MNN. Nov. 15, 2013. We Indigenous People can force the dissolution of the Corporation of Canada. We can demand full payment forthwith of our ever-growing $500 trillion Indian Trust Fund. Corporations exist only to provide ever-growing dividends for their shareholders. Their actions reveal them as corporate thugs – Harper, Ford, Duffy and the rest of them are in it only for the money, our money! southpark

Our agenda is to decolonize the settlers. The corporation dissolves when they can’t pay the debt to us. They then must turn over those shareholders of the Corporation of Canada who hold all our funds. If not, the corporation goes bankrupt to protect the shareholders. The shareholders will be charged with theft and genocide of our people.  

Though deposed: "Senator Wallin to you!"

Though deposed: “Senator Wallin to you!”

The Corporation of Canada was registered in Washington DC, on July 1, 1867, #0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880. The shareholders are the 13 economic royalist families. At one time they were the banished European monarchies that re-emerged as the international bankers.  

The artificial corporation of Canada will be dissolved. According to Article 1 of the 1932 Montevideo Convention, Canada is not a country: Canada does not have (a) a permanent population [they are not rooted here]; (b) a defined territory [that’s never been surrendered by us]; (c) government [Canada is a corporation]; and (d) cannot validly enter into international relations with other states. http://www.taiwandocuments.org/montevideo01.htm The shareholders are liable. Either they turn over the shareholders or declare bankruptcy. Then the corporation of Canada is dissolved. 

Shareholders and settlers moving in with 'Trailer Park Boys'!

Shareholders and settlers move in with ‘Trailer Park Boys’!


We welcome advice from knowledgeable people to help us on these legal matters. 

The invaders came with nothing and will leave with what they came with, nothing! Billy Preston knows the score: “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’/You gotta have somethin’”.
 Billy Preston. “Nothin’ from Nothin’!”

Original invaders return to their culture.

Invaders return to their original culture.

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