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MNN. Dec. 12, 2014. When every corporate band council refuses to take an oath to the Queen, it is the beginning of the end for the British Empire in North America.

Queenie: "On your knees, slave!"

Queenie: “On your knees when you’re talking to me, slave!”

To work for Indian Affairs in Ottawa, I had to “swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”. I wrote “under duress” and signed my name. Our people had been almost exterminated, our property and resources stolen and we live in POW camps. I had no choice in order to get a job and salary.

The oath to a foreign monarch affirms that Canada is a colony of Britain. She is the feudal lord. The soldiers’ oath is a code of moral obligation to her as head of the military and worldwide Free Masonry. They swear an oath to protect the Queen and her heirs and ancestors, the blood line.

The oath is mandatory for any job in any CROWN position and for any salary. It is acquiescence to a foreign autocrat and its Admiralty system of government. If you don’t swear an oath, you will not get a job or any money. Therefore, the INDIANS are starved into submission.

Voluntary oath makes you a subject of the CROWN and all its institutions within the Admiralty system of government, courts, police, legislators. It gives the Privy Council the right to run Canada. If every INDIAN refused to take an oath to the Queen, colonization would be over!

The Assembly of First Nations are willing corporate INDIANS being pressured by the Privy Council, probably out of the 14th floor war room at Indian Affairs. Their public oath to the people is for show. The oath to the Queen is enforceable. Former heads of AFN, Shawn Atleo, Ovid Mercredi and Phil Fontaine, have moved up the corporate ladder like any other colonized subject, through stealth and deception of their own people. They took the money from the feathered economic hit man and are wealthy with off-shore bank accounts, “Think about you and your family. Don’t worry about the people”.

The last “cold winter” is causing more pressure on the corporate INDIANS to “finish the job!” of helping the CROWN to take control of 100% of our unceded land and possessions. They have never wanted to share anything with us. They have only wanted to steal everything off us. including our children. That is what they will pay for!

We Ongwehonwe refuse to be controlled by the corporate councils, the Privy Council and Queen of England. We have the Great Peace, the greatest system on earth, for running a country.

The British Empire will not continue stealing our resources and land. The chiefs and councilors swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth and then try to sign us away. The MOHAWK COUNCIL OF KAHNAWAKE INC., set up under the illegal genocidal Indian Act is finished. We are tearing down the military fence around the POW camps called ‘reserves’. We will stop the killing of our children.

Mick Jagger sings about Queenie for the Ongwehonwe: “I don’t want to read about you when you’re gone. I don’t want to hear about the things you’ve done. I put a filter in my brain, I want to cut out all the pain. I don’t want to hear about you when you’re gone.”


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Eisenhower German Death Caps.











mnnlogoMNN. July 25, 2013. The idle rich don’t get up and earn their keep. Why celebrate the birth of another idle rich [Prince George] who will live off the backs of their subjects in lavish luxury from ill-gotten gains? Since 1704 all Indigenous wealth has been deposited into our account. In 1867 the British Monarch set up the Corporation of Canada to take 60% of the our wealth. 40% continued to go into our trust account over which they declared themselves as trustees. This royal baby smoke screen is meant to help them hang on to our ever growing $350 trillion Indian Trust Fund. A few greedy banking families control this money. Only close inbred relatives and their nominees can benefit from their illicit productivity. The riches of all European countries came out of the theft and murder of Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere. idle rich

The idle rich and their workers came to Great Turtle Island with nothing and stole everything. Their descendents brag, “I inherited so much money. I’ll never have to work”. They live on tax-free dividends and other benefits. This scam entrenches the power of these thugs to live off the fruits of others’ labor, in an extravagant ostentatious manner. This gang of criminals call themselves the royal family!

They set up corporations under the Admiralty Laws of the Seas and illegally put them on Indigenous lands. The new baby represents the perpetuation of this theft and genocide. The subjects celebrate as they hope the scam will continue to benefit them.

The royal babies wave their fifty-dollar ivory rattles at each other. They’re worth millions of dollars of preferred stock. They laugh in their pram, pushed by imported nurses, all the way to the bank.

The famous Hapsburg jaw!

The famous Hapsburg jaw!

To carry on the idle rich game they have to breed carefully. To keep everything they’ve stolen within the family, they’ve been breeding with each other. The British royals are descended from the Hapsburgs and other selected royals. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are first cousins. They are Queen Elizabeth’s grandparents. Her husband, Prince Phillip, a Hapsburg, comes from one of the most inbred families of the lot. He and Queenie are second cousins once removed. They’ve produced all kinds of princesses and princelings who don’t have to work. They get a stipend to live the life of the idle rich. To them a job is a hobby. It’s not in the plain and humble part of labor. We call this kind of reprodduction the “Kentucky Clan”.   

While they inherit the stolen money, they also inherit the legacy of the death and extortion that they benefit from. They orchestrated the biggest holocaust in all humanity, the murder of 150 million Indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere. We were genocided, wronged, raped and robbed. Our environment was destroyed. Royals, our blood is on your ‘royal’ hands. You are accepting responsibility for these evil atrocities. By accepting this you carry on the shameful legacy. You created an insane hierarchical structure of war and greed violating the law of nature. When you inherit your ill-gotten gains and fake titles, you inherit the evil of your ancestors’ exploitation.

Inbreeding can create a lot of confusion, as Willie Nelson sang: I’m my own grandpa/It sounds funny I know/But it really is so/I’m my own grandpa.  

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