MNN. APR. 4, 2013. Canada is the first corporate state that the bankers want to model all other states after for the one world order. Minister of Foreign Affairs, John, Baird is used to the banker-controlled Canadian press, not to answering real questions. He confirmed that Canada is a corporation that depends on money, bribery and lies, as all corporations do. The Foreign Affairs Minister’s job is to deliver the bribe, eg., “Sign this, or vote like this, or you won’t get any money”.

"This press conference is now closed".

“This press conference is now closed”.

Prime Minister Harper runs a corporation that pretends to be a democracy. People are subjects with no say. The banker shareholders decide everything. The Senators’ are the directors that oversee the officers. The Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Finance Minister are the officers. Their job is to maximize profits for the shareholders.  

On March 31, 2013 a press conference was held in Jordan to talk about Syria and trade with Jordan. Baird said there is no tradition of coalition governments in Canada!! The Harper Conservatives with 38% run Parliament counting it as a majority. Harper’s favorite biography was about Josef Stalin, who said, “It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts it”.

Sheik: "Canada's not a country?"

Sheik: “Canada’s not a country?”

Canada is a firm backer of Israel. Should Israel fall, so would Canada and the US. An AD-Dustour reporter asked about Canada being under the rule of the Queen of England. Baird said the Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister, with the approval of the Queen. The Governor General does as he’s told by the Prime Minister. In 2008, Harper almost got a vote of non-confidence over his objection to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the Kyoto Protocol. He said Canada’s economy would collapse. Prime Minister Harper went to the Governor General to dissolve Parliament. A General Election was called. 

An Efranews reporter asked about why Canada pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% at the Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen, while the EU agreed to 20% to 30%. The Jordan Star reporter asked about Canada being the only UN country unwilling to combat Desertification. 

Baird explained Parliament is not involved in international agreements. The Prime Minister and cabinet can sign or ratify or withdraw from international instruments. They can secretly sign any international covenant, convention or treaty. Canada is not a country. It is an off-shore corporation that must generate profits for the shareholders. 

bribeAnother reporter asked about Canada’s refusal to adopt the UN Declaration on a nuclear arms free Middle East. Canada has a double standard by condoning Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons while condemning Iran. Baird said Israel was a democracy, Iran was not. Then a reporter suggested that Canada sounded more like an autocracy than a democracy. Baird mumbled incoherently and shut down the Press Conference. As the Beatles sang” “I need a fix cause I’m goin’ down.  Down to the bits that I’ve left up town. I need a fix  because ‘m goin down.”Happiness is a warm gun

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