mnnlogo1MNN. Jan 20, 2014. The following is a legally issued Mohawk Notice released in 2007 and is the law of this land. Everyone is required to read and abide by this notice according to Guswentha/Two Row Agreement. this-is-indian-landAlso, it has come to our attention in this Jesse Ventura video that corporations are violating international law. Nestle is draining the fresh water sources of the Great Lakes of Rotino’sionni:onwe territory. See:  Jesse Ventura. “Great Lakes World Wide Water Conspiracy”.

ship-of-foolsOn August 17, 2007, the Longhouse People of the Mohawk Nation [Haudenosaunee Rotinosionni Onkwehonwe Rotiskenrahkete Kanionkehaka Kanienke] – issued the “Notice of Navigation And Travel Restriction: 

A. With authority under Kaianerehkowa, Supreme Law of the Great Architect of Creation; 

B. Rotiskenrakehte “They who hold the Peace”, inside Kanienke, declare Navigation and Travel Restriction; 

C. Restriction shall start at Twenty-three hundred hours, eighteenth day said August, Two thousand seven until further notice, and shall apply to vessels of any nation or corporation engaging in commerce, commercial intercourse with corporate United States or Canada, from navigation or travel inside or upon navigable water, known to be Kanientarahwanoneh, said Cadaracui River, said Lac Saint-Pierre, said River Saint Laurence, said Gulf Saint Laurence and tributaries, beginning point upon the Earth at Forty-three degrees, fifty-six minutes north latitude and Seventy-six degrees, fifty-one minutes, thirty-five seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Forty-three degrees, fifty minutes, eighteen “seconds north latitude and Seven-six degrees, seventeen minutes, fifty-five seconds west longitude; thence east and north along land and course of navigable water Kanientarahwanoneh, said Saint Lawrence Seaway, to point at Forty-five degrees, fifty-three minutes, thirty-nine seconds north latitude and Fifty-nine degrees, fifty-eight minutes, twenty-one seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Forty-seven degrees, thirty-five minutes, ten seconds north latitude and Fifty-two degrees, forty-one minutes, thirty-one seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Fifty-two degrees, sixteen minutes, twenty seconds north latitude and Fifty-five degrees, thirty-five minutes west longitude.  

D. Air-space within one nautical mile of domicile or abode of Onkwehonwe shall also be restricted from use by government or private contracted security aircraft of said United States and Canada; 

E. For centuries Onkwehonwe and other aboriginal nations upon the Earth have suffered genocide, near total destruction of our Earth, way of life and the continued war of aggression by colonial invaders under de facto Papal authority, said Holy Roman Empire. Crusading British corporations said United Stats, Canada, Australia, France, England and others continue this genocide in pursuit of commerce and presumed Sovereign Dominion Over the Earth;   

F. In Unity with Algonquin People to stop uranium mining by Frontenac Venture Corporation;

G.In Unity with original People attacked and children taken, by British corporation of Australia;

“H. In Unity with original People upon Earth against Globalization, North American Free Trade Agreement and meeting between puppet leaders of the corporations United States, Canada and Mexico at Chateau Montebello on twentieth day of August;

“I. In response to corporations State of New York, United States Bureau of Indian Affairs and Catskill Development LLC, attempts to interfere with Ancient governmental structure of Kanienkehaka and unauthorized negotiations, to deprive of Ancestral Land;

“J. In remembrance of our past struggles and in unity with continued struggle of all original people upon the Earth at Chiapas, Oaxaca, Wayuu People, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kenenhstaton and others against the Vatican’s terrorists;

K. Rotisknrakehte shall exercise and maintain explicit reservation of Right, have Authority to use all force necessary, with necessary means to maintain the Peace and stop the destruction of life on Earth, by this Navigation and Travel Restriction to vessels of any nation or corporation engaging in commerce, commercial intercourse with corporate United States or Canada;

L. Furthermore, Onkwehonwe may take prize of vessel and goods for breaking the Peace by violation of this Restriction;

“M. Rotiskenrakahte ask that the People upon the Earth, take notice of our right to Peace on Earth and unite with us to stop the destruction of Life. Rotiskenrakehte intent is to open eyes of the people of your world, to the War of Genocide pursued against original People upon the Earth;

With Authority under Kaianerehkowa, so be it our Minds.”

Multinational Corporatists returning to the Fatherland!

Multinational Corporatists returning to the “Fatherland”!

As Neil Young points out about Harper and the multinational oil junkies: “I’ve seen the needle and the damage done, a little part of it in everyone. But every junkie’s like a setting sun”. Neil Young. “Needle & the Damage Done”. 

Enbridge Line 9.

“UN Agenda 21”.

Harper’s water law Omnibus Bill Prime Minister Harper’s Water Law Omnibus Bill. 

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