DOGS DAY AFTERNOONMNN. May 25, 2007. The colonists keep saying we and our ways are finished! They are 3rd generation immigrants who think they belong on Turtle Island keep trying to find ways to force us to join them and to be pawns in their games. Even after killing off over 100 million of us, we and our memories are still alive.

Let’s compare. There are two kinds of dogs. There are wild dogs that are free and part of the “natural world”. They have the memory of running, playing and exploring vast territories.

Then there are “domesticated” dogs, those pampered pooches that wait for the sound of the can opener so they can beg for their bacon. They won’t turn against their masters even when abused and beaten by them. They just keep wagging their tails harder and harder trying to be liked. It’s a kind of “wife” syndrome. They can’t even shit where they want. If it wasn’t for “pooper scoopers”, they’d be extinct.

Today most dogs are domesticated and tied up. If they are let loose, watch out! They’re angry. They go crazy and they’re dangerous. Some don’t know what to do because there are no rules or enforcers for them. They just lie down and die.

Sometimes the natural dogs try to break the kennel chains and invite them to “come run with us, doggie”. The domestics are trained to stay in the yard. Some get away and enjoy freedom. Some are too old and beaten down even though freedom feels good. The domestic dogs have litters that are content, well behaved and bred to live with chains on them.

The master goes to dog shows and says, “I have a proven method to make them subservient”. They talk about new dog foods, new breeds, better security fencing, muzzles, the future of their kennels and the problem about those “wild” dogs that are giving their dogs complexes.

They come up with ideas to get rid of the wild dogs. “Let’s kill them all”. They really want to trek out onto their territory to expand their kennels. They try to breed the wild ones with the domestics. They are the authorities on how dogs are supposed to act. They surmise that those wild ones are not dogs at all. So what are they? Maybe they’re wolves!

This story has something to tell us. It shows the underside of the thinking of the people who invaded Turtle Island. They saw us as people living in the natural world who operated by keeping our instincts intact. We functioned well and reproduced ourselves. Living within our environment we were safe, could not be attacked and could protect ourselves and our young.

After the invasion, some of our people were forced into the cage that the white people brought with them from Europe. 1500 years of what they call “civilization” in Europe [not including Egypt] developed a system of control where everybody except the oligarchy lived in boxes. Their minds were controlled. After a while they could not think freely. When they came here and saw us, they were envious of and perplexed by our freedom and our ability to think for ourselves. This was something they would never dream of doing.

Some thought, “Hey! We want some of that too”. Some thought we were the devil. So they decided to bring us under their control, study us and try to become like us. At the same time, they tried to take away the very thing they envied most. One of our pastimes is to watch them watching us trying to figure us out.

We operate from a deep knowledge of who we are. It is spontaneous, not contrived, not controlled. It expresses itself in freedom of the mind. We do not identify ourselves in relation to the materialistic world around us. The Six Nations people who are taking back our lands on the Haldimand Tract do not want money. We want our land and our freedom. This is something the colonizers can’t understand.

The non-native way requires “touchstones” of material things around them as a base for their identity. They’re always talking about “my car”, “my house”, “my wife”, “my tv”, “my cd player”, “my Blackberry”, “my kids”, “my vacation”, “my”, “my”, “my”, “my”, “my”! They can only tell who they are by what they own.

Some colonists come out and try to romp around with us and act free. They become confused and revert back to re-attaching themselves to their material possessions. Rules, regulation and government are all set up to reinforce this.

Our identity comes from our being tuned in to the world around us. When the food we eat is proper and nutritious, we function quite well. When the “visitors” force us into their cage, they want to control what we eat, how we speak, dress and think. This almost kills us.

Why are the visitors so envious of us? They covet something we have, besides our land and resources. It’s a natural human instinct to want freedom. Equality and freedom evolved out of the Onkwehonweh’s mind. The world is trying to emulate our democratic form of government known as the Great Law of Peace. The leadership is the servant, not the dictator. Their role is to help people be free and to work for the common good of all.

We are part of the natural world and live with the environment. Our visitors brought an artificial environment here which we refuse to adapt to. We are watching their false environment starting to expire. They’re destroying nature. Soon the earth will be in such bad shape, no one will be able to survive.

They fear us because they’re afraid of the unknown. They are like the dog that has been domesticated. He can only survive when his master is there to tell him what to do.

Like the bears in Jasper National Park, who come in from the wild, the tourists are destroying them. They throw scraps and garbage at them to eat. They lose their instincts to survive in the wilds and become dependent. The bears are losing their eyesight, become overweight, sick and mentally chemically imbalanced. Sound like anyone you know? When they have been taken out of their natural habitat, they become domesticated and dangerous.

This was the plan for us, to remove us from our natural state, bring us into the cage so we could lose our bearings and our natural ability to survive as we were meant to.

They looked through the bars of their cages at us running around free. They became jealous, “We have to pull them in here with us”. They convinced themselves they’re perfect and their system is the best. They think the cage is the only way people should live. Large urban areas in Canada are prime examples of this. The developers are placing condos, houses and apartment buildings inches apart. They’re eliminating yards and green spaces. They are actually promoting this as a conservation measure that prevents urban sprawl! They want to push more people onto smaller pieces of land for higher prices. They want us all to live in boxes stacked on top of each other. What the hell kind of life is this? Is this what we’re put on the earth for?

When our people move in from our natural environment into cities, many wind up sleeping alongside the Don Valley Parkway or on the street. We are showing that we cannot function in these unnatural cages that white people think they are comfortable in.

The settlers are envious that we can still live and be happy in the natural environment. They think that once a year for a week they’re Indians when they go to the parks with their RVs and campers. They bring along their televisions, cell phones, computers, and battery operated vacuum cleaners. Of course, they would not want to live our reality – the one they created for us – bad water, confinement and social problems.

In the great scoop of the 1960s, our babies were raised in middle class white society. Some adoptive parents got a $20,000 incentive grant to take our children. Until about age 13, the Onkwehonweh was quiet and tried to fit in. When they hit puberty, a time when youngsters are striving for an identity, their natural instincts for survival kicked in. The relationship between them and their adoptive parents broke down. This led them to find their own people. Somehow when they are with their own people they become sane again. They innately want their freedom. That is what the world wants and seeks too. White society is fearful that this desire for freedom might infect their kids. Control freaks fear losing their control.

Something’s missing. They want to destroy the very thing they envy most. It’s sad. How do we cure this disease? They can’t allow us to be ourselves. We have to go around wearing masks to hide our faces, our feelings and our true identity.

In the past our people told us what was coming. They saw these ships coming to bring over some strange people. They would try to seduce us to change and become like them. Our ancestors told us, “No”. That is why all the treaties were meant to keep our peoples and our cultures apart from them. The Two Row Wampum agreement between us provided that the white man’s ship shall remain separate from our canoe. We would travel in parallel paths with everything that belongs to us. We cannot become part of them as it is destructive. They violated this agreement by kidnapping our young people and putting them in residential schools. They beat and molested them like they beat and molested their own children, or worse.

Their policy was, “We want you to be like us, subservient to authority and in every other way”. Every time an Onkwehonweh child ran away, trying to go back to their natural community, they sent the police and search dogs to find and bring them back to the residential schools. They told them, “This is where you belong. To survive, you have to become like us”.

They were really saying, “We cannot allow you to spread that disease of freedom. It will destroy our whole civilization”. In the colonists’ way there is a lord and master that dictates everything that people do. They cannot have their own mind. They have to be dominated. They think the alternative to hierarchy is chaos. So they set out to crush the spirit of freedom in the minds of the Onkwehonweh and inkling of it in their own people.

For their own sake, instead of destroying and controlling us, the colonists have to set us free and give us back what is ours. We are not greedy for this freedom. We want to share it with everybody. That’s what the Tree of Peace is all about.

Kahentinetha & Katenies

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Here Come Da Judge

I’LL BE A FOOL FOR YOU [DEVELOPERS]”, SINGS ROGUE JUDGE DAVID MARSHALL REGARDING THE SIX NATIONS ?HALDIMAND TRACT?. HAS HE DECLARED WAR ON US?MNN. Aug. 9, 2006. ?You can?t break my heart anymore?, summarizes Judge David Marshall?s dream to kick the Six Nation people off our reclaimed land. We know you have land on the Haldimand Tract that you want developed, even if it might be in your wife?s name. As a lawyer, Judge Marshall, you should know that the title is not ?free and clear?. That title is with us. You need our permission to do anything with our property. So what gives?

In court on August 8th, one Indigenous man shouted, “You have no jurisdiction,” at which time Marshall ran out of the courtroom with his gown flapping behind him.

Your court has no jurisdiction to rule on Six Nations land and its People because we never gave it to the colonists according to procedures set out in the constitutions of our peoples. Judge, you are refusing to see that your order and proceedings are a nullity. We think you don?t understand your own court system. Or are you not up to it? (Did this guy get one of those 7-day law degrees from the internet?)

The government, Henco Industries, the Attorney General of Ontario, the crown attorney and the Ontario Provincial Police all want your contempt of court order set aside. The government made a settlement with Henco for the land in question. According to the Supreme Court of Canada, the parties are supposed to resolve the problem between themselves. The court only comes in when they can?t be resolved. In this case the parties have settled. So there?s no need for your judicial hysteria.

Judge, are you mad that the ?representatives of the crown and the OPP have declared that this court is now functus or spent?? Does this mean it is defunct as in ?dead?, at least insofar as this particular issue is concerned? It?s ?moot? because the issue has already been settled. The original order was taken on behalf of Henco and they are no longer involved or interested. They?ve requested that these orders be dissolved.

So now you?ve changed the order to ?criminal contempt?. This is ridiculous! Did you have a trial? No. Have you proven things beyond a reasonable doubt and that the people involved have been given an opportunity to make full answer and reply? Of course not!

Your behavior is so irrational that it is bringing your judicial competence into question. Maybe someone should make a complaint to the judicial council. It will raise the question of what standards, if any, govern the actions of a judge.

Judge, your personal opinion is irrelevant. You and your wife should come and talk to us about your plans for developing our land. Because of your personal interest, you should resign. You?re lucky you haven?t been reported to the Judicial Council for conflict of interest. The reason you have escaped such a complaint is because most people at Six Nations do not recognize the jurisdiction of the Canadian Court.

Judge, you said, ?This is a very unique crime?. Here?s one thing we can agree with. It is ?unique?. It might even be the only crime in Canadian history that has come into being by judicial decree instead through the democratic process. You made a decree to declare us all ?Jane and John Doe? criminals so that you can willy-nilly grab any of us.

You have accused us of having, ?contempt for your system of justice?. Judge, you are the one in contempt of the system of justice. You are the one who doesn?t even bother to read or think about your own Supreme Court of Canada reasoning.

In the Supreme Court of Canada in Haida Nation v. British Columbia (Minister of Forestry) 2004, it stated, ?Our task is the modest one of establishing a general framework for the duty to consult and accommodate, where indicated, before Aboriginal title or rights claimed have been decided. As this framework is applied, courts in the age-old tradition of the common law will be called on to fill in the details of the duty to consult and accommodate?. Yep! Judge, you better read up on your own law.

Yeh! You also better talk to us about the fact that Six Nations owns the Haldimand Tract that you?re living on. It is under our jurisdiction. We do agree that you have jurisdiction over your settlers who are squatting on our land. We, the title holders, are still here. So, Judge, are your declaring war against us? Or are you going to be a good boy and talk with us peacefully?

You even mention that, ?It is possible to appeal the order or otherwise legally deal with it?. You know very well that it is treasonous for us to attorn to your foreign colonial court. There is a protocol and procedure we worked out a long time. We cannot deal directly with you. You have to contact the Governor General of Canada who will inform us of your concerns. Your order is a foreign invasion of our jurisdiction. We have every right to defend ourselves against your attacks according to our constitution and the rule of law.

As for this Crown and Queen supremacy stuff, we always knew it was a hoax enforced on us at gunpoint to steal our land and resources. Only Canadians were subjects of Britain. We were never conquered. We never became subjects of Britain and we never swore an oath of allegiance to become citizens of Canada. We are sovereign. We don?t share your medieval heritage. Your attempt to depose our Confederacy government and force the Indian Act band council system on us in 1924 violated international law then just as it does today. The “lawlessness” started right at the beginning when the Ontario government started giving out phony title to our land to the squatters.

We repossessed this one piece of our land at the end of February 2006. 95% of the Haldimand Tract has been stolen. We have been complaining about it for more than 200 years. It is still all ours according to your words in the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.

Talks aimed at resolving the land theft have, at times, become violent against us. The state has sent skin heads, KKK and other paid instigators to come to the reclamation site and attack our people. Last night choppers were flying over the reclamation site and 60 to 70 Ontario Provincial Police cruisers were swarming around. It was a fine summer evening, so the KKKlanedonians paid us a visit. They arrived by the hundreds last night to attack us. They swore at us and threw rocks at us. Guess they had nothing better to do. Missing were their professionally printed ?Bring in the army? signs.

One of the Woman Title Holders said the ruling was “an act of aggression”. We intend to stay on our land. Why should we leave something that is ours just because the thieves have abandoned their phony claim? We have always protested these thefts of our lands right from the beginning. We cannot allow it to go on any longer. We want Canada, Ontario and local governments to obey their laws and agreements.

Judge, obviously you haven?t kept up on Supreme Court reasoning. Even through the Haida Nation case was decided two years ago, you still haven?t heard of it! You may not have read the Quebec Succession Reference either which was decided over a decade ago. In that case the Supreme Court specifically stated that, ?It is not the role of the judiciary to interpose its own views on the different negotiating parties, even where it is invited to do so.? You are overstepping the role of the court and you are not up on the law. Even David Peterson, the former premier of Ontario, who was negotiating, called your ruling a ?little bizarre?.

Judge, the Women Title Holders asked you to cease and desist issuing ultra vires orders, invading Rotinoshonnion:we/Iroquois jurisdiction, trespassing on Haldimand Tract land and refusing to recognize that both Canada and Ontario have been given notice of your violations on numerous occasions in the past. So, Judge, get real!

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THE POWER AND THE PEACE IS IN THE PEOPLEMNN. May 27th 2006. During the past 88 days of Six Nations activism to reclaim our land near Caledonia, we have received thousands of emails and calls from people all over the world. There were days when we just could not answer them. The support and ideas that we’ve received have been tremendously gratifying and helpful. We thank you all. Without this solidarity from natives and non-natives, the Ontario Provincial Police would have had their way. Blood would have been spilt. Never mind the return of our land, though we are still waiting on that one.

This solidarity that we are experiencing between natives and non-native people is a revival. The British promised to protect the Six Nations on the Haldimand Tract that our people are defending began with this solidarity. The Six Nations were allies of the British. It was this alliance that lead to the formation of modern Canada. Because of this alliance we were pushed out of the Mohawk Valley in what is now New York State where our people had lived since the beginning of time. The Mohawks were valiant allies of the British during the American Revolution. Mohawks have always been on the front line every time Britain needed defending – in the Battle of Queenston Heights 1812, in World I and World War II and other actions. The Haldimand Tract is on traditional Rotino’shon:ni/Iroquois territory. The tract was guaranteed to the Mohawks in 1784. The Six Nations have always been willing to put ourselves on the line for our Canadian allies. It is gratifying to see that the majority of people support this alliance and are willing to stand up for us.

Our tradition has been to work together. Unfortunately, the Canadian government, particularly Indian Affairs, was taken over by people who did not want us to work together. They wanted to be boss, kings of the castle. So they betrayed us and the Canadian people. Instead of treating us honorably like allies, they abused us. They stole our land, stole our resources and schemed to kill us off. They pretended that we were children who could not look after ourselves. They depleted our trust funds with illegal investments in flaky financial schemes run by their friends.

Instead of treating us like allies, they pretended that we were British subjects. You may wonder why we did not protest over our lack of rights in Canada. That’s because we aren’t Canadians. We were minding our own business. We organized everything on our territory and paid for it ourselves.

We thought the problem was just the people in Indian Affairs and that our relationship with the Queen remained on an honorable footing. We were wrong.

The original Haldimand promise was that there was to be no encroachment ever. In the end the Canadian government, not the Canadian people, was the source of our beef.

Ontario, and the rest of Canada for that matter, is intent on diminishing Indigenous land holdings not only on the Haldimand Tract but everywhere. It is being diminished through outright theft. The aim of not giving one inch of land back is not for the benefit of the people of Ontario. It’s to support the business interests that are intent on exploiting our resources with no regard to the environment or the present and future generations of the people who must live on it. It is the billionaires who really run the governments. Welcome to the pretend democracy of Canada.

We now assume stewardship over our illegally occupied lands. Until now we have invested a lot of resources into historical and legal research and actions for the last 200 years. Anytime the facts were put on the table Canadian officials were shown to have mismanaged Canada and mistreated Indigenous people. We’ve borne the brunt of it. It is over now! This rot also affects the Canadian people. They do not have a government that looks out for them and the future generations. That’s the heart of the problem.

What is government and what are their functions? Is it a vehicle that allows a few greedy individuals to live parasitic lives off the work and possessions of others? Or should government bring people together so that we can put our minds together, solve problems and make a better life for everyone? The basic rift is between our Indigenous philosophy coming from our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law, and the philosophy of the people running the government. We’ve learned in dealing with the Canadian government that the Canadian government does not represent the Canadian people.

We never lost jurisdiction over our ancestral lands. We’ve had a deep sense of betrayal and anger over our horrific historic experience with the colonizers. Would giving us back our illegally occupied land be ”too disruptive” to the parasites lodged in the Canadian government? Never mind that the government allowed and encouraged its own citizens to encroach on our land and gained private and institutional land titles in violation of the laws. They let Americans come up and take our land too! It’s all part of their 100 year plan to get rid of the “Indian problem” as described by that complete maniac, Duncan Campbell Scott of Indian Affairs. A lot of the early settlers on our land were Americans who had taken part in pushing us off our land in the Mohawk Valley. They came up here and liked what they saw here too and began squatting!

It’s also interesting that a large percentage of Canadians consider that we got robbed and that we deserve our territories free of colonial jurisdiction. In the Six Nations issue the public in Canada, the United States and worldwide have given us strong support. We hope, for the sake of Mother Earth, it is because many in Canada realize how important our philosophy of caring for the land is?

Unless, of course, we are in the way of corporate “progress”, that is, exploitation of our lands and resources by a few foreign based interests who operate through corporations. They operate with no obligations to anyone but themselves and no concern for the people, native and non-native. We are all just pawns in their schemes. The way to overcome all this is to assert our title to Turtle Island and to turn it back to its proper role as a “cornucopia” for the people.

Even though there is wide support for us, there is tremendous opposition by the corporate interests which function through the governmental quagmire. They put pressure on any of their institutions that could give us justice. These interests manage to brainwash and manipulate their “flag-waving” super nationalists to make a lot of noise in the media and to attack us. This is what happened at the “Bread and Cheese Fight” in Caledonia on May 22nd 2006 when government instigated rioters came and tried to attack us. But the general public isn’t buying it.

The main anti-Indian argument to stop Indigenous jurisdiction from being asserted is because they don’t want us to grow, expand and become independent. Why do they think that expanded Indigenous jurisdictions would be disruptive? Would it be a problem if Indian affairs would no longer be getting a cut? They’d have to take their feet off their desks and do a day’s work. Are they afraid that it would be environmentally and economically stimulating and rewarding not just for us but for everyone else?

We all need to take a unified approach, native and non-native. We are all being abused. We need to work together. But we need to be wary of those who try to shut us up in the name of unity. We need to respect our laws and adhere to the original arrangements that were made between us. Let us assert our jurisdiction. Don’t keep us mired in legalistic strategies which take up our time and money. We need to be free from the shackles of useless diversions.

Maybe what’s needed is a massive “Condolence Ceremony” in which we wipe our eyes with a soft leather so that we can see clearly and have a good look at the issues; then we need to take an eagle feather to clean out our ears so that we can hear each other; and then we need to drink a glass of water so that we can speak truthfully and as clearly as the purest water. Sometimes the solutions to difficult problems are simple. Sometimes all that’s needed is to show respect.

In the end, there’s no need to give us back the Henco Industries land. It’s ours already. It always was. All Ontario needs to do is to respect that. We need to assert the legal government-to-government relationship. We do have broad support from the public to do this. We must bring out the truth. We must stop Canada from continuing to live in sin? Grow up Canada! Colonialism is over! We’re never going back!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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Indian Affairs….


MNN. March 26, 2006. Michael Coyle, a professor at University of Western Ontario, has been duped into “undertaking” what Indian Affairs calls “a fact-finding” mission. He has plainly been hired to “bury” the facts. The current protest is against the theft of more of the Haldimand Tract belonging to the Six Nations Rotinoshon’non:we. Since mid-February the Rotionshon’non:we owners of this land have been opposing the illegal construction of homes on a large tract known as “Douglas Estates” of Caledonia Ontario.

It’s nice to know that Indian Affairs has finally decided to inform itself and dig up some facts. We hope they’ll finally start digging up some of the skeletons they’ve been burying over for over 200 years. If they do a proper job of excavation, it won’t take them long to find out that the band council they’re so keen on negotiating with is a twisted creation of their own dearly beloved Department. If they do a proper autopsy and DNA analysis, they’ll find out it ain’t “Indian”, it’s genetically “white”.

In 1924 Indian Affairs dug a mass grave for the Rotinoshon’non:we Confederacy. Even then the procedures they used would have been considered violations of international law, if anyone had known what they were up. It was pure unadulterated “might makes right”, the kind of skullduggery the League of Nations was designed to stop. To survive we all had to go “underground”. But we weren’t the dead corpses Indian Affairs wanted us to be.

In the 1920s, celebrated Canadian scoundrel, Duncan Campbell Scott, was the head mortician at Indian Affairs. Conniving with Joseph Pope in Canada’s makeshift Department of External Affairs, they managed to bribe League officials into derailing the Six Nations quest for a legal determination of their rights by a neutral tribunal. This left him free to depose their government in 1924. In its place a puppet government was set up using the Indian Act. Only 26 people voted in the election that replaced the 30 regularly participating members of the traditional council.

This illegal band council was given control of the Six Nations’ trust funds worth close to a million dollars. The coup effectively prevented the traditional Six Nations government from functioning as usual. To this day the Canadian government continues to negotiate with its puppet creation. A sober look at the “mediation” that Indian Affairs has announced reveals a number of problems.

1. The band council does not represent the Six Nations peoples according to international law.

2. The mediator, Michael Coyle, was appointed unilaterally by one party to the dispute rather than by agreement between both parties, as required according to standard mediation norms. The mediator is being paid exclusively by Indian Affairs. As such, he cannot function impartially. Because of the high stakes involved for both Canada and the Six Nations, this case requires a mediator who has no vested interest in the outcome. In order words, the mediator should come from outside of Canada. The Six Nations has been attempting to resolve this dispute on such neutral terms since the 1920’s, at the very least.

3. The mediator has been given a mandate to resolve legal issues when he has no training in either domestic Canadian law, international law, and the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the constitution of the Rotinoshon’non:we.

If Indian Affairs would like to understand why the protesters have been camping out in the mud and snow for so long, it is strongly suggested that they read their own archival files. Members of the Six Nations have expressed their concern in no uncertain terms in countless occasions in the past. Yet Canada continues to invade Six Nations jurisdiction and to hold onto stolen Six Nations assets.

The Six Nations People can see right through Indian Affairs’ bluff. They’re trying to give us purple Cool-Aid. We can see the strychnine bubbling. They’re talking in dulcet tones while they prepare jail cells, hospital beds and body bags for us. We know what this is about. This is why the Six Nations have decided to “deep six” this thinly disguised death sentence. We need properly conceived negotiations using a mutually agreed impartial mediator. In lieu of flowers, contributions to a genuine Six Nations mediator may be sent to Dick Hill.

Contact: Dick Hill, 519-865-7722, R.R. #6, Hagersville, Ontario, Canada N0A 1H0 thebasketcase@on.aibn.com JanieJamieson 905-517-7006 Attached: Objection filed by Women Title Holders; and Mohawk Manifesto.

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