MNN. June 24, 2005. Commissioner Sidney B. Linden of the Ipperwash Inquiry in Forest Ontario just sent Pierre George and the Women Title Holders a letter. He virtually admitted his guilt over what we were accusing him of. He has no jurisdiction to carry on this inquiry and that genocide goes on behind public inquiries.

First we got a letter from Derry Millar, Linden?s Commission lawyer. He made his own decision to block us bureaucratically. This has been their standard ?modus operandi? to never let our constitutional jurisdiction question get past the bureaucracy to the judicial arena. This allows the genocide to go on in a rule of law society.

Bureaucrat, Derry Millar, cranked out an arrogant response to us and we blasted him right in the gut. We told him to get out of the way. He felt the pain. He ran to Sidney Linden. What we were accusing him of was blocking access to Linden, ?Look at what they are saying to me. Waaa Waaa!?

Linden says, ?Don?t worry, Derry, I?ll take care of this?. Linden answers the constitutional question that he does have jurisdiction. The law indicates he doesn?t. He did not identify a single piece of legislation or precedent All he told us was ‘in my view’!

Linden decided he has constitutional jurisdiction on Stoney Point land by an Ontario ?Order in Council?. There are 12 procedural hurdles he could have used to jam up our action. He lost his temper. He decided to put Pierre and the Women Title Holders in their place! We took the stick of judicial genocide and stuck it to him.

Judge Linden?s angry refusal allowed us to go directly to the Supreme Court of Canada via the Divisional Court. Amnesty International should look at this aspect of the Ipperwash Inquiry. Pierre George took it a step further than Dudley.

It is out of the ?political? circus set up to evade the rule of law right into the ?legal? arena. It can?t be swept under the carpet.

Linden showed his guilty mind in relation to the crime of genocide. He is judicially willfully blind to the law. He has no right as ?Commissioner? in the Ipperwash Inquiry to call himself ?The Honourable Justice Sidney B. Linden?. His only capacity legally is Commissioner? through the Order in Council. He answered the question as both a Commissioner and as a ?Judge?. We now have a precedent by a Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. He negate the constitutional question without any basis other than, ?in my view?.

The cause of genocide is the utter breakdown of the rule of law. The rule of law is the basis of our Indigenous constitution, the Kaianereh?ko:wa/Great Law. Their constitution is supposed to be the basis of their society, which they don?t practice.

Linden put our question in the court system. The Divisional Court now have to confirm or deny his decision.

When they gave us a slap in the face, they lost their hand. They better get use to that.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh