“Texas Tea”


MNN. Oct. 11, 2006. It’s obvious that George Bush and Stephen Harper have something in common. Their behavior reminds us of a movie, “Giant” and an old television series called the “Beverly Hillbillies”. Both were around in the mid 1950’s and early 60’s.

In the movie “Giant” James Dean plays Jett Rink, a naïve ordinary guy who discovered oil in Texas. He went absolutely crazy. He wanted to get even with anyone who ever crossed him, became an alcoholic and tried to dominate everybody. He caught the “black oil” disease of the mind.

Bush and Harper are almost like brothers fighting over the gas, oil and minerals that belong to the Indigenous people on Turtle Island. Like the Beverly Hillbillies who left the Ozarks and moved to Beverly Hills after discovering oil on their property, Bush left Texas and moved to Washington and Harper left Alberta and moved to Ottawa. They may have moved but underneath they’re still hillbillies.

In the series, the Beverly Hillbillies called oil “black gold”. George Bush is like the family head, “Jed Clampett”, the nouveau riche millionaire who tries to run everything. But everything goes wrong for him. Stephen Harper is like “Jethro Bodine”, Jed’s dumb nephew. David Rochefeller of the Chase Manhattan Bank is “Mr. Drysdale”, the greedy banker who will do anything to keep the money in his bank even if he has to hurt people. Condoleeza Rice is “Granny” who is old, senile and paranoid. She thinks she knows how to deal with every situation. Belinda Stronach would like to be “Ellie May” but she doesn’t have the innocence. Jack Abramoff plays the banker’s secretary, who keeps trying to seduce Jed Clampett to get the goods on him. Underneath those fancy suits and dresses, they still wear their old tattered ragged clothes. Now Granny makes “yellow cakes” instead of soap. Jethro still can’t woo the women but acts like an idiot and doesn’t even realize it.

The Yukon and California gold rushes were like fevers that people caught when they smelt oil. “Oil fever” takes over the mind. They are ready to sacrifice the whole world for oil. The people who are behind it are the banks that made their money on our oil. Now they have the biggest banks on Turtle Island. Maybe they’re the ones running the whole show. The trouble with life these days is we don’t know who the real emperors are. At least in the days of monarchy the king got crowned and the people knew who to go after. Now they can push their agenda of world domination in secret.

Are these guys lost in some kind of children’s fantasyland? In this case it’s more like the evil bad guys in kid’s comic books. They don’t care that pollution has risen by 27% instead of going down. It is estimated that with the oil boom in Alberta pollution will go up by 39%. That’s pure evil!

The Beverly Hillbillies were a hit because here were a bunch of ignoramuses trying to run something far bigger than themselves and far beyond their abilities. They couldn’t handle what was coming at them. Everybody was trying to cheat them, fool them, lie to them and take everything off them.

Bush and Harper are pretending to protect the interests of the people while they are being seduced by the oil companies and bankers. In fact they are idiots. George Bush was an alcoholic who barely got through university. He was helped by his father to get where he’s at. When he’s not in Washington, he lives on a farm in Texas to show how down-to-earth he is. Too bad he doesn’t stay there, though he probably couldn’t run a ranch if it wasn’t for daddy’s money. Yet he’s trying to run the world. He prances around in jeans, a cowboy hat and boots. He’s really an ignorant insensitive hick who doesn’t know what’s going on.

Bush has been taken over by his “handlers”. They are powerful people who are taking advantage of his stupidity. They’ve put him in a high position and he doesn’t have a clue what is really going on and doesn’t care. Remember when he, his wife and mother went down to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit? They didn’t even know how to talk to the victims with any sensitivity. His mother said, after viewing them in the Astrodome, “They’ve never had it so good”. We noticed she didn’t offer to move in with them or to trade her living quarters for theirs. They were ignorant of the feelings of these people because the Bushes are ignorant people without compassion for the world.

Harper is no better. He’s basically an ignorant Albertan and Ottawa is too big for him. He is so afraid of the press. He has organized his press conferences so there are no more scrums. He handpicks the questioners. He wants the questions ahead of time. In other words, he’s not quite sure of what he thinks himself. He needs time to ask someone how he should answer. Imagine! He even thinks he’s a genius when he manipulates the press and decides what they should know. Yes, Jethro doesn’t want hard questions because he can’t handle it. He wants only stupid questions that he can answer. He’s especially terrified of questions about world events.

Today Harper announced that he going to out-do the Kyoto Accord to bring down the gas emissions that is causing environmental devastation. It ain’t true. It’s propaganda. Everyone knows it!

We Indigenous people are in the way because they want our land, minerals, waterways, oil and gas. So the Conservative government has put out a policy to eliminate us. It’s the 1969 “white paper” all over again to get rid of us.

The Conservative Party in Alberta showed its hand. It’s the people who have colonized Alberta and have taken over our resources that want to take over Canada. The longtime premier, Ralph Klein, is too close to the Indigenous people because his wife is Indian. Sarcastic remarks were made about her. These power mongers think that a guy with an Indigenous wife shouldn’t be premier of a province that is going to control Canada. At the party convention when they kicked him out they never gave the reason why they did it.

There are a lot of independent minded people in Texas and Alberta. It’s not that Bush and Harper are from Texas and Alberta. It’s that neither know how to live in either of these places and they’re trying to run the world.

Once these Beverly Hillbillies are no longer useful, they will be discarded too. Right now they are useful for the hidden agenda of the billionaires. They need a cowboy from Texas and an ignoramus from Alberta.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh