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MNN. Aug. 13, 2014. As holocaust survivors, we Indigenous have many questions about evil. Genocide is deliberate murder of a racial or cultural group. We were murdered until only 3% of us remained in the Western Hemisphere. All of our lands were expropriated and our resources stolen. We have always tried to understand this extreme depravity of hatred. We have the Great Law of Peace to combat evil, to show us the way to stop the senseless killing of people and the destruction of mother earth everywhere. Our duty is to spread the Great Peace and to apply the universal mind of our great Mother Earth. geronimo says

Mercenaries were recruited in Europe, trained on carrying out debased cruelty and murder of innocent people. They carried out the butchery of over 150 million of our people directed by the Vatican. It was a systematic program of annihilation of our existence, just like the current situation is Gaza.

Mass murder was carried out without guilt by what seemed from our perspective like an inhuman species. It was a program of hate to slaughter, deceive, expel and rob their victims of everything. They despised, subjugated and looked down on us. The real reasons are being revealed now. Like psychopaths, they even forgive themselves, rewrite history and forgot all about their crimes like it never happened. [Psychopath: Noun. A person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit anti-social and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts. Also called sociopath.]

The Genocide never stopped.

Rotiskenrakete: “The genocide continues”. 

Mass murderers are schizophrenics. According to Dr. Arnold A. Hutchnecker [American Journal of Psychiatry, Oct. 25, 1972] they know the difference between right and wrong. They are aggressive, vindictive and dishonest. They create situations where they are persecuted. Their victims are pushed until they retaliate. Then they accuse them of being racist and try to get sympathy for themselves. Everyone but themselves is used for their advantage.

A diabolical culture has been formed to justify seeking power by any means. The Palestinians are experiencing the same “settler colonial” strategy that created America. Give all the settlers guns and bullets, and tell them to steal the Indian land they want and the army will back them up. Our inherent indigenous facts and stories have been buried as if we are extinct. The slow-acting poison of schizophrenia has been incorporated into every aspect of the modern story of their existence.

Hollywood romanticizes evil, as mysterious and yet beautiful; dark, yet conflicted. There is always a heart of gold beneath a cold-blooded serial killer. The movie psychopath evokes both disgust and sympathy; war heroes slaughter their enemies ruthlessly, but are loving husbands and fathers. They are portrayed as “two-dimensional” [schizophrenic].

A proven connection exists between psychopathy and membership of secret societies. They sadistically enjoy tormenting and manipulating others. A diagnosed sociopath once said he couldn’t feel anything but pain, sex and anger. He could mimic normal emotions by watching people.  

"Yes, sister. We'll have to keep on struggling till the invaders go."

“Yes, sister. We’ll have to keep on struggling. The war is over when the genocide is over.”

A person must be a psychopath to become a Free Mason, Illuminati, Satanist, who sets out to enslave and destroy humanity. Dr. Henry Markow from U of T stated more than one percent of the population behaves without conscience. Soldiers are trained to carry out the orders of psychopaths. How about the people who vote for psychopaths and fund their war crimes? Or don’t stand up in defiance when they see inhumanity? They are accomplices to these crimes.

Spotting a sociopath: Reason is foreign. Their way is the only way. Truth offends them. They cannot compromise or resolve conflicts. They attack the messenger. They are charming and intelligent and tend to work in leadership positions, such as police, politics, lawyers, teachers, media heads and clergy.

As Malcolm X said: “I’m for truth no matter who tells it. I’m for justice no matter who it’s for or against”.

As Ozzy sings in “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”: “You’ve seen light through distorted eyes. You know you had to learn the execution of your mind. You really had to turn, the race is run … Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. 

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