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MNN. May 28, 2014. The corporate band council system is part of the Corporation of Canada. The mission of the business is to distribute the poverty amongst our people to accelerate the resource extraction from our territories for their multi national corporations. For our people to regain our inherent power and possessions, the band council has to dissolve the corporate power grid.

Where is that Registrar General's Office to file those band council dissolution papers?

Where is that Registrar General’s Office to file these band council dissolution papers?


Corpo Chiefs are finally trying to stop the theft of our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. 50% of the profit on every rock, tree and natural resource, has gone into our trust funds since the invaders arrived empty handed on our shores. The crown corporation of Canada has carried out genocide and placed us in prisoner of war camps called reserves while stealing all our possessions.

The corporate chiefs can instantly dissolve their band council corporate entity. Gather the forms, fill them out and go in person to the nearest Registrar General to file the articles of dissolution of the band council corporate entity. As soon as the filing is done, go Immediately and withdraw everything and then close that bank account. Each community send an invoice to the Corporation of Canada for your portion of the $950 trillion Indian Trust Fund, “Payable in gold bullion only”.

When Canada refuses to pay the invoice, an action can be started at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

Negotiators: "You can only take what you came with!"

Negotiators: “Visitors! You can only take what you came with!”

The 500-year war of colonialism is almost over. As Chief Justice Murray Sinclair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission states in his TRC communiqués: the mandate of TRC is to find the truth and develop a reconciliation strategy. They have no mandate to charge the crown.

They can’t because all courts in Canada are Admiralty controlled through the Vatican, which is the crown.

Charges can be filed for breach of trust and genocide against the crown corporation of Canada at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague. This is not a crown/Vatican controlled Admiralty Court.

Plant more crops because we are going to have a bad winter. Nothing can be worse than our ancestors’ brutal experiences only two generations ago at the hands of these merciless invaders.

The war is almost over. One more cold winter. As Vera Lynn sings, “We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day. Keep smiling through, just like you always do. Til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away”.

Corpo Chiefs kill education bill.

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MNN. APR. 24, 2014. Our representation is based on the law of the land, the constitution of the Rotino’shonni:onwe, known as the Great Law of Peace. On May 18, 1997 over 100 of us were peacefully having a traditional tobacco burning ceremony in Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy. At 3.00 pm almost 200 specially trained New York State Troopers viciously attacked us. Many of us were severely injured, hospitalized and others were jailed.

New York State Troopers attack women, children, babies, men at Onondaga on May 18, 1997.

New York State Troopers attack women, children, babies, men at Onondaga on May 18, 1997.

Lawyers saw this unprovoked attack on the news. They came running to represent us pro bono, among them Terrance Hoffman of Syracuse and Morvillo Abramowitz of New York City. No agreement was ever made to pay Hoffman who offered to represent 52 plaintiffs. They all thought it was a “slam dunk”. 17 years have passed. Some of the plaintiffs accepted New York State’s offer to take money and not pursue a trial. Others refused and want the criminals tried. It must now proceed.

Terrance Hoffmann is dropping some of us for having an “unabashed political agenda”!! NYS exercised its political agenda by trying to beat us into submission and getting away with it. He is asking for an order for payment of his fees for the last 16 years!

Judge Lowe: "Now kids, if the trial proceeds, you might get $1."

Judge Lowe: “Now kids, if the trial proceeds, you might get $1.”

In April 2008 Judge George Lowe at a closed hearing found compelling evidence that the police should be found guilty and we would win if it went to trial. He advised New York State to push for a settlement. Our ambulance chasing lawyer is filing a motion to drop some of us. He wants a divorce for “irreconcilable differences” and an “utter breakdown of our relationship”! Undue pressure is being put on us to settle so the lawyers can profit from the settlement at our expense. The cops and NYS will try to get away with criminality. We have until May 19 2014 to file our side with Magistrate Therese Wiley Dancks at US District Court.

Hoffman’s legalese wants his reasons to be kept secret. He’s still our lawyer and advises us to find someone else or represent ourselves [pro se].

Maj. Wiley Dancks: "Too bad some of those Onondagas won't listen to anyon!"

Mag. Wiley Dancks: “Too bad some of those Onondagas won’t listen to anyone!”

At the October 16, 2013 meeting in Syracuse attended by almost 100 of our people, Dancks, Hoffman and Lowe directed threats at us if we turn down the settlement. Lowe talked at us disrespectfully, like kindergarten children. He represents the best interests of parties that were not there whose reputation and authority were at stake. Throughout Hoffman rarely gave us information. We want the criminals to be accountable. Hoffman never discussed trial strategies. The lawyers ran the show and wanted us to agree with them. All these years our people were never allowed to sit together to talk about our case. This motion confirms our suspicion. The conflict of interest was on their part, looking out for their own interests, not ours. We were made to think we had no right to refuse the NYS offer or change our mind. We have not abandoned our claim.

Hoffman & Hoffman Inc.

Hoffman & Hoffman Inc.

Hoffman is what we call “Te’hari’wa’kwen:ton”, meaning his thinking is flat, on the ground, dead, without life. Lawyers are not supposed to turn against their clients. There is no way we can get a fair trial in the Admiralty [Vatican] court. Presently the Wampum Belts found in Russia opens the way for a fair and impartial hearing in the International Court of Arbitration.

To find out what’s going on contact: Terrance J. Hoffman, 4629 Onondaga Boulevard, Syracuse NY 13219-3390, [315] 471-4107 Fax [305] 471-6701; and Magistrate Therese Wiley Dancks at US District Court, 100 South Clinton St., P.O. Box 7367, Syracuse N 13261-7367; Judge George H. Lowe, Of Counsel,, Syracuse, NY, (315) 218-8540, (315) 218-8100 fax.

Case Re: U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York, Civil Action No.: 98-CV – 374 [FJS][MWD]. Andrew Jones, et al vs. Parmley, et al.

Interview on Voice of Russia on NYS Court Case, Part 1.  Tekarontake: “We will never get justice in US Courts”.   Part 2.

See Youtube: NYS Troopers beating at Onondaga.

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