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MNN. May 28, 2014. The corporate band council system is part of the Corporation of Canada. The mission of the business is to distribute the poverty amongst our people to accelerate the resource extraction from our territories for their multi national corporations. For our people to regain our inherent power and possessions, the band council has to dissolve the corporate power grid.

Where is that Registrar General's Office to file those band council dissolution papers?

Where is that Registrar General’s Office to file these band council dissolution papers?


Corpo Chiefs are finally trying to stop the theft of our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. 50% of the profit on every rock, tree and natural resource, has gone into our trust funds since the invaders arrived empty handed on our shores. The crown corporation of Canada has carried out genocide and placed us in prisoner of war camps called reserves while stealing all our possessions.

The corporate chiefs can instantly dissolve their band council corporate entity. Gather the forms, fill them out and go in person to the nearest Registrar General to file the articles of dissolution of the band council corporate entity. As soon as the filing is done, go Immediately and withdraw everything and then close that bank account. Each community send an invoice to the Corporation of Canada for your portion of the $950 trillion Indian Trust Fund, “Payable in gold bullion only”.

When Canada refuses to pay the invoice, an action can be started at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

Negotiators: "You can only take what you came with!"

Negotiators: “Visitors! You can only take what you came with!”

The 500-year war of colonialism is almost over. As Chief Justice Murray Sinclair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission states in his TRC communiqués: the mandate of TRC is to find the truth and develop a reconciliation strategy. They have no mandate to charge the crown.

They can’t because all courts in Canada are Admiralty controlled through the Vatican, which is the crown.

Charges can be filed for breach of trust and genocide against the crown corporation of Canada at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague. This is not a crown/Vatican controlled Admiralty Court.

Plant more crops because we are going to have a bad winter. Nothing can be worse than our ancestors’ brutal experiences only two generations ago at the hands of these merciless invaders.

The war is almost over. One more cold winter. As Vera Lynn sings, “We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day. Keep smiling through, just like you always do. Til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away”.

Corpo Chiefs kill education bill.

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MNN. May 27, 2014. When the men are ready for battle with an enemy that refuses to accept the Great Peace which is the law of the land, they shall choose one of the War Chiefs to lead them into battle.

Before the battle!

Before the battle!

He shall gather the men [tehonteriioseras] and sing the War Song:

Now I am surprised and there I shall use it. The power of my War Song. I am of the Five Nations and I shall make an appeal to Creation. Creation has furnished this army. My Warriors shall be mighty in the strength of Creation. Between Creation and my Song they are, for from her came the Song. This War Song that I sing. Wampum 81.

In the war expedition, they shall sing the War Song as they approach the enemy. They shall not cease until they are near the enemy lines.  Wampum 82.

After a request for peace is made three times, and peace is not accepted, the War Chief shall drop a bunch of black shells and then quickly club the offending chief[s] to death. War shall be declared. War must continue until the Iroquois win.

When an enemy is defeated because it refuses to accept the Great Peace, all their rights, property and territory comes under the trusteeship of the Iroquois.

After the battle all weapons of war are taken from the enemy. The enemy shall observe all the rules of the law of the land, Kaianerekowa, for all time to come. Wampum 84.

All wars must cease, if necessary by wars! The Kanionkehaka fight until the war is won!

Herkimer beat the French in another war they wished they'd won!

Herkimer beat the French in another war they wished they’d won!

The Wyandot [Huron] did not want to follow the Great Peace anymore. They chose war and allied with France. The last time the Mohawks dropped the black wampum was in 1645 on the errant Wyandot chiefs. They refused to grab the black wampum before it hit the ground. Iroquois invaded Ontario with 10,000 warriors. The Huron were in their own homeland with 30,000 warriors. By 1649 they were done. Mohawk defeated them in everyone of their communities in Ontario. They were driven out of Ontario in the east to Quebec and in the west to Wisconsin where they still reside to this day. We continued to fight the French until they sued for peace. The Great Peace of Montreal happened on June 25, 1701. The French never beat the Iroquois in any battle in the whole 92 year war.

After a war, the enemies shall become friends. Peace shall be restored.  Wampum 87.

Every man and woman are of one mind on war to bring peace.

Every man and woman are of one mind on war to bring peace.

The Great Peace shall be carried out in a mutual council of men and women. The Women appoint the Warriors, declare war, negotiate peace and mediate disputes.

Ozzie describes the horror of war if the black wampum is not grabbed before it hits the ground: “In the fields, the bodies burning. As the war machine keeps turning. Death and hatred to mankind, poisoning their brainwashed minds.” War Pigs.

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