MNN. MAR. 11, 2013. Clean, sustainable wireless electrical energy from the gravitational magnetic field system that surrounds the earth can be used by anyone. Our homes, cars and other electrical motors can be hooked to the safe infinite electrical charges around us. The US refuses this technology, even for medical plasma cures for cancer and other uses. War, pollution and social problems will be no more.

Bankers: Don't change a thing!

Bankers: “Don’t change a thing!”

President Obama passed a law criminalizing anyone using this technology. It can only be used for war and making arms. A small magnetically powered 10 w. generator was refused entry into the US. Obama purports it’s dangerous and a threat to “national security”, meaning the bankers’ control. Questioners are deemed outlaws, criminals, subversives, traitors, revolutionaries or terrorists.  

Information on free energy will not be televised by order of the bankers. Their power depends on sources of energy, such as oil or hydroelectric dams. They charge by the kilowatt,t which must be delivered by wire that can be monitored by a meter. Free energy in everyone’s hands would destroy their hierarchical control grid and ruin their plans for world domination. 

Iranian physicist, E.M. Keshe, is making energy available to everyone in the world without charge. It is 1 million times cheaper than the chemical burning process used in fuels for lights, cars, trucks and other generators. It is clean and never runs out. 

The elites of the New World Order are threatened as this technology will end war. They need war. Their military is now useless. US is terrified of technology that will level the playing field and render theirs obsolete. Iran has been able to block magnetic field communication systems at any frequency. 

Keshe told the president his ships will become floating bathtubs. Their runways will be museums of iron birds that cannot fly because their electronic systems are inhibited by Magravs space technology. 

Military industrial complex think tank.

CFR and Trilateral Commission think tank.

The bankers are sending out “experts” to debunk the knowledge, to buy and hide the technology, to murder inventors, to destroy labs, and to financially ruin supporters. They say, “Free unlimited energy is impossible”. Bankers have their corporate media swamping the public with unscrupulous promotions and media ‘infomercials” to discredit the technology and their inventions.   

The economic royalists have known about free energy for decades. They plan to live in “the world of free energy” and freeze the rest of us out. 

Pyramid smashed or falls down!

Sword wielding hooded Knights of Columbus, people will be free from you!

Free energy technology is the dawning of a truly civilized age. Nobody can “get rich” or “rule the world”. It comes from nature. Humans will use free energy to help each other. No more extraction of Indigenous resources or destruction of the natural environment. The world will be transformed to true peace on earth. Our mother will be healed. As John Lennon imagined: “Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger. A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world.”Imagine

Unseen enemies of free energy

Keshe free energy technology

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