages. Some groups are treated better than others to cause division within the protest ranks. MNN website is totally ignored by the mainstream and frequently hacked. 

“Provocateurs” disrupt and lead targets into illegal activities or violence; arrive just before events [G20 protest Toronto]; volunteer to work on finances, membership, minutes and confidential files; start political conflicts, Heather Martin, Cathie Duchene]; seek public attention; create controversies. 

“Black Bag Jobs” are burglary, copying keys, planting false evidence, placing bugs, cameras and computer hacking. 

american indian movementTo protect ourselves: Publicly discuss security and spying. Control keys, files and hide duplicates. Safeguard address books, membership lists and phone and other contact information. Record break-ins, theft, threats, raids, arrests, strange phone calls and harassment. Take photos of suspected agents and publish them on the internet. Appoint no leaders, just spokespeople. As Bob Marley sang: “Oh, what a rat race. This is the rat race. Rasta don’t work for no CIA. Rat race, rat race, rat race!’ 

Jimi Hendrix: The last 24 hours Cointelpro killed the Rockstars as well


G20 Toronto: Into the Fire

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