MNN. Apr. 17, 2013. Canary in the coal mine is about caged canaries that miners carry down into the tunnels. If dangerous gases leak into the mine, the canary dies, giving the miners time to escape to safety. The public turned away when they saw the Indigenous genocide program of rape, abuse, denial of human rights, suicide, third world living conditions and internment camps. The government paid bounties for our deaths and made their businessmen rich. You are complicit by turning a blind eye. Nothing was done for us. Now you are not seeing the bankers marching you into the mineshaft to your death.

Boss: "He's just sleeping.

Boss: “He’s just sleeping. Now get down there and make me money.”


People, its your turn. They are coming for you in your homes, where you work and in your bed. Today your corporate master is killing, water boarding and torturing you, to get you use to the dire hopeless future and living conditions that awaits you. You even celebrate the birthdays of your genocidal maniacs,( ie. Columbus, Lincoln, etc.)  Policies like the Patriot Act to destroy your freedom are being accepted. Prisoners are being taken for extermination in war. Children are being publicly killed or abused while you look on and your extolled religious and political leaders direct the program.

False flags point fingers at created enemies. The blood of women, children and elders is being publicly splattered in foreign countries without any remorse. Now it’s come to your neighborhood. You will be mutilated while you call your leaders righteous for doing it. in 1890 over 300 Lakota men, women and children were gunned down. Medals of honor were given to the cavalry murderers. FEMA 

The masses will be dispersed. Your women will be sterilized. You are already living in urban internment camps as the police state is set in place. Your identity will be destroyed. You are already identified by your number. You are slaves that do the bidding of your maniacal leaders. 25% of you will die of disease and broken minds. Every aspect of your lives will be run by third party managers. You will walk around with a cross around your neck and draped in a US flag, ready to be “raped” for your own good.

“It’s all your own fault” that you have alcoholism, gangs and death. “You should have done what you were told”, the wardens say. “You aren’t passing GO or collecting $200. You’re going straight to jail!, the FEMA camps!”  When the poor sick beggars came from Europe, we fed and cared for you and taught you how to live here. You were sick with fear because you were abused at home and then abused us. We are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. Ignore us at your own peril! You will become like sitting ducks at a target shoot. As Loretta Lynn tries to reassure us in Coal miner’s daughter: “We were poor but we had love. that’s one thing daddy made sure of. He shoveled coal to make a poor man’s dollar… “. He didn’t pay attention to the canaries.

A good day!

The Canary Effect

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MNN. Apr 17, 2013. “False flag” is a covert military operation designed to impose extreme fear amongst the population so it appears they are being attacked by other entities, groups or nations. In naval warfare a flag was put upon the ship, hence the name false flag operation. In the recent past all major wars have been started with false flags [eg. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, etc.]

Mohawks always know what to do.

Americans: “Mohawks always know what to do!”

The first modern false flag was the American Revolution. Coincidentally, it started in 1775 in Boston Habor when the Free Masons dressed up like Mohawks, boarded a British ship and emptied all of the tea into the harbor. They stated they would rather throw the tea away than pay the king’s tax. They pretended to be Mohawks so as not to pay the taxes. Nothing changes!boston harbor

Both George Washington and the British commander Cornwallis met and planned the subsequent skirmishes in the Masonic Lodges throughout the colonies. In 1775 from that incident at Boston Harbor known as the “Boston Tea Party” George Washington and his ragtag army began the first major skirmish called the “Battle of Bunker Hill” on the north side of Boston Harbor. 2,400 British troops drove out 1,500 Americans.

There were skirmishes between 1776 and 1778. In 1779 the true reason for the American Revolution was revealed. Maj. Gen. John Sullivan marched through Seneca and Cayuga country to the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy at Onondaga with 12,800 heavily armed men. They chopped down the Tree of Peace and tried to put out the fire that symbolized the peace. The real reason was to turn the law of the land, our constitution of peace, into the “law of war’ US Constitution.

Washington:" Cornwallis, the Iroquois don't know we work together".

Washington:” Cornwallis, the Iroquois know we are workng together”.

The British parked their ships at Quebec City while the Americans did their dirty deed for them.

The law of peace tied all the Indigenous nations across Great Turtle Island together. Soon the Mohawk, with all the other Indigenous nation on Onowaregeh, will fulfill our destiny by standing up the tree of peace and eliminate the war problem. As Bruce Springsteen penned on how a population is deceived “blinded by the light, cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night. Blinded by the Light”.

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Tree of Peace will be stood up soon by us for all people of Great Turtle Island.

Tree of Peace will be stood up soon by us, for all people of Great Turtle Island.