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MNN. May 17, 2014. When the Assembly of First Nations Inc. dissolves, the corporation of Canada dissolves! The band and tribal councils are a major part of the corporation of Canada grid. Their main job is to help Canada carry out the genocide program and sign away our land and resources. They present a fake democratic front pretending to represent us.

One day we will learn that brutal visitors came and then all left!

Some day brutal visitors will invade us. They will refuse to live by the Great Peace and will leave.  


The current conflict within AFN Inc. is between those who want to sign away our ever growing $950 trillion Indian Trust Fund and to authorize the extraction of our resources by their puppeteers. The others want independence, freedom and to live by the law of the land. Once these “chiefs” step down, the corporate grid will disappear. Canada cannot continue the fraud of using our land and resources as collateral to raise money on the stock exchanges.

We refuse to beg for our own funds from Canada Inc. We will stand together to fight our common enemy. Canada is trying to keep control by bringing forward a back up sub-corporate entity of AFN named the ‘Confederacy of First Nations’. Both are one in the same and will dissolve with the Corporation of Canada. Canada Inc. is panicking and trying to create conflict and confusion between various corporate “Indians”.

Fleeing Babylon!

Fleeing Babylon!

The chiefs will take the moral, legal and high ground by stepping down and joining the true natural people of Great Turtle Island. It’s over for AFN Inc. and Canada Inc. The true Ongwehonwe will assert our sovereignty.

New World Son warns: “This world is just an illusion. Yes, it is. Oh Yeah. Babylon is gonna fall, is coming down!”  New World Son. Babylon is gonna fall”.

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