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MNN, 1 Jan. 2015. The military sends in an advance force which is often sacrificed in battle. The band councils, national, provincial and territorial incorporated INDIAN organizations are CANADA Ink’s paid mercenaries that directly facilitate the genocide of our people. They criminally sign away our rights, lands, possessions violating our sovereignty. They place us in the line of fire for the inevitable  military onslaught. For our survival they must be dealt with.

Indian Affairs gives the band council economic hit men their orders.

Indian Affairs gives the band council economic hit men their orders.

These wannabe incorporated INDIANS willingly make a choice to join our enemy, to enrich themselves by stealing our voice in order to steal our living. They arm themselves with the foreign invaders’ strategies and weapons to carry out the “final solution of the INDIAN problem”. Canada and US want total control of Ono’ware:geh. We are at their mercy.  These band council puppet regimes are helping them to commit the heinous crime of surrendering our people to a foreign power. These agents set us up for the final assassination ominously called “Project Termination”, under their agent-in-chief, Stephen Harper, of the military corporation of CANADA.

CANADA Ink. recently announced their plan to annihilate us to remove us and our inherent living to all of Ono’ware:geh. These incorporated INDIANS will spill our blood just as Ollie Gibson of Onondaga, tried to direct the New York State Troopers when they attacked us on May 18, 1997.

O'ien'kwen:ton, anyone?

O’ien’kwen:ton, anyone?

The Guswentha based on the natural world does not allow traitors to return to the canoe. Incorporated INDIANS are servants of the foreign army. They are not Ongwe’hon:we, the natural people who live by the law of the land. When these criminals are brought before us, they know that “sorry” and forgiveness do not exist for the crime of genocide in the Kaia’nere:kowa. They will be charged for committing crimes against humanity, first by disrespecting our sovereignty through signing agreements to militarize our communities, secretly sell our resources and robbing us of living and our lives. Thus, trying to complete the genocide.

Every wampum of the Great Peace is being broken. Whether they stand before us or not, there is a penalty for the crime of genocide, the “deliberate murder of a race or cultural group”.

The incorporated agents are guilty of conspiring to commit treason. When their usefulness to their masters is over, they will be discarded like a sock. These “hang-around-the-fort” INDIANS give them false access to the true natural people and the coming faces. To stop the treachery, CANADA’s front line and subsequent attacks will be resisted to the fullest extent. Without their collaborator INDIANS the corporation of Canada will collapse.

As Joe Cocker sings: “If you disrespect anybody that you run into, how in the world do you think anybody’s s’posed to respect you. .. You goin’ out the world backwards, like you did when you first come here.”

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