“Killer Crossroads” in Akwesasne

–colonial terror specially aimed at Indigenous youthMNN. March 23, 2009.

There have been many high speed chases, violence, injuries and deaths at or near the “killer crossroads” in front of the Cornwall Island border checkpoint at Akwesasne. Women, men, youth and children are being constantly harassed and brutalized here. The Canada-U.S. border is illegally situated in the middle of our community.Canadian Border Services Agents, CSIS, RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police, Akwesasne Mohawk “Indian” Police and other government “spotters” finger our people at the toll booth. We can be targeted for assault, harassment, false charges, delayed for hours for no reason, raped, groped or almost murdered. Recently more and more of our men are being chased and rammed by wild delirious “Indian” cops who are desperate to suck up to their colonial “masters”. The band or tribal cops are ordered by provincial, state and federal cops to attack their own people and relatives.

The colonial agents assume that their targets “may be” carrying cigarettes in their vehicles. We have an inherent right since time immemorial to carry on our traditional trade and commerce. Even their own law, the Indian Act, respects our right to carry “taxes free” cigarettes on an “Indian reserve”. They’re putting a new twist to “smoking kills”.

In the high speed chases the cops try to drive the target off the road by ramming their car, causing a flat tire or damaging the back end so the car loses or breaks its suspension or brakes forcing the car to go out of control. The cops continue even when told it’s dangerous. The victims are driven off the road, killed, or, if they survive, are beaten up. They are then charged and arrested.

Last summer in 2008 non-native cops from St. Constant Quebec chased two young Mohawks onto Kahnawake, a Mohawk community near Montreal. The high speed chase led to a back road through a busy residential area. A 15-year old Indigenous boy riding on his bike was hit and killed almost instantly.

After a high speed chase on November 14, 2008, the OPP charged two Akwesasne Mohawk Police officers, Mike Biron and Kenneth Chaussi, with criminal negligence and dangerous driving causing death in a fatal crash on Cornwall Island at the “crossroads”. The cops chased and rammed Gionet’s minivan at high speed. Gionet tried to get away from these maniacs and smashed into the elderly couple at the crossroad. The collision explosion instantly killed a 77-year-old Massena couple, Edward and Eileen Kassian, and Dany Gionet, 21, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. A judicial pre-trial conference is set for May 4 and a court date for May 28th.

In another incident, on March 19, 2009, Iohahiio, a young man from Kahnawake, was sentenced to 90 days to be served on weekends. He supposedly led “police on a high-speed chase” in February 2007 on Cornwall Island in Akwesasne. He was also charged with obstructing a police officer and dangerous driving. Both were withdrawn because they did not happen.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police tried to pull him over after they saw him leaving a home on Cornwall Island that they allege had connections to someone in the tobacco business. They chased him across the Seaway International Bridge into Cornwall, around the traffic circle, and back over the bridge to Akwesasne. A camera on the cruiser shows that Iohahiio never drove dangerously. The cops rammed him at least three times, twice at the crossroads, causing extensive damage. Throughout, Iohahiio was speaking with his mother on his cell phone. To save his life she instructed him not to pull over until he was in a well-lit area. Iohahiio stopped on the road to the local arena. The cops pulled up and aimed their guns at him, broke his rear window and pulled him out.

Cops beating our people is common. In 1990 his father had a minor charge. When the NYS Police drove him from Akwesasne to Syracuse, they stopped eight times, took him into police stations along the way and severely beat him up.

Violence against Indigenous youth is escalating. Recently young Indigenous girls were sitting outside a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop in Cornwall. Two Cornwall police officers pulled over. The cop asked one of the girls, “What’s in your bag?” She answered, “Why?” He insisted, “Show me what’s inside”. She refused. He got out, grabbed her bag, struggled with her and injured her thumb.

It is time to remove this “death trap” checkpoint. The cops appear to want to see more Indigenous blood, especially of our youth. U.S and Canada are trying to force us to carry their illegally issued border crossing identity cards on June 1, 2009. They know we have a right to resist this imposition. According to international law we must be consulted and agree of our own free will to become Canadians or Americans. So they are using their “tighten the screws” tactics. These “foreign” border guards are creating conflicts so they can illegally carry guns in the middle of our community. They need the peoples’ permission to do this. It would be dangerous to put guns into the hands of guards who hate Indigenous people!

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Rejecting our Sovereignty?

She:kon. The following letter speaks for itself. It calls for support by emailing the Prime Minister at pm@pm.gc.ca and anyone else your see fit. Nia:wenKanion’ke:haka Kaianereh’ko:wa Kanon’ses:neh
P.O. Box 49
Kanatakon. Akwesasne (HOM 1A0)
518-358-6012 fax 518-358-6007

December 4, 2005


Lance Markell
District Director
Canada Customs
Ottawa 613-930-3234 Fax 613-991-1407


Today a meeting is taking place between Mike Mitchell, Angie Barnes and pseudo Iroquois Paul Williams of Akwesasne Mohawk Band Council regarding the Kanion’ke:haka Nation’s “Red Card” identification. This card is the choice of the Roti’noshonnon:we/Iroquois who are citizens of the Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk under our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa. Any usurpation of our right to issue this card to anyone is considered a hostile act of international consequences.

These members of the Canadian government band council system, who are Canadian citizens of Mohawk ancestry, are impersonating us and usurping our national identity. These band councils are municipal level entities illegally set up by the Canadian government. They cannot represent us or use our national instruments such as the Red Cards or even to negotiate any kind of agreement on anything. The reason we believe this is happening is due to the continued assertion of our constitutional jurisdiction according to our laws that are respected by the laws of Canada.

The Two Row Wampum Agreement is the guide for our relationship with the newcomers to our land. They agreed to stay in their ship with their laws, customs, languages and ways and whatever land they brought with them. We agreed to stay in our canoe with our laws, ways and culture and title to all our land and jurisdiction over our unsurrendered lands. So far our sovereignty and none of our land has ever been surrendered.

Our relationship with Canada can only be on a nation-to-nation basis according to our constitution, the Kaianereh’kowa, as respected by the British North America Act 1867. International law is clear. We could only give up jurisdiction and sovereignty through informed consent of a clear majority of the constitutional Indigenous people. This never happened.

These fakes are followers of the illegally imposed Indian Act which violate the Canadian constitution, international law and the rule of law. They have relinquished their claims to Mohawk nation rights and lands.

Sections 109 and 132 of the Canadian constitution respect our nation-to-nation relationship, which sets out the process for our formal relationship. Parliament only has jurisdiction to make treaties with us, that’s all. We never surrendered anything to anybody. We were and continue to be governed by our own constitution.

Customs Canada and all federal, provincial and local agencies who try to deal with us through their own puppet governments violate the rule of law and breaches section 109 of Canada’s constitution. International law is clear. Your appropriation of our rights and possessions is illegal. Canada is not exempt from international standards in dealing with Indigenous nations such as ours. Neither Canadian federal, provincial or local laws apply to us because we never consented to them. They were imposed on us against our will at a time when Canada was actively involved in promoting policies that are now identified as genocide.

Regarding the crossing of your “imaginary line”, you must deal with the true Mohawk Nation government. We are not subject to your “imagination”. We refuse to see it. You cannot show us where we ever agreed to this border line on our territory. You cannot deal with your illegally imposed band council on Nation issues. We are not British or Canadian subjects and we never have been. We Mohawks have always been on our land under our own constitution. Your own laws confirm we are independent. We have “prior interests” to our lands, resources and jurisdiction that Canada and its provinces must respect.

Canada in passing the Indian Act treasonably superseded its constitution and placed itself above the law. Any business conducted under the Indian Act is null, void and illegal. We have asked your Supreme Court if the Canadian constitution still stands. The answer of course is “yes”. Canada and its provinces have no jurisdiction over us and our lands were never validly surrendered. We continue to be independent.

Cease and desist your meetings about us with these imposters. We’ll be glad to come and explain the facts of life to you in person.


Katenies, Woman Title Holder

Cc: Governor General of Canada
Ms. Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister
U.S. President George Bush
Band Council of Akwesasne
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc.
Assembly of First Nations
All Embassies and Media

poster: Thahoketoteh