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MNN. May 21 2014.Rotiyaner enhatinotonko ne katstenhowanen”. When the people assemble to hold any meeting to discuss issues regarding the community, the Rotiyaner shall open it. Gratitude and greetings are extended to our cousin statesmen and everyone. Thanks is offered to our Mother Earth, to the streams of water, the pools and the lakes, the maize and the fruits, to the medicinal herbs and trees, to the forest trees for their usefulness, and to the animals that serve as food and give their pelts for clothing, to the great winds and the lesser winds, to the thunderers; to the Sun, the mighty warrior, to the moon; to the messengers of Creation who reveals their wishes and gives all things useful to people, and who is the source of health and life. Wampum 7.

Jikohnsseh, Mother of Nations, listens to people setting up their Women, Mens and Peoples Councils.

Jikohnsseh helps people set up their Women Councils in each community from where true peoples’ power is exercised. 

The children and the land they are born on are the responsibility of the Women’s Council. The Men’s Councils ensures that interaction between the communities is according to the Great Peace, Kaianerekowa.

In the Mohawk decision-making example, there are three clans. All matters whether brought forward by an individual or council or war chief are discussed in a three clan process. The Turtle Clan mother withdraws it from the Well and discusses it first with her clan. Each person has a duty to discuss the issue. If they become of one mind, they pass it over to the Wolf Clan Mother who discusses how it went into the Well, how the Turtle Clan saw the issue and how they are going to see collectively. If they become of one mind with the Turtle Clan, they pass it to the Bear Clan Mother who discusses how it went into the well, how the other two clans saw it. Then the Bear Clan deliberates and affirms or rejects. If the Bear Clan disagrees, the issue goes back into the Well for another day. If they do agree, it becomes an addition to the rafters.

The US Constitution is supposedly based on this powerful consensual decision making system. The National Women’s Council became an all-male Senate. The National Men’s Council became the House of Congress. The executive office of the president is the autocracy that placed itself over all of the people. Their party system is their artificial version of the clan system, which is doomed for failure. They have no Clan Mothers or Council of Women. All clans come from your mother. You cannot be the same clan as your father.

vote51% of the votes for the two selected candidates by the oligarchs is corporatism in a pretend democracy. Instead of staying at the fire until the people become of one mind, when 51% consensus is reached, they leave the fire. Division is created among the people and war is certain.

Cat Stevens sings ‘the words’: “Morning has broken, like the first morning/Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird/Praise for the singing, praise for the morning/Praise for the springing fresh from the world”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0TInLOJuUM

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