Note: This is a long response. We refuse to accept this white wash. Take your time reading it. Then help us get a criminal investigation going. Thank you. MNN


MNN. May 2, 2008. Ottawa has just issued a 108-page report on a forensic audit on the Kanehsatake policing incident that began with a vicious attack on the Mohawks on the morning of January 12, 2004. There was nothing impromptu about this event. Indian Affairs, Emergency Preparedness, the Privy Council Office, the Treasury Board and the Prime Minister’s Office planned this set up that cost $34 million of Canadian taxpayer’s money. Kanehsatake’s membership is about 2,000 with only 1,300 living there. What was going on? They said there was “organized crime”, but they did not have enough evidence to lay any criminal charges. Even so, they sent 67 heavily armed mercenaries to invade this otherwise ordinary community.

Minister of Indian Affairs Chuck Strahl says he is mulling over whether further investigative steps should be taken. He says there is a “need for greater accountability, transparency and oversight for Aboriginal People and all Canadians”. You said it, buddy! But why do “Aboriginal” people need to be investigated? This was government corruption, plain and simple. With no justification at all, funds were diverted to conduct an armed attack on Mohawks with the help of the RCMP and the Quebec police! Don’t blame this gratuitous violence and graft on us! We’re the victims. We have nothing to account for. We had no control over any of the misplaced funds.

Kanehsatake is 60 kilometres northwest of Montreal. The Quebec police got $25 million in extra expenses. There are questions about unjustified overtime payments, strange “adjustments”, multiple payments for the same expenses and many other dubious claims. A whole whack of “Cabinet confidence documents” could not be included in the report. This cannot be called “transparency and accountability” by any stretch of the imagination!

Navigant Consulting, who compiled the report, was hired by Canada, the culprit. It was signed by Steve Whitla, 150 Metcalfe, Ottawa Ontario K2P 1P1 613-230-4546. We see this as a blatant attempt to “white wash” an attempted coup. The report does not mention the way these Canadian government agencies illegally ignored the community’s properly constituted Police Commission.

The report did acknowledge that 5 tasers and 6 vehicles went missing. It failed to address the illegal arsenal that was deployed. The government goons came in with vans, police cars, concussion grenades, “flash bangs”, tear gas, MP5s which are fully automatic with a silencer, AR15s, body bags, 308 Sniper Rifles, M14s, 20 calibre handguns, Beretta Pistols, 12-gauge shot guns, 37 mm. armor piercing anti-tank weapons, tasers, tear gas, pepper spray, ASP Batons, full riot gear such as shields, helmets, bullet-proof vests and over 77,000 rounds of ammunition. They had enough firepower to start a small arms war! This equipment is not appropriate for policing in a free and democratic society. Navigant didn’t ask where all the war toys went. They seem anxious to lay blame on the victims who were unarmed. [We could have thrown snowballs at them but would probably have been charged with attempted murder!]

There were inaccuracies on the timing of payments. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers “Detailed Trial Balance”, a $900,000 payment for the mercenaries and their arsenal and vehicles was made in July 2003. Navigant’s audit claimed it was made in November 2003 after James Gabriel wrote a letter on October 31, 2003 to Eric Maldoff, of Heenan Blaikie, the chief federal land claims negotiator. [It was both “trick and treat, eh! Eric!] What’s the deal here?

This scenario smells! The report did nothing to clarify how the government agents got James Gabriel to carry out the dirty work, stating, “Public Safety believes that they were dealing with a council that is quite amenable to our objectives”. In other words, they knew he was their stooge and they could use him to ride rough shod over the properly constituted Police Commission and any semblance of democratic due process.

The book, “Who’s Sorry Now? The Good, the bad and the unapologetic Mohawks of Kanehsatake” outlines this attack in great detail. [LINK]

Niocan Inc. has wanted to open up a mine for the niobium that lies under Kanehsatake for a long time. This is a rare mineral needed by the military for weaponry and space exploration. The Mohawks have resisted this dangerously toxic venture since the 1970s.

Eric Maldoff, the Heenan Blaikie ambulance chaser, controlled “Grand Chief” James Gabriel. Former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, now of Heenan Blaikie, sent Eric Maldoff there to “keep Kanehsatake off the front pages”. Subsequent Prime Minister, Paul Martin, pushed the button to send in the goons to attack the Mohawks on that early morning of January 12, 2004. The report never gave any reason for this armed invasion. How is that?

Eric Maldoff has experience in Heenan Blaikie, the Privy Council Office and chief federal negotiator for Canada on the Kanehsatake “file”. Because of these connections, he was able to orchestrate this fiasco. Who benefited? Well, Eric and his bosses. This expensive and vicious attack didn’t do anything for the Mohawks or the Canadian people? It’s hard to tell the difference between this and being mugged on the street, isn’t it? At least the drug addict who mugs you does it to your face without pretending they’re doing you a favor!

A lot of planning went into this. The “Mohawk Coalition” was a corporation set up temporarily after the Mohawk Crisis of 1990 to get programs and an election going in the community. After it fell dormant, it was stolen by Clarence Simon, James Gabriel and Leona Bonspiel. The audit denies that millions in government funds were put through this stolen corporation but does admit that vehicles were registered to it. The Mohawk Coalition was also used to divert Mohawk community funds which were then placed in the third party management of PricewaterhouseCoopers [PWC].

Without the knowledge or consent of the community, PWC became the “payment center” for everything, based on James Gabriel’s approval. PWC obstructed justice by not opening up their books for the auditors to examine. They claim they are owed money. They will only answer questions if they’re paid.

According to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Canadian government has a fiduciary responsibility towards the Indigenous peoples. We can only wonder why the auditor didn’t get a court to subpoena PWC’s records. Is the problem that they weren’t paid, or are they worried about something? Maybe PWC owes the Mohawks some money! They will have to answer questions for free if a full and proper public inquiry is conducted. Are there enough honest people left in the Canadian government to see this happen?

When James Gabriel started hiring the goons in 2003, a public relations firm, Communications Strategies of Montreal, was hired to control the spin in the media, who never hesitate to demonize the Mohawks. In 1996 the Privy Council Office hired Richard Walsh, a known felon, to dig up dirt and set us up. According to Ontario Provincial Police documents, Walsh was wanted all over Ontario for credit card fraud. His criminal record seems to have gotten him the job.

Treasury Board Acts were violated to divert $58 million into the stolen corporation. Community programs were cut. The funds for the coup came through the Solicitor Generals office, Public Safety, Indian Affairs and Eric Maldoff of Heenan Blaikie for the Privy Council Office. Maldoff was paid millions for his plotting. Meanwhile in Kanehsatake health and education benefits were cut. Since all the conniving was being done in secret, this was another sign that something big was going wrong for us.

Good policing is neutral. Everybody is equal before the law. This is why Kanehsatake had an independent Police Commission.

The Canadian government agencies set James Gabriel up like a third world dictator. They secretly got him to sign a Tripartite Policing Agreement on behalf of the MCK. He had no authority to usurp the legal mandate of the community’s Police Commission. He did not even have a quorum or consensus of the council.

James Gabriel’s police continued to receive millions for their illicit operations. There was no policing in Kanehsatake and still isn’t. They acted as his personal body guards, at a cost of over $6 million in two years. He walked around the Laval Hilton like a rock star with this entourage carrying weapons openly.

Eric Maldoff of Heenan Blaikie and his associates, Chantal Bernier of Emergency Preparedness and Walter Walling of Indian Affairs, among others, should be charged with meddling in the 2005 election. The election of 2005, that supposedly put things right, was rigged by adding hundreds of non-residents and non-natives to the voting list so they out-numbered the voters living in the community. $500,000 was spent to bring in the council that Indian Affairs wanted and needed to support their schemes.

Eric Maldoff was chief federal land claims negotiator. At the same time his law firm, Heenan Blaikie, handled 28 frivolous cases for James Gabriel, building files on his “enemies”. It was not revealed how much money was spent on the judges and lawyers who helped James Gabriel victimize the Mohawks. His side was funded and not the other side.

Guy Dufort of Heenan Blaikie has now replaced Eric Maldoff as chief federal negotiator. Talk about conflict of interest! Guy Dufort is also the lawyer for the Sulpicians who are the adversaries of the Mohawks in this claim to our land. It was recently announced that he is running for the federal election in Westmount this summer as a Conservative Party candidate. Is this another reason for this audit whitewash? Is the government trying to maintain “cabinet secrecy” should he get elected?

There never was any evidence of “organized crime” in Kanehsatake, as confirmed by SQ Director General, Norman Proulx. “The raid was illegal” and staged by Ottawa. The SQ and RCMP said there was no evidence to justify this operation. The plans were made in secret between MCK and the federal cabinet.

There were no complaints or allegations of misconduct against Tracy Cross, the duly appointed police chief. The principles of fundamental justice set out by the Supreme Court of Canada, state that an accused has a right to know the case against him and to give full answer and reply. Gabriel and his handlers ignored all this. They just sent in their mercenaries without warning to kick out Cross and the legitimate police force. There were no formal charges, no due process, nothing! Just raw third world thuggery!

We need to know which bureaucrats and which politicians were involved. Who were their partners in crime? Who made the plans? Who made the decisions? Who gave the order to attack the Mohawks? What happened to democratic due process?

Laws were being broken and lives could have been lost. We are not exaggerating. Not mentioned by the auditors was the “take out on sight” list carried in by the attacking force. Who compiled it? On what authority? This needs a legal audit. Why were the Kanehsatake people subjected to false charges and the expense of their legal defense? [Link].

MCK and Canadian government interference in policing is a breach of the Tripartite Agreement. A politician can’t tell a cop what to do. Cops are supposed to be lawful. James Gabriel swore in and deputized officers. He did not have authority to do this as Grand Chief. Many of the 67 mercenaries he swore in were not qualified as police officers, or even to handle firearms. Why were these guys given $4,000 “Accuracy International Sniper Rifles” designed to kill with precise accuracy? What has this got to do with democratic due process?

The Navigant report stated that decisions on policing were made among Indian Affairs, Eric Maldoff as chief federal negotiator and the Privy Council Office and possibly the Prime Minister’s Office. Strangely, Maldoff was “authorized to negotiate a policing agreement”. He is reported to have taken the view that “strong policing was critical for good governance and the negotiation process” [to go the right way]. Maldoff and Indian Affairs “were strong supporters of” James Gabriel. “They believed that he was a good negotiation partner”.

This presents a serious test for the integrity of Canada’s legal institutions. Here we have serious evidence of violations leading straight to the Prime Minister’s Office. We have evidence that armed force was used to override the community’s legitimate institutions. There needs to be a legal investigation conducted by a neutral third party that has no vested interest in the outcome. The corruption seems to go to the core of Canada’s ostensibly democratic institutions.

The roots to this corruption run very deep. The role of genealogist Joan Holmes needs to be investigated. Eric Maldoff brought her in to compile a fake history of the Mohawks of Kanehsatake in support of Canada’s claim to our land. Her research needs to be scrutinized by qualified historians. Her involvement in the 2005 election also needs to be investigated. We saw a surge in membership that made the vote go in a direction that appears to have been designated. No one ever saw the new “Indians”. They faxed in their votes. The voters’ list was kept secret. The Mohawks still don’t know who these hundreds of people were or how they managed to capture the election for whoever set them up. To maintain the integrity of the process, the list of voters’ names and addresses must be made public!

The Access to Information documents reveal that this scam surrounding Kanehsatake involved a lot of people [see list below]. Their actions need to be investigated and criminal charges need to be laid where appropriate. A public inquiry with subpoena powers is needed. The law breaking we have been experiencing has to stop.

The motivation for keeping James Gabriel in power at such exorbitant costs seems to have been to cover up a morass of federal government corruption. These are connected to three major issues: the push to open the dangerously polluting niobium mine; the attempt to grab 250 sq. mi. of Mohawk land that is subject to a land claims settlement; and the $58 million that was surreptitiously diverted through the dormant Mohawk Coalition corporation. We have seen government documents that prove the existence of these violations. The public has a right to know.

A public inquiry with a wide scope and terms of reference is demanded to go after all of them especially “cabinet secrecy”. Those found guilty of crimes against the people must be punished, even if they are former prime ministers. Nobody should be above the law.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News


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-Ghyslain “Gestapo” Picard, AFN, Quebec.

Pierre “Jellyfish” Nepton, Indian Affairs, Quebec Region

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Go here for 108 page audit report: Government of Canada releases forensic audit report


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