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MNN. July 26, 2019. Some “objectors/victims” of Canada’s crimes against native children in Indian Day Schools will not accept “blood money” from the proposed court ordered settlement from the guilty genociders/Canada. Gowling WLG, are the lawyers for both Canada and the native students!!! Gowling wants to pocket $55 million from  Canada, The native victims are getting $10,000 each, maybe.



Canada admits its crime of genocide and won’t do the time.   

According to David Cass of the Law Society of Canada, if a victim questions the scam between Canada and Gowling WLG, backed by the Law Society, and the Federal Court, the rules are simply changed. Victim objectors are thrown off the list of victims. 

The following Complaint was sent from concerned citizen, Barrister John Mann III, on June 12, 2019, to the Law Society of Ontario.He questioned the bold $55 million heist being set up by Canada, Gowling, the federal court and  the Law Society of Ontario for the genocide carried out against almost 200,000 surviving native children. 

To: The Complaints and Compliance, officers David Cass, Barrister, Heather Di Dio, Barrister 

  1. Mr. Mann practiced law for over 42 years, was a member of the State of Michigan Bar since 1977, and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada [now Ontario] since 1993.  He outlined unconscionable violations of professional conduct and improper interference with solicitor-client relationships. On May 17, 2019 he voiced his concerns to Gowling, later to the Law Society of Ontario by email. He mentioned that two files were also filed by Audrey Horn, a class client of Gowling.
  2. The Indian Day School class action was filed over 10 years ago in 2009. In 2016, Gowling somehow became class counsel for all the native Plaintiff clients. On March 12, 2019 Gowling entered a Settlement Agreement with the perpetrators, Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, concedes guilt and liability for the atrocities committed by Canada throughout its history. He promises swift remedies.Why are survivors required to file Court actions to obtain relief for Canada’s horrific wrongdoing? Why is Canada not admitting liability in its proposed Indian Day School Settlement Agreement [at paragraph “1.02 No Admission of Liability”]?  
  3. The following sections require immediate attention by the Law Society of Ontario [LSO]:



13.01 Class Counsel Fees

Canada agrees to pay Class Counsel [Gowling] their legal fees and disbursements fifty-five million dollars ($55,000,000.00) within thirty (30) days of the Implementation Date.

13.05 No Other Fees to be Charged

Gowling and Canada agree that all payments to the native Survivor Class Members will have no deductions for legal fees or disbursements.

16.01 Cooperation with Canada

To get the money, the victims had to help Canada get approval of this Agreement.

16.02 Public Announcements

The victims are required to make public statements that support this Agreement. Otherwise they will not be paid. 

  1. The $55,000,000 payment by Canada to Gowling is improper. 3 conditions are required. 

One: The original victims and Gowling WLG must “cooperate” with Canada.

Two: The original victims and Gowling must “make best efforts to obtain approval of this Agreement” from the Federal Court.

Three: The victims and Gowling must “make best efforts to obtain the support and participation” of all other Class Members in all aspects of the Settlement Agreement.


  1. These  provisions create conflicts of interest and improper interference and destruction of the solicitor-client relationships between the survivor clients/victims and their lawyer Gowling. 

As a result,

[a]Canada and the victims have both become clients of Gowling;

(b)Gowling has a personal financial interest of $55,000,000 in supporting Canada’s interests. Gowling is now a party to the Settlement Agreement, not an objective lawyer acting for all native class survivor clients;

(c) Gowling separated its class clients into 2 opposing groups, clients who “support” Canada’s Settlement Agreement against client “objectors” who don’t support the agreement;

(d) Gowling was required to “cooperate” with and “support” whatever Canada wanted, while Gowling had to ignore and not consider any “objections” from any of its class clients;

(e) During the Federal Court settlement approval hearing, Gowling opposed every client that “objected” to Canada’s proposed Settlement Agreement because Gowling did not want to jeopardize its vested financial interest in the $55,000,000 payment coming from Canada. Gowling violated its duty to act only in the best interests of its clients, and free from all outside influences;

(f) Canada’s lawyers [Gowling] have improperly interfered with and destroyed the solicitor-client relationship between Gowling and their clients. Legally, any retainer and fees must be confidentially worked out between Gowling and its clients only, without any outside influence whatsoever;

(g) How was the proposed $55,000,000 payment arrived at and authorized by Canada from Taxpayer funds to the private law firm of Gowling WLG?

(h) Gowling  must withdraw from representing all class clients. The proposed Settlement Agreement proposes the unreasonable basic  $10,000 and more for 5 different levels of compensation in a government institution. All Indian Day School survivors were equally part of the physical and mental abuse and cultural genocide.  

  1. Furthermore, Gowling’s website confirms that Canada was already a client of Gowling prior to Gowling appearing as Class Counsel in this case, stating: “Gowling WLG advises a wide range of clients across Canada, including all levels of government and its agencies.” 

As a result, it is improper for Gowling to sue its own client, Canada.

  1. Gowling cannot repair any of these conflicts of interest and must withdraw representation from all class clients.
  2. The conflicts of interest and improper interference with solicitor-client relationships must be immediately investigated by the Law Society of Ontario. The Federal Court in Winnipeg must be immediately advised of the complaints. The native clients/victims must be protected. Gowling and Canada lawyers are acting against the best interests of the native class survivor clients. The LSO Statement of Principles relate to protection of indigenous peoples. The Law Society of Ontario is in a conflict of interest in that they are mandated to investigate their own members.
  3. The victims cannot get justice in a system designed to continue systemic cultural genocide. In addition, the Federal Court Judge is appointed and paid by the very government that caused the damages, an automatic appearance of bias and conflict of interest.
  4. There is victimization through collaboration between Canada, Gowling, the court and the law society. A process must be implemented through the two-row wampum and the kaianerekowa, the great peace, to remedy the  many atrocities caused by Canada. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [UNDRIP] requires it. The World requires it. Truth requires it. Justice requires it. Most Respectfully,


John R. Mann III

In the end they are all in on the scam, paying each other and trying to leave us in the dust.

While the corporations dance, we watch them. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: “Before the fiddlers have fled, Before they ask us to pay the bill, And while we still have the chance, Let’s face the music and dance”. 

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