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MNN. July 4, 2014. Who among us is Free Mason? It’s time to look at Dekanawida’s warning about the white serpent. “At first the white serpent would be friends with the ongwehonwe. Seven generations after contact he would have us squeezed so tight against his chest that we can hardly breathe”.

Sacrificial lambs

Sacrificial lambs


If the white serpent is Free Masonry, they came here with a plan to set up the New Babylon. Today many of our people are visiting the Masonic Lodges at night. They are attending their real “longhouse”, where they meet with their Luciferian brethren.

Free Masonry is the worship of Lucifer, they believe is the light carrier. The initiates make a blood oath to protect the secrets of Free Masonry. Blood sacrifices and murder are part of the rituals to move up to the higher degrees. Those at the bottom don’t know any secrets and believe they are doing good work. Free Masons must do as they are ordered from the Lodge at one of their weekly twilight meetings. Evil does not meet in the sunlight. Their membership is for life.

Forty-two of the forty-four signatories on the US Declaration of Independence were Free Masons.


Captain Joseph Brant

Captain Joseph Brant. All 33rd Degree Masons get a bronze statue. 

Their greatest Indigenous member was former Mohawk, Captain Joseph Brant. He was completely removed from our Confederacy. He was put out front to the media as our phony representative. In fact, he was a translator and a Captain in the British Army. That is all! He is a traitor to the Great Peace.

Today many of our people have joined this Luciferian cult. Ask each chief and any future candidates, “Are you a Free Mason?” How deep does this cult run within our communities?

If Free Masonry is the white serpent, and any of our corporate chiefs have taken an oath to the Lodge, then they do have us squeezed so tight we cannot breathe.

US fireworks

Fireworks, US style. 

As Bruce Springsteen laments: “Born down in a dead man’s town, the first kick I took was when I hit the ground. You end up like a dog that’s beat too much. Til you spend half your life just covering up. Born in the USA! I was born in the USA!” Bruce Springsteen. “Born in the USA!”

Video on Masonry.

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