MNN.  JAN. 30, 2012.  Is white privilege ending – lower infant morality, easier bank loans, a white house, ivy league education, running the USA corporation, lolling in WASP culture!!  Will they continue the lifestyle of injustice and racial categorization?

According to current stats, whites are becoming extinct.  They will soon be the pissed off minority culture.  They will not be colonized.  They will be colorized?

Whites are declining in every city, becoming more infertile.  In 13 years they will be a minority.  In 20 states most babies under 2 years old are Indigenous.

12 states have white populations below 50%:  Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Mississippi.  Soon to join are Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, South Carolina and Delaware.

US Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, promises a colony on the moon.  They better take all their junk with them, like those falsies for creating round bottoms, tanning salons, implants, toupees, injection machines to make blubber lips and cheekbones.  [Love our looks, but hate our guts!]

US is sandwiched between Canada and Mexico.  Canada will soon have a white minority population and Mexico already has an Indigenous majority.

Panic is pushing them to make up fake history, while living on the land whose history they’re faking.

Arizona wiped out the study of Indigenous culture and history, to be replaced by “white trash studies 101”.  They’re trying to spark a white power movement. [Over there, COINTELPRO!]

The whites have caused a lot of confusion.  Their religion justified slavery and genocide.  They think they got away with it by saying “sorry’.

Advertising and marketing will change from a vessel of whiteness to a brown/black market.

Melanin gives skin, hair and eyes their color.  Whites have low melanin content.  The darker skinned have more and are less likely to be damaged from the sun’s rays.  It gives the human being the connection to plants, animals and other people.  The less melinated seem prone to destroy all these without remorse.

Nothing is more painful than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking, oh! oh! robbery, then turn around and see a white guy with dreadlocks!

It was wrong to beat us to death, starve us, rape us.  They’re scared that we’re going to take all their jobs, food and treat them like they did us.  They won’t be the boss anymore.

Whites make up 80% of older Americans over 65 years of age. Who’s going to take care of them?

We might have to play God and start missions to feed the hungry whites:  “One dollar a day to save these poor starving people who have no food, no home, no one to love or understand them”.

Didn’t Charlie Brown once say something like, “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter like unrequited fake-American-Dream-kind-of love.