MNN. Mar. 20, 2013. Rape is a war crime. Pedophilia is rape. Rape is a scientifically developed military strategy to kill the victims and demoralize the people. Rape is one of the spoils of war with no prosecution of rapists. According to the UN it is a crime against humanity. Rape is used worldwide to subjugate the opponents.

Ped getting ready for next kid.

Peds, everyone knows who you are!

Canada used rape to humiliate throughout their encounter with us from the beginning. The Residential school death camps was a continuation of warfare on our children. It was systematic rape and humiliation, to eliminate our culture and traditions, to uproot our society and destroy our morale. 

The Canadian government, Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican and United Church conducted murderous rampages. They killed over 50,000 of our children in their torture dungeons. These men in dresses wearing crosses on their chests conducted serial sexual abuse on children as young as 4 years old. They tried to bring down our normal healthy self-esteem, to turn us into victims on our own land. Evil clerics and ex-soldiers were sent in to commit serial rape on our children for decades and are still protected by the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada.

It's over!

Your secret is out for the world to see!


Our children were victims of medical experiments, sodomy, starvation, floggings and strangulations. They were coerced to kill other children and then bury or burn them out of existence. Kevin White in “Where Eagles Dare to Soar” said that the elite preferred to abuse Indigenous kids because they got a kick out of degrading our naturally healthy attitude about ourselves. 

As evidenced in the film, “We were Children”, based on the true story of two residential school survivors, as part of their war, babies were kidnapped, sodomize and murdered. Today, our children are kidnapped, tortured, drugged and used to create snuff and porn films.We were children Recently over 500 young Indigenous women have disappeared without a trace. Law Enforcement refuses to investigate showing that they are a part of it. 

Our children were sent to judges, police, politicians and professionals to be sexually exploited. Religious clerics, police officers, businessmen, academics, professionals, high level politicians and media icons support the disbursement of child porn. Some, like Tom Flanagan, in Prime Minister Harper’s “inner circle” and expert adviser on Indigenous issues, belong to such organizations as the National Man Boy Love Association. Pedophilia rape is now being publicly discussed by the church as a sexual orientation and normal. They say it’s not harmful to the victims! 

Bankster shareholders planning war rape strategies.

The shareholders of Canada [banksters] will be suitably punished.

Prime Minister Harper apologized and gave some money to the victims. Paying their victims is like going to a brothel and paying for sex. 

The residential school ‘brothel” program was collusion between governments, police and church. Child abductions and suffering of our children and families is a sexual turn-on for these degenerates. Now the job of stealing our children has been diverted to the private Childrens Aid Societies across the country. 

Soon popes, presidents, prime ministers, top judges, police, senators, members of parliament, all levels of clergy and CEOs, along with their accomplices, are going to jail.  

Rape is a military strategy to scare us. The politicians gave the orders. The goal is 100% assimilation, no matter how many deaths. Canadians need to know exactly who and what Canada is.  

We will all walk together on the Red Road to healing.

We will walk together on the Red Road to healing.

The war will be over soon when we charge and arrest the shareholders of the corporation of Canada that committed this evil. We Indigenous will get off the “Colonial Wallow Road” and onto the “Red Road of Healing” by holding the perpetrators’ feet to the fire. Thahoketoteh sings about a House of Healing “There’s so much trouble for our Mother Earth. She gives us everything we need, for very little in return. With the rain comes a cleansing. Come to my house of healing and awake”.

See: We were children. Read:Winnipeg Free Press. 

Why Hitler loved America

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MNN. Mar 3, 2013. Tom Flanagan, a top advisor in Prime Minister Harper’s inner circle, stated, “I got put on the list of the National Man Boy Love Association. I started to get their mailing for a couple of years. That’s as close as I came to child pornography.”!! “What’s wrong with pornography, in the sense that it’s just pictures?” He was relieved of his duties as advisor to the government and major talking head on CBC. Guys like him once ran the residential schools death camps.

The big fish got caught.

The big fish got caught.


Pedophile friendly Flanagan thinks he knows how to target us. He is the chief architect of current assimilation policies of Indigenous people. In his book, “First Nations? Second Thoughts”, he plans out how Indigenous are to become ordinary Canadians, without anything. Everything will be privatized. We will pay taxes to the oligarchs, like everybody else. The final theft of our land, resources and ever-growing Indian trust funds will be absorbed by the oligarchs. 

Harper's "inner circle".

Harper’s secret “inner circle”.

Flanagan forms the right wing Conservative Party mindset that is committed to genocide. This policy is the back bone of the orders carried out by the band and tribal councils and provincial and territorial organizations. These betrayers are a major part of this plan. These corporate Indians have raised little or no objections.  They are the main betrayers among us who are protected by the enemy, well-paid soldiers in our opponent’s army.  

They are harming us. Our ancestors dealt with traitors like this. Those who knowingly work against us and harm us have alienated themselves. They forfeit all birthrights and claims on our nation and territory. The charge is treason. Formerly the penalty was death.  

How long can the betrayers enjoy the material fruits of their betrayal? How do their families feel when they realize that their family member is helping to carry out the genocide?  

Betrayal is breach of trust that we will never accept. Not honoring treaties is betrayal. We have strong feelings of intense indignation, contempt and revenge. We call them snitches, deserters, defectors, sell-outs, who are loyal to the enemy. 

There is no way back. There will be a purge of those who collaborated with the enemy? 

Come here children! its only pictures

Tom Flanagan exposes himself for the vampire that he is. As Jace Everett sang: “I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I know this much is true: I wanna do bad things with you. I wanna real bad things with you.” I wanna do bad things

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MNN. Feb. 28, 2013. Political paranoia is being considered a mental disorder. Those who question everything and especially conspiracy theorists, are considered to suffer from political paranoia. Every social disaster or political movement has its loonies: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. Jim Jones, Duncan Campbell Scott, Steven Harper, Tom Flanagan, Crusty the Clown, Federal Court of Canada, etc. What conditions have to exist before the paranoia is believed? As soon as it appears on mainstream TV or media, everybody believes it. If it’s not, they don’t believe it. Take the test to see if you are paranoid.

"See! The church never did nothin'."

“If you do not read the news, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed.” Mark Twain

1. My blood boils when I see Stephen Harper on the news.

2. I wince when I see the Stars and Strips or the Maple Leaf flag on Indian cars.

3. I cannot listen to Indian radio stations without becoming enraged. The cherry picked opinions of the band and tribal council or their non-native employees make my blood boil.

4. A sign objecting to the casino has been sitting on my lawn for the past 10 years.

5.I avoid speaking my mind because I am afraid I might get called down or get an egg thrown on my car.

6. I don’t believe everything the band and tribal council says is the gospel truth.

Conspiracies, a dime a dozen!

Conspiracies, says who!

7. I believe Homeland Security, CSIS or RCMP may be listening to my phone conversations. So I use an obscure dialect for code, like Mohawk.

8. I am against an individual ownership society.

9. I use traditional herbs to treat all sicknesses, even my political paranoia.

10. I avoid speaking to anyone in authority, even the grocery store cashier.

11. I think that Senator Brasseau, Shawn Atleo [AFN], the Pope, the Queen, the CEO of DeBeers Diamonds, Tom Flanagan are biased. 

The Great Law instructs us to question everything. According to this quiz, It looks like most Mohawks would be considered politically paranoid. The Great Sage Red-X says, “The prescription to this perceived illness is the one mind, Onigonra””. 

Can't get away from it!

As the Kinks sang in Destroyer: “Feeling guilty. Feeling scared. Hidden cameras everywhere. Stop! Hold on. Stay in control. Paranoia, the destroyer”. 

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