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MNN, 1 Jan. 2015. The military sends in an advance force which is often sacrificed in battle. The band councils, national, provincial and territorial incorporated INDIAN organizations are CANADA Ink’s paid mercenaries that directly facilitate the genocide of our people. They criminally sign away our rights, lands, possessions violating our sovereignty. They place us in the line of fire for the inevitable  military onslaught. For our survival they must be dealt with.

Indian Affairs gives the band council economic hit men their orders.

Indian Affairs gives the band council economic hit men their orders.

These wannabe incorporated INDIANS willingly make a choice to join our enemy, to enrich themselves by stealing our voice in order to steal our living. They arm themselves with the foreign invaders’ strategies and weapons to carry out the “final solution of the INDIAN problem”. Canada and US want total control of Ono’ware:geh. We are at their mercy.  These band council puppet regimes are helping them to commit the heinous crime of surrendering our people to a foreign power. These agents set us up for the final assassination ominously called “Project Termination”, under their agent-in-chief, Stephen Harper, of the military corporation of CANADA.

CANADA Ink. recently announced their plan to annihilate us to remove us and our inherent living to all of Ono’ware:geh. These incorporated INDIANS will spill our blood just as Ollie Gibson of Onondaga, tried to direct the New York State Troopers when they attacked us on May 18, 1997.

O'ien'kwen:ton, anyone?

O’ien’kwen:ton, anyone?

The Guswentha based on the natural world does not allow traitors to return to the canoe. Incorporated INDIANS are servants of the foreign army. They are not Ongwe’hon:we, the natural people who live by the law of the land. When these criminals are brought before us, they know that “sorry” and forgiveness do not exist for the crime of genocide in the Kaia’nere:kowa. They will be charged for committing crimes against humanity, first by disrespecting our sovereignty through signing agreements to militarize our communities, secretly sell our resources and robbing us of living and our lives. Thus, trying to complete the genocide.

Every wampum of the Great Peace is being broken. Whether they stand before us or not, there is a penalty for the crime of genocide, the “deliberate murder of a race or cultural group”.

The incorporated agents are guilty of conspiring to commit treason. When their usefulness to their masters is over, they will be discarded like a sock. These “hang-around-the-fort” INDIANS give them false access to the true natural people and the coming faces. To stop the treachery, CANADA’s front line and subsequent attacks will be resisted to the fullest extent. Without their collaborator INDIANS the corporation of Canada will collapse.

As Joe Cocker sings: “If you disrespect anybody that you run into, how in the world do you think anybody’s s’posed to respect you. .. You goin’ out the world backwards, like you did when you first come here.”

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MNN. Nov. 3, 2014. The MNN editor made these comments to the Quebecois of Sorel Quebec, a city on Mohawk territory near Kahnawake. A sculpture was being unveiled dedicated to the French people.

1710 Iroquois explain Great Peace in Queen Anne's Court, London.

1710 Iroquois explain Great Peace to Queen Anne’s Court, London.

The French created war between the Iroquois and New France from 1609 to 1701. It was a 92-year war with us. They lost every one and sued for peace to end the wars. The Great Peace of Montreal was made on June 25th 1701, on the summer solstice.

We Mohawk were the enforcers of the Great Law for the Confederacy as the “Keepers of the Eastern Door”.  The French route to the American colonies started from Richelieu down the Richelieu River to Lake Champlain, the Hudson River and on to New York. Bloodline agent, Champlain, launched their war against the peace from Richelieu into Ticonderoga where they killed two of our chiefs. We’d never seen guns before.

Fort Richeleiu was subsequently built to protect travelers, settlers and military from the Mohawks. In 1647 we burnt it down. The French military rebuilt it in 1665.

Champlain’s job was to divide the Indian nations after thousands of years of peace. He started a war of extermination of the Mohawks, to break the peace between us and the Hurons and Algonquins. In 1645 we invaded Ontario and defeated the Hurons and Algonquins and took all their land because they broke the Great Peace, the Kaianerekowa.

The French plan was to take all of Great Turtle Island. After losing every war against us, they changed their plan from war to peace. The French signed the Great Peace of Montreal based on the Two Row Wampum agreement we call the “Guswentha” and the Kaianerehkowa, the Great Peace. Shortly after In August 1701 the British also accepted the Great Peace in Albany.

Quebecois must be proud of taking part in the first international world peace conference in Montreal in 1701. They accepted the peace before the British and everyone else. All the nations on Great Turtle Island were represented by the 49 nations that took part, through their friendship and alliances with the Iroquois Confederacy.

Then In 1710 we sent 5 chiefs to the Court of Queen Anne in London England to explain the Great Peace to the 13 bloodline families of Europe. It was the world’s first international peace conference.

Today is one of the most important times in the history of our relations. Soon the world will see Peace. Quebecois, it is time to recommit yourselves to the Great Peace which was put in your minds when your ancestors accepted the peace. You committed yourselves to spread it. Now we ask you to do it as it was meant.

The French are the first Europeans in the world to accept the Great Law from us, the Iroquois. They took the principles of the Great Peace back to France and created the first republican government in Europe. Let us symbolically join our hands in a circle and recommit to the agreement that was made so long ago. Let us celebrate by planting the tree of peace so that everyone in the world will follow the roots and spread the peace throughout the world. Let us create an unstoppable force right from Quebec where it started. Skennen, gasastensera, kariwiio. Peace, righteousness, power.”

The courier du bois shoot Lachine Rapids by Kahnawake.

Courier du bois shoot Lachine Rapids by Kahnawake.

The Quebecois have a very important role in the world. This 100-year old song by George Marsh was sung many times by the Quebecois: “Do the cow-moose call on the Montreal, when the first frost bites the air, and the mists unfold from the red and gold that the autumn ridges wear”. Listen: Old Canoe.

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Watch: Louis explains “twistory”.

After the Quebecoise signed the Great Peace of Montreal, the ideas of peace went to Europe and began the French Revolution that continues. Quebecois have an important role to play in spreading the Peace. Rebellion in France today.





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MNN. Oct. 4, 2014. Two related incidents. The orchestrated attack on selected Mohawks by Canada’s band council of Kahnawake MCK inc.

Corporate band council meetings in Kahnawake.

Corporate band council meetings in Kahnawake.

And an attempted murder of a young driver by the Surete du Quebec SQ. Both are part of the “ordo ab chao” conflict strategy to create fear and confusion in Kahnawake.

Under the eye of the corporate council, certain people were ordered to leave the community. They were deemed to be unqualified under the colonial Indian Act to live here.

The underlying issue appears to be our legitimate demand for the return of 45,000 acres of our land known as the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis. Kahnawake is on this tract which is part of the Iroquois Confederacy territory. Ten non-native municipalities are on this tract which must now be returned. According to the Kaianerekowa, the supreme law of the land, the Mohawks and the Confederacy cannot sell the land, much less accept money. According to international law, a vote, referendum or consensus of all adults is required. In violation of the Two Row Wampum – Guswentha, Canada illegally turned Kahnawake into a reserve without a surrender and a treaty. They are trying to do this in the West now. 

The “legal fiction” is that in 1680 French King Louis XIV gave our land to the Jesuits. In 1762 General Gage of the British military dispossessed them and affirmed the land as that of the Iroquois and our friends and allies.

Nobody wants to meet our o'ien'kwen:ton!

O’ien’kwen:ton! We have a duty to defend our land!

In 1974 Canada could not send the military or RCMP into Kahnawake. The Mohawks were removing non-native people. Lawyer, Gaetan Robert, informed us that Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chretien, had secretly enacted an illegal order in council on November 16, 1974, turning Kahnawake into a reserve. This order cannot be found. The SQ riot squad came in. A battle ensued. They and the white families left. The SQ, RCMP and the military have no legal authority to enter our community known as Kahnawake for any reason.

The Government of Canada Indian council do as they’re told by their real rulers. Other fear tactics are now being used on us.

SQ: "Okay, I see you have your seat belt on!"

SQ: “Okay, you have your seat belt on. So I’ll put my gun away!”

On October 2, 2014 a young man with his two year old daughter was followed by the SQ onto a side road in Kahnawake and pulled over. The driver immediately called the local Indian cops and then put both hands on the dash. The cop yanked the car door open and pointed his loaded gun with his finger on the trigger at him, “Show me your license and registration”. The Mohawk coolly said, “First take your finger off the trigger and point your gun somewhere else”. Local cops and neighbors quickly arrived and diffused the situation. Apparently it was a misunderstanding. The Quebec license bureau had not yet registered his paid up car registration.

As Hank Williams advises, it’s time to fall in love with your Indians again: “Poor old, Kaw-liga, he never got a kiss. Poor old, Kaw-liga, he don’t know what he missed. Is it any wonder that his face is red. Kaw-liga, that poor old wooden head”.  Hank Williams. “Kaw-liga”.

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NOTE: Corporation of Canada is a system of bylaws that have the appearance of legality.All acts committed, proceedings taken or things done or suffered under or pursuant to the provisions of the said Order in Council of the 12th July, 1906 (P.C. 1419), are hereby declared to have been valid and effective to all in- tents and purposes as if the said Order in Council had been lawfully made”. All their acts are corporate bylaws, assumed to have the color of law. The corporate system is for the benefit of the shareholders, the bankers. The corporate business plan is to steal all the resources from the earth. Caughnawaga into reserve without consent.

Amending voting.

Kahnawake timeline.  




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MNN. Sep. 17, 2014. Quebecers are gathering in to monitor Scotland’s  referendum to separate from Great Britain. They want to separate from Canada. There is a big difference. The Scots are Indigenous to their land and were colonized by England. They’re voting to get them off their backs. Quebecers are French immigrants who the natives allowed to settle on Great Turtle Island. They want to declare sovereignty and try to set up a new corporation on our land!! Read: MNN. “Real Referendum”. Scottie

The Scots rightly want their identity by breaking free of the Roman banking empire [City of London]. They want to regain their sovereignty and reconnect to their history based on their clan system which connects them to their land. To do that Quebecers must return to France.

Canada and the US rely on Papal Bulls like the Doctrine of Discovery, Terra Nullius and others which are essentially legal fiction for their their land claims on Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island.

Quebecers left France to break free from the Christian tyranny of the Roman Empire [Papacy] to start anew on our land. Some immigrants learnt our ways and got along well with us, like the “cour du bois”. The rest were taken over by the corporate elites through their 51% majority rules mandate.

The French just wouldn't listen to the Mohawks.

The O’seh:ronni [Quebecers] shouldn’t have messed with us! 

In 1689 the French settlers wanted to kill us all so they could claim our land as theirs. Our response is historically known as the “Lachine Massacre”. We eliminated that settlement. The French sued for peace. On June 25th 1701 they agreed to live in peace under the Guswentha/Two Row Treaty. They are violating that agreement.

Quebecers could vote to withdraw from the corporation of Canada, which is set up under Admiralty laws of the seas. Then they can try to renew their commitment to the Guswentha to live in peace with us. They are in dire need of a small condolence ceremony to remind them this is all Indian land. To stay they have to live under the Kaianerekowa, the law of Great Turtle Island.

Is it history repeating?

Like the Scots who want their true identity, Quebecers must return to their roots in France. Otherwise they will remain angry, disillusioned and never at peace. Like the US and Canada, they never honored their words to us. They have to quit biting the hand that feeds them. They and the world know how they took everything they have from us.

Quebec tin pot dictator: I have no time to listen to Mohawks and their complaints.

Pierre “tin-pot-dictator” Peladeau: “I have no time to listen to zee Mohawks and their complaints”.

They can’t separate with our land. Even if they exterminated all of us, it still wouldn’t be theirs. Even in death, it’s ours. Quebecers can’t have sovereignty here. We are the sovereigns. Separation means to leave. They’ve shown us they don’t respect our law or their agreements with us. That’s why their dreams of sovereignty will never be realized.

Stompin Tom debates the Scots and Quebecers about cuisine: “There was a guy from PEI they used to call ‘Potatoe’. He met this young Leamington Ontario tomato. But he had eyes for other girls and she was a little mushy. So he said, ‘Let’s get wed, there’s no sense in being fussy’. Big size French fries, how they love tomatoes. So dress them up with Heinz Ketchup. Ketchup loves potatoes. Ketchup loves potatoes”.  Stompin Tom: “Ketchup loves potatoes”.

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Video: Scotland’s lost history.

Scottish House of Cards.

Hang the Bankers: UK threatens Scotland.

Quebecers flock to Scotland.





MNN. Mar. 10, 2014.  In 1710 the Haudenosaunne sent five chiefs from each of our nations to Europe for the first and only time to spread the peace. They took the wampum belts to explain and ratify the Guswentha with the monarchs. All 13 royal bloodlines attended and received a wampum belt. It was their invitation to send their settlers to learn the great law and teach it to the rest of the world. Teeyyeeneenhogarow, Sagaweathquatikethtow,Honeeyeathtawnorow and Etowohkoam were dubbed the “Four Indian Kings”.  Among those receiving the wampum belt about them Great Peace were the Romanovs of Russia. They reigned from 1613 until they were murdered by evil factions within their own bloodline on July 18, 1917.

Putin: "That's right!We have a proud history of thousands of years!"

Putin: “That’s right! We have a proud history of thousands of years!”


MNN Story “1701 Great Peace of Montreal”.

President Putin of Russia recently advised the world on how to dissolve inequality and how to make the consensus fair for all of us. We need him to help us dissolve the illegal Corporations of Canada and the US. All land must be returned to the Ongwehonwe through the application of natural justice. The world will be put back into balance. Everyone of these criminals and their families who were part of and benefitted from the genocide of us, our ancestors and children will go down the gauntlet. 


Vlad the Impaler has pounded a wooden stake into the heart of the New World Order.

NWO is on its last breath!

NWO is on its last breath!

At a meeting in Germany on international, economic and war issues, the US/EU/ NATO war orchestrators squirmed like vampires trying to keep out of the sun while Vlad was shining the sunlight on them.  German emperor Angela Merkel, US warmonger John McCain and all of their war cohorts were  blown away by the Impaler.

NWO ran for cover NWO ran for cover! 1

NWO ran for cover! 

If this was a guitar battle, they were blasted off the stage. In the following clip Stevie Vai represents the New World Order ruled by Satan. Ralph Machio represents Vladimir Putin and Russia. The guitar battle speaks for itself. Watch Vlad blow the new world order off the stage!   “Crossroads Guitar Duel”.  

Video: “Vladimir Putin at World Peace  


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MNN. Apr. 1, 2013. Article 1 of the “Montevideo Convention 1933” defines a state as a person of international law, a corporation, having:

a] a permanent population: Canadians have no common origin to distinguish them from other human beings. They settled on Great Turtle Island where they have no roots and no legal permission from the indigenous inhabitants. 

No right to our land.

No right to stand on our land.

b] a defined territory: Canada has no land. We never ceded any of it. We never agreed to become part of the British Empire or the Corporation of Canada. 

c] a government of its own: its constitutional acts of 1867 and 1982 and other constitutional documents are acts or proclamations of the British monarch to govern its colony. 

d] the ability to make international treaties: The treaties of Canada, a private corporation, not a legal state, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. 

The Corporation of Canada was registered in Washington DC, on July 1, 1867, #0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880. The shareholders are the 13 economic royalist families. At one time they were the banished European monarchies that re-emerged as the international bankers. 

ex pired visaWe Indigenous have the qualifications of a state. We made international treaties. We never joined Canada. All valid treaties signed with Indigenous peoples were made with the British monarch, based on the Guswentha, which were all breached. We never surrendered any territory to anyone.  We have a population of the natural people of Great Turtle Island. 

Canada was first a French colony until 1763, then a British colony. Canada does not have a defined territory and is not sovereign. Its top administration is under the direct control of the City of London bankers. It is a military base on our territory to maintain control while they steal our resources and fund. 

In monarchical states, the people are “subjects” who are conquered or take an oath of allegiance. The Dominion [colony] of Canada was established when Britain’s Parliament passed the British North America Act, 1867, to promote British economic interests on Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. 

Canadian pseudo citizenship was established in 1967. Britain may change Canada’s constitution at any time, according to the Canada Act 1982. In 2011 Harper needed the Governor General’s permission to suspend Parliament. 

International law clearly provides that the appropriation of assets of another nation is illegal. Britain does not own our fund, resources or land and cannot give it to anyone. 

Section 91[24] of the BNA Act gave Canada authority to only “negotiate” with the Indians, not to make Admiralty statutes or rules for ‘Indians, and Lands reserved for the indians”.  Section 109 provides a legal commitment to establish the ever growing $50.5 trillion Indian Trust Fund from the exploitation of our resources. 

Haudenosaunee: Come back if you renew your Two Row papers.

“Onen to those who don’t follow the Two Row “.

Federal, provincial and local entities have no constitutional jurisdiction over Indigenous. They must deal directly with the true people on all matters. Canada, a corporate entity, has no right to impose their corporate by-laws on us, provincial, federal or municipal. As the reality of Canada unfolds before everyone’s eyes, their dream is becoming a nightmare as Steven Tyler sang in Dream on: “Sing with me, just for today. maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away. dream on. Dream on, dream on, dream on!” 

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MNN.  Feb. 8, 2013. We Onkwehonwe are the keepers of the law of peace here on Great Turtle Island. Any valid treaty must have have the principles of the Two Row for all North and South America. The law of the land is Kaianereh’ko:wa. 

1701 Great Peace of Montreal, only valid treaty, rooted in law of the land.

1701 Great Peace of Montreal, only valid treaty, rooted in law of the land.

The Indigenous have treaty-making powers.  The Iroquois call the Two Row Wampum the “Guswentha, which means “Two Roads”, defining the relationship between two sovereigns. It is recorded on a belt made of wampums. 

Two Row. Root of international treaty on Great Turtle Island.

Two Row. Root of international treaty on Great Turtle Island.

The First Iroquois Treaty with a European nation was in 1606 with the Dutch. They called it a “Peace and Friendship” and “Trade and Commerce” treaty, to allow them to trade in our Territory. Similar treaties were made with Great Britain, France, the Thirteen Colonies, and eventually the United States.  These are the “Covenant Chain” treaties. Treaties on behalf of the settlers were made with the Crown. 

The Two Row concept is the basis of the principle of non-interference in international law. Valid international treaties are rooted in the natural law of the land. If not so rooted, they  apply only on the seas. 

Never shall the 2 vessels cross paths.

Never shall the 2 vessels cross paths on the river of life.

The canoe of the Indigenous and sailing vessel of the Europeans travel side by side on the river of life. Each boat symbolically contains their people, language, forms of government, laws, culture, traditions and ceremonies. In the Indigenous canoe are all the lands and resources that the Great Natural Power vested in the Ongwehonwe. The parties agree to not interfere or make war with the other, forever. 

No one can legally put “one foot in the canoe and the other in the Vessel”.  We would be stranded or perish should a storm suddenly arise and the vessels separate. We can only follow one jurisdiction, one law. Otherwise our people will be in  great peril. 

The Two Row is embodied in the Great Peace in the following articles: 

Wampum #78: Whenever a foreign nation enters the League or accepts the Great Peace, the Rotinonshonni’onwe [Iroquois] and the foreign nation enter into an agreement by which the foreign nation persuades other nations to accept the Great Peace. 

Wampum #83: When peace is established by the termination of the war, then the Great Peace comes. 

Wampum #84: Whenever a foreign nation has been conquered or has accepted the Great Peace, their own system of internal government may continue in the territories we have provided for them. They must cease all warfare against other nations. Ceremonies are protected.  

Wampum #87: When the war of the Rotinonshonni’onwe on a foreign nation is ended, peace is restored to that nation.  When all terms of peace have been agreed upon, a state of friendship is established. 

Wampum #97: Before the Great Peace, each nation had its own Council Fire. The Fires  continue as before and they are not quenched. 

Wampum #99: The rites and festivals of each nation remain undisturbed and continue as before. The people of old times retained them as useful and necessary for the good of the people. 

As Morpheus said when talking to Neo the first time in the Matrix: “… most people are not ready to be unplugged and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it”. Anyone still plugged into the system can become an agent of the system at anytime. Use your own mind. Follow the natural law of the land. 

"I will return to you in stone".

“I will return to you in stone”.

As John Trudell sang: “We hear what you say. One Earth, one Mother. One does not sell the earth the people walk upon. We are the land. How do we sell our mother? How do we sell the stars? How do we sell the air? Crazy Horse, we hear what you say.”John Trudell: Crazy Horse we hear you

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