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MNN. March 26, 2006.¬†Michael Coyle, a professor at University of Western Ontario, has been duped into “undertaking” what Indian Affairs calls “a fact-finding” mission. He has plainly been hired to “bury” the facts. The current protest is against the theft of more of the Haldimand Tract belonging to the Six Nations Rotinoshon’non:we. Since mid-February the Rotionshon’non:we owners of this land have been opposing the illegal construction of homes on a large tract known as “Douglas Estates” of Caledonia Ontario.

It’s nice to know that Indian Affairs has finally decided to inform itself and dig up some facts. We hope they’ll finally start digging up some of the skeletons they’ve been burying over for over 200 years. If they do a proper job of excavation, it won’t take them long to find out that the band council they’re so keen on negotiating with is a twisted creation of their own dearly beloved Department. If they do a proper autopsy and DNA analysis, they’ll find out it ain’t “Indian”, it’s genetically “white”.

In 1924 Indian Affairs dug a mass grave for the Rotinoshon’non:we Confederacy. Even then the procedures they used would have been considered violations of international law, if anyone had known what they were up. It was pure unadulterated “might makes right”, the kind of skullduggery the League of Nations was designed to stop. To survive we all had to go “underground”. But we weren’t the dead corpses Indian Affairs wanted us to be.

In the 1920s, celebrated Canadian scoundrel, Duncan Campbell Scott, was the head mortician at Indian Affairs. Conniving with Joseph Pope in Canada’s makeshift Department of External Affairs, they managed to bribe League officials into derailing the Six Nations quest for a legal determination of their rights by a neutral tribunal. This left him free to depose their government in 1924. In its place a puppet government was set up using the Indian Act. Only 26 people voted in the election that replaced the 30 regularly participating members of the traditional council.

This illegal band council was given control of the Six Nations’ trust funds worth close to a million dollars. The coup effectively prevented the traditional Six Nations government from functioning as usual. To this day the Canadian government continues to negotiate with its puppet creation. A sober look at the “mediation” that Indian Affairs has announced reveals a number of problems.

1. The band council does not represent the Six Nations peoples according to international law.

2. The mediator, Michael Coyle, was appointed unilaterally by one party to the dispute rather than by agreement between both parties, as required according to standard mediation norms. The mediator is being paid exclusively by Indian Affairs. As such, he cannot function impartially. Because of the high stakes involved for both Canada and the Six Nations, this case requires a mediator who has no vested interest in the outcome. In order words, the mediator should come from outside of Canada. The Six Nations has been attempting to resolve this dispute on such neutral terms since the 1920’s, at the very least.

3. The mediator has been given a mandate to resolve legal issues when he has no training in either domestic Canadian law, international law, and the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the constitution of the Rotinoshon’non:we.

If Indian Affairs would like to understand why the protesters have been camping out in the mud and snow for so long, it is strongly suggested that they read their own archival files. Members of the Six Nations have expressed their concern in no uncertain terms in countless occasions in the past. Yet Canada continues to invade Six Nations jurisdiction and to hold onto stolen Six Nations assets.

The Six Nations People can see right through Indian Affairs’ bluff. They’re trying to give us purple Cool-Aid. We can see the strychnine bubbling. They’re talking in dulcet tones while they prepare jail cells, hospital beds and body bags for us. We know what this is about. This is why the Six Nations have decided to “deep six” this thinly disguised death sentence. We need properly conceived negotiations using a mutually agreed impartial mediator. In lieu of flowers, contributions to a genuine Six Nations mediator may be sent to Dick Hill.

Contact: Dick Hill, 519-865-7722, R.R. #6, Hagersville, Ontario, Canada N0A 1H0 JanieJamieson 905-517-7006 Attached: Objection filed by Women Title Holders; and Mohawk Manifesto.

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