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MNN. Jan. 21, 2015. The beautiful words of Hazel Hill describing her husband Dick. He was a hero to us all.


dick hill


Your strength was like a mountain
Both physical and spiritual the same
Your mind as brilliant as the sunrise
New challenges welcomed as each day came

Your spirit was unshakeable
Yet gentle as a breeze
You could tackle any problem
And handle it with ease

You stood strong upon your principles
Your mind once set was like a trap
For those who dared to challenge you
Your words stung like they’d been slapped

You didn’t dress in fancy clothes
Or parade in feathers & fanfare
You didn’t wait for photo ops
All that attention you didn’t care

You did your job you didn’t ask
To be told there was no need
You simply stood upon the Law
And others followed by your lead

Your name was known across the homelands
Each territory knew just who to call
Whenever the Crown would attempt to reign
You’d lead charge and say f**k em all!

There were those that didn’t like you
Others feared what they could see
But they all learned to respect you
Cause they knew you would succeed

You didn’t tolerate bullshit
Nor ego driven fools
You’d pointedly put them in their place
Playing only by your own rules

It didn’t matter what title they wore
Nor what commandeering rank
You pulled no punches and spoke your mind
Your message always clear & frank

You didn’t take kindly to two faces
Or people with no mind of their own
Who only repeated what others said
And cowered when truth be shown

There were those who thought you arrogant
Others admired your carefree ways
But everyone knew when your truck pulled in
The OPPressors had numbered days

From Ganienkeh to Kanesetake
From Gilkison to the Glebe
There was the sewer line in Brantford
And many others in between

You helped shut down the thruway
That crossed over Seneca lands
From Tyendinaga to Akwesasne
You were always willing to lend a hand

From Eagles Nest to Ipperwash
You brought the truth out from the dark
Delivering the map that proved the burial grounds
While Harris cried “I want the F**kin Indians out of the Park”

You worked tirelessly at Kanonhstaton
Keeping the Peace by whatever means
Took A.R.T. and M.E.L.T. & showed the truth
So they quickly dissolved those teams

You stopped construction of the city lines
At Erie Ave & Birketts Lane
No friendship swayed you stood your ground
Hoping others would do the same

There was never any question
It was your duty to give support
You said to hell with Crown jurisdiction
And scoffed at injunctions from the courts

You fought hard and always did your best
To uphold the Law and never bend
Fighting for the land and the people
A true warrior till the very end

A sword and a shield together
Bound together under Creators Law
No earthly man could break the bond
We stood strong throughout it all

A year ago He called you home
Your spirit’s dancing now it’s free
I will always love and miss you Hon
& You will always be a HERO to me

Written in loving memory for the man who captured my heart, and whose love and memory is my keepsake that I will hold in my heart forever~ my husband, my soul mate ~ Richard (Dick) Hill.

A True Warrior is not measured by the outcome of war, but at having the Courage to have gone in to battle.

Always & Forever
January 21, 2015

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THE POWER AND THE PEACE IS IN THE PEOPLEMNN. May 27th 2006. During the past 88 days of Six Nations activism to reclaim our land near Caledonia, we have received thousands of emails and calls from people all over the world. There were days when we just could not answer them. The support and ideas that we’ve received have been tremendously gratifying and helpful. We thank you all. Without this solidarity from natives and non-natives, the Ontario Provincial Police would have had their way. Blood would have been spilt. Never mind the return of our land, though we are still waiting on that one.

This solidarity that we are experiencing between natives and non-native people is a revival. The British promised to protect the Six Nations on the Haldimand Tract that our people are defending began with this solidarity. The Six Nations were allies of the British. It was this alliance that lead to the formation of modern Canada. Because of this alliance we were pushed out of the Mohawk Valley in what is now New York State where our people had lived since the beginning of time. The Mohawks were valiant allies of the British during the American Revolution. Mohawks have always been on the front line every time Britain needed defending – in the Battle of Queenston Heights 1812, in World I and World War II and other actions. The Haldimand Tract is on traditional Rotino’shon:ni/Iroquois territory. The tract was guaranteed to the Mohawks in 1784. The Six Nations have always been willing to put ourselves on the line for our Canadian allies. It is gratifying to see that the majority of people support this alliance and are willing to stand up for us.

Our tradition has been to work together. Unfortunately, the Canadian government, particularly Indian Affairs, was taken over by people who did not want us to work together. They wanted to be boss, kings of the castle. So they betrayed us and the Canadian people. Instead of treating us honorably like allies, they abused us. They stole our land, stole our resources and schemed to kill us off. They pretended that we were children who could not look after ourselves. They depleted our trust funds with illegal investments in flaky financial schemes run by their friends.

Instead of treating us like allies, they pretended that we were British subjects. You may wonder why we did not protest over our lack of rights in Canada. That’s because we aren’t Canadians. We were minding our own business. We organized everything on our territory and paid for it ourselves.

We thought the problem was just the people in Indian Affairs and that our relationship with the Queen remained on an honorable footing. We were wrong.

The original Haldimand promise was that there was to be no encroachment ever. In the end the Canadian government, not the Canadian people, was the source of our beef.

Ontario, and the rest of Canada for that matter, is intent on diminishing Indigenous land holdings not only on the Haldimand Tract but everywhere. It is being diminished through outright theft. The aim of not giving one inch of land back is not for the benefit of the people of Ontario. It’s to support the business interests that are intent on exploiting our resources with no regard to the environment or the present and future generations of the people who must live on it. It is the billionaires who really run the governments. Welcome to the pretend democracy of Canada.

We now assume stewardship over our illegally occupied lands. Until now we have invested a lot of resources into historical and legal research and actions for the last 200 years. Anytime the facts were put on the table Canadian officials were shown to have mismanaged Canada and mistreated Indigenous people. We’ve borne the brunt of it. It is over now! This rot also affects the Canadian people. They do not have a government that looks out for them and the future generations. That’s the heart of the problem.

What is government and what are their functions? Is it a vehicle that allows a few greedy individuals to live parasitic lives off the work and possessions of others? Or should government bring people together so that we can put our minds together, solve problems and make a better life for everyone? The basic rift is between our Indigenous philosophy coming from our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law, and the philosophy of the people running the government. We’ve learned in dealing with the Canadian government that the Canadian government does not represent the Canadian people.

We never lost jurisdiction over our ancestral lands. We’ve had a deep sense of betrayal and anger over our horrific historic experience with the colonizers. Would giving us back our illegally occupied land be ”too disruptive” to the parasites lodged in the Canadian government? Never mind that the government allowed and encouraged its own citizens to encroach on our land and gained private and institutional land titles in violation of the laws. They let Americans come up and take our land too! It’s all part of their 100 year plan to get rid of the “Indian problem” as described by that complete maniac, Duncan Campbell Scott of Indian Affairs. A lot of the early settlers on our land were Americans who had taken part in pushing us off our land in the Mohawk Valley. They came up here and liked what they saw here too and began squatting!

It’s also interesting that a large percentage of Canadians consider that we got robbed and that we deserve our territories free of colonial jurisdiction. In the Six Nations issue the public in Canada, the United States and worldwide have given us strong support. We hope, for the sake of Mother Earth, it is because many in Canada realize how important our philosophy of caring for the land is?

Unless, of course, we are in the way of corporate “progress”, that is, exploitation of our lands and resources by a few foreign based interests who operate through corporations. They operate with no obligations to anyone but themselves and no concern for the people, native and non-native. We are all just pawns in their schemes. The way to overcome all this is to assert our title to Turtle Island and to turn it back to its proper role as a “cornucopia” for the people.

Even though there is wide support for us, there is tremendous opposition by the corporate interests which function through the governmental quagmire. They put pressure on any of their institutions that could give us justice. These interests manage to brainwash and manipulate their “flag-waving” super nationalists to make a lot of noise in the media and to attack us. This is what happened at the “Bread and Cheese Fight” in Caledonia on May 22nd 2006 when government instigated rioters came and tried to attack us. But the general public isn’t buying it.

The main anti-Indian argument to stop Indigenous jurisdiction from being asserted is because they don’t want us to grow, expand and become independent. Why do they think that expanded Indigenous jurisdictions would be disruptive? Would it be a problem if Indian affairs would no longer be getting a cut? They’d have to take their feet off their desks and do a day’s work. Are they afraid that it would be environmentally and economically stimulating and rewarding not just for us but for everyone else?

We all need to take a unified approach, native and non-native. We are all being abused. We need to work together. But we need to be wary of those who try to shut us up in the name of unity. We need to respect our laws and adhere to the original arrangements that were made between us. Let us assert our jurisdiction. Don’t keep us mired in legalistic strategies which take up our time and money. We need to be free from the shackles of useless diversions.

Maybe what’s needed is a massive “Condolence Ceremony” in which we wipe our eyes with a soft leather so that we can see clearly and have a good look at the issues; then we need to take an eagle feather to clean out our ears so that we can hear each other; and then we need to drink a glass of water so that we can speak truthfully and as clearly as the purest water. Sometimes the solutions to difficult problems are simple. Sometimes all that’s needed is to show respect.

In the end, there’s no need to give us back the Henco Industries land. It’s ours already. It always was. All Ontario needs to do is to respect that. We need to assert the legal government-to-government relationship. We do have broad support from the public to do this. We must bring out the truth. We must stop Canada from continuing to live in sin? Grow up Canada! Colonialism is over! We’re never going back!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh




MNN .?KAHEHTI:IO?, one of the young men jailed by the OPP yesterday morning for being on the Six Nation Nations land, remains in jail. Following the precedent set by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Kahehti:io is being kept in jail for refusing to give any other name except the one he has. It means ?he plants a good garden?. They are asking him for a colonial name does not have. He refuses to be fingerprinted and photographed. He is a young skinny kid who was beaten up by 4 OPP officers. He asked for me, Kahentinetha, to come and take him into my care. I would have to assure them he will be a good boy, without mentioning that I think he has been a wonderful boy so far!

AKWESASNE ROTISKENRAKETE, the men of the longhouse are handing out information on the International Bridge between New York State and Cornwall. They have a duty to protect the land which is held by the Women Title Holders. The decision of the people was for these men to express our outrage at what is happening to our brothers and sisters at Six Nations.


They?re behaving like little kids marching around the kitchen banging on pots and pans. You know how Canada re-enacts old wars, like the Plains of Abraham, Louisburg and other monuments of the colonial past. The fife and drum set clowns around with old flintlock guns just for fun. You can get you photo taken on that guillotine thing. They sure took this seriously, didn?t they? They?re still playing their baby games, but they?ve got serious artillery in their hands.

12:10 PM There are now between 2,500 and 3,000 OPP and RCMP in a perimeter around the people about 1 mile away. There is 50 sq. mi. squared off.

How to get there: From Niagara Falls and Toronto, take Highway 6 straight south from Hamilton to Caledonia. From Buffalo take Highway 3 west to Highway 6 and north on Highway 6 to Caledonia. From Windsor take Higway 3 East to Highway 6 and go north. These are back ways.

10:30 am. On Site

Most of the scouting is being done by the native women, doing groceries, laundry, happen to be driving around window shopping. At the nearby subdivision is the RCMP staging area where they have 20 vehicles parked. Personnel around throughout the area. The military staging area is at the John Munro International Airport in Hamilton Ontario, 12 miles from Caledonia. Unity Road is just north of Caledonia which is closed off. This is the staging area for the OPP. Ambulances and buses all around. Onsight surveillance indicates that the OPP have upgraded from ?riot gear? to ?tactical gar? which is bullet proof vests, keeping their weapons nearby. One of the concerns of the Indians is that negotiations with band council and the Confederacy chief will be used by Ontario and Canada as a diversionary tactic to distract the people, calm everybody down. As soon as we relax, they will attack. This is what they did last week.


The Canadian government wants to send us a message that if we ever again lift our heads and demand our rights, they and their goons are coming after us with overwhelming military force. They want to show us they are the conquerors and we are the conquered. They want to tell us we have no rights and, even though we are in the right, they are taking our land and resources away from us anyway. They have never had a public hearing to look at the evidence of the Six Nations. They tell us, ?You can?t do anything about it. Too too bad for you?. With all their ambulances parked up front, it seems obvious they are out to make another Tianamen Square right in the middle of rural Ontario. They may even come in and bulldoze our houses and put non-native subdivisions on our lands. All Indian communities across Canada can be overwhelmed and bulldozed for developers from all over the world. They are being welcomed to come and take over stolen Indian land. The Canadian government institutions are protecting them. Do the Canadian people want this? I don?t think so. We know about this old strategy. Soon, if we look at them the wrong way we might be eliminated one way or another. Canada is sanctioning this process. In the Six Nations case, neither Canada nor Ontario take responsibility. Is it the police?s? All these public enquiries into police behaviour show is how police can hide the abuse and murders of Indians and how to cover up their crimes efficiently.

9:10 am

Need more people. The Coalition in Support of Indigenous Sovereignty stated that the presence of 1000 OPP was confirmed by CHCH TV news this morning. RCMP are using the Hamilton Airport as a staging ground.

Behind Canadian Tires on Kinross St. Caledonia, there were 18 ? 11 passenger vans, great big ones. They are full OPP officers. One seen with gun on passenger side. There were some standing behind the vans. Couldn?t tell what they were doing.

From Marlene: ?Yesterday at night at Radio Canada (CBC in french), at the end of 6:00 pm news they invited a rights specialist, and he told what happens now was highly predictable due to Canada’s mistakes on the matter of territories and that your claims might be justificated (welll….it is still CBC, they won’t accept to say you guys are totally right!). Not surprisingly though, the only coverage of the event shows images of haudenasaunee flags and tires burning, nothing about police violence. This media manipulation is sickening?.

7:30 FRIDAY APRIL 21, 2006


Twenty RCMP vans arrived loaded with Mounties and weapons arrived. Ambulances nearby. Need people right now! Phone working sporadically. Need alternative communications. Need people to stand with us with cameras, eyes and ears. Contact everybody you can to get the word out. Need some medical personnel to help in case of injury.

OPP and it is believed the Canadian Army are coming in too at Hamilton airport at 9:30 am.

5:20 AM Friday April 21, 2006


Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Allies,

We need information about the moves being made against us, solidarity, witnesses to stand with us, alternative communication systems, cameras, food, medicine, runners, people to apply pressure on the Prime Minister, Parliament, Premier of Ontario, Governor General, etc. Addresses and phone numbers are further down this email, contact with and information to media to get the word out, supporters outside of Canada to put pressure on governments, United Nations, protests?. and whatever you can think of to help us prevent bloodshed, imprisonment, persecution.

As happened at Oka they cut off our communication with the outside world. They seem to have already done that at Six Nations. We need reports, to ensure safety if someone gets hurt.

We have learned 1000 OPP have been brought in nearby and WE received the following email:

C wrote:

I wanted to pass on information I heard from an employee who works at the Hamilton Airport. Apparently at 9:30am tomorrow the military will arrive there and begin using the airport as a staging area.

in solidarity,

Thanks, C. What other info do you have? Anything at all. Whatever. Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News

Thanks to our Canadian supporters who do NOT want to live under a military dictatorship. Yesterday Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in Montreal. Mulroney was the Prime Minister during the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990. One day after his visit with US President George Bush, he came back to Canada and ordered the army to attack us for defending our ancestral ceremonial site and burial grounds. We were under siege for 78 days. It?s really sad to see that Canadian leaders have learned nothing. If Prime Minister Harper is using the Mulroney blueprint, he?s headed for disaster. Look at the botch up that guy made in 1990. If he?s listening to George Bush, we?re all in trouble.

We need negotiation, consent and peaceful coexistence. The Six Nations grievances are deeply rooted, complex and well documented, going back centuries.

Six Nation Contact: Dick Hill 519-865-7722, 519-445-1351; Hazel 519-717-4292, 519-445-0719; Jacquline House 905-765-9316; th***********; Ja**************@ho*****.com

Send or phone messages to stop this lunacy:
Premier of Ontario, PHONE: (416) 325-1941 FAX: (416) 325-3745 email: da*************@pr*****.ca (cc: mk**********@li*****.org)

ONTARIO RCMP Headquarters 130 Dufferin Ave PO Box 3240 Station B London, ON N6A 4K3
Telephone: 519-640-7267
Hamilton/Niagara Reg Det, STN Main BOX 487,Hamilton L8N 3H8 (905)572-2401
Kingston Det 1000 Gardiners RD 3RD FLR Kingston K7P 3C4 (613)384-7201
Kitchener Det 17 Executive Place Kitchener N2P 2V3 (519) 896-3542
London Det 451 Talbot ST 8TH FLR London N6A 5C9 (519) 645-4329
Sault Ste Marie Det 22 Bay ST Sault Ste Marie P6A 5S2 (705) 941-7267
Sudbury Det 1310 Sparks ST Sudbury P3A 2C8 (705) 671-0645
Thunder Bay Det 21 Archibald ST N Thunder Bay P7C 3Y3 (807)623-2791
Toronto East Det 415 Baseline RD W BOX 1500 Bowmanville L1C 4V7 (905)697-6000
Toronto West Det 2755 Highpoint Drive Milton L9T 5E8 (905) 876-9500
Toronto Lester B Pearson Airport Det 255 Atwell DR Etobicoke M9W 7G2 (905) 405-3750
Toronto North Det 345 Harry Walker PKY S Newmarket L3Y 8P6 (905) 953-7267
Windsor Det 6080 Riverside DR E Windsor N8S 1B6 (519) 948-5287

ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE Haldimand County O.P.P. (6C01) P.O. Box 148 72 Hwy. # 54
Cayuga, Ontario N0A 1E0 Phone 905-772-3322 Fax 905-772-5815 Dispatch Office: 1-888-310-1122 Primary Contact Brian Haggith, Inspector Alternate Contact Pat Colley, Staff Sergeant

CANADA GENERAL ATTORNEY we******@ju*****.ca
Department of Justice Canada 284 Wellington Street

Send emails to stop this insanity to: Prime Minister Stephen Harper **; Attorney General Ontario; Henco Industries Ltd., 128 Highland Blvd. Caledonia Ontario. N3W 2P1; Brant County Community Development: Fax (519) 442-3461; to cities on our land – City of Brantford: Fax (519) 759-7840 E-mail: mh******@br*******.ca; Corporation of Haldimand County: Fax (905) 772-2148 E-mail: ma***@ha*************.ca; Oxford County: E-mail: in**@ci**.ca; Onondaga: Customer Service Fax (519) 758-1619; South Dumfries: Customer Service Fax (519) 448-3105; Dufferin County: Fax (519) 941-2816 E-mail: wa****@du************.ca; Kent County, Michigan: Mike Cox, Attorney General Fax: (517) 373-3042; Waterloo: E-mail: sk**@re****.ca; Innisfil: bj******@ba****.ca; Attorney General: Fax (416) 326-4007 Media Relations E-Mail: Br*************@ju*.ca; Governor General: Michaelle Jean Fax (613) 998-1664 E-mail: in**; Chinese Consulate in Toronto Fax: (416) 324-6468; OPP Brantford 519-756-7050; Hamilton 905-572-2401; Jim Potts OPP liaison 613-795-3907; RCMP London 519-640-7267; Dalton McGuinty, Premier. Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto ON M7A 1A1, Attorney General of Canada; Attorney General of Ontario; Department of Indian Affairs;

poster: Thahoketoteh