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MNN. July 4, 2009. According to Mike Mitchell, the new band councilor, we hope he doesn’t mean that the Indigenous give and the colonists take! He has announced a give-and-take style negotiation with Canada. The armed border guards want to come into Akwesasne in exchange for something. He suggests the Canada Border Services agents CBSA could give by taking some cultural sensitivity training. If they become sensitive to us, our laws and our rights, they will get off the island and never come back. The colony of Canada has no legal business manning their store in the middle of our community.The Canada and US ultimatum is that they are going to keep the two bridges onto Kawehnoke on Cornwall Island closed until we let them come in with guns. As a band councilor, Mitchell has been a longtime anti-Confederacy sovereignty advocate. He seems willing to compromise the Mohawk nation position.Mitchell wants to make it look like he settled our valid complaint and come out looking like the hero. Some of the human rights complaints will be settled, he said. He wants to make the economically dying cities of Cornwall Ontario and Massena New York happy.Any deal Mitchell makes will only apply to those 350 people who voted for him, who obviously support the colonial band council system and their goal to undermine us. They are trying to set a precedent for outsiders to patrol other Indigenous communities.

This is a nation-to-nation issue. Canada and US both know that this is a Rotino’shonni:onwe movement based on our sovereignty, which is supported by international law. A majority have to give our fully informed consent which we will never.

Watch the following short video linked to this article. You can see how happy Mohawks feel about being free of the abuse and brutality of the border guards!

There is talk of putting a temporary Canadian customs on the Cornwall Ontario side at the foot of the Bridge. This hasn’t been brought to the Mohawks. At least the Canadian government recognizes they can’t put guns on the island in the middle of Kawehnoke.

Not mentioned is that this too is Mohawk territory which is under dispute. The Mohawks have given the message that we are not going to be intimidated. This is being acknowledged by the non-native community. They now know that we cannot be pushed around anymore.

We must give credit to Dooley Thompson, the former chief, and his supporters, for standing up for the people forcefully and eloquently. Hopefully Mike Mitchell learns from his predecessor that the non-natives can’t walk over us. We are in the right. We don’t want guns like the others. We have to take a stand and stay with it. The cutting off of traffic to Kawehnoke has allowed us to feel relieved from the years of intimidation. It’s a vacation from the abuse that has been going on for a long time.

The Mohawks message to the world is that tyranny has to be resisted. With the move towards global totalitarianism by the few elite thugs and their military goons, the Mohawks, our brothers, sisters, friends, allies and supporters are showing everybody how to defend themselves without using violence. Only the truth!


The Akwesasne Women’s Fire remains in good spirits and smiling a lot when the Peace Caravan arrived. The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe on behalf of their bosses, Canada and US, tried to sidetrack the public into thinking they weren’t welcome. We sent out a message inviting the public to join us.

For updates and to donate online, go to the Urgently needed are life jackets and fuel for the boats. Your help is appreciated for food, can goods, general supplies, non-perishable food, flashlights and batteries, lanterns, coal oil lamps, bug spray or zapper and regular toiletries. Please send donations by check or money order to: Akwesasne Womens Fire, 936 Island Rd, Akwesasne ON K6H 5R7

For further information please contact: Rosemarie White 613-933-8784; Veronica Cook; 915-886-0210; Neddy Thompson 613-577-4647; and Nona Benedict 613-938-8145 (h)

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