MNN. Sept. 8, 2009. The colony of Canada has officially recognized our sovereignty on Great Turtle Island and has taken steps to abide by the Two Row Wampum agreement. Canada admits they have no jurisdiction over Indigenous people and territory.On June 14, 2008, two women were peacefully crossing the illegal checkpoint in the middle of Kawenoke Island of Akwesasne. The Canada Border Services Agency CBSA called in 12 burly well-armed colonial goons to viciously attack the two women. One elder almost died of a trauma induced heart attack and the other was severely beaten and held incommunicado.

The two women live in the Mohawk communities of Akwesasne and Kahnawake. They filed formal complaints with the RCMP, OPP, Mohawk Akwesasne Police and the CBSA to investigate. All refused. The women were treated like enemy combatants with no rights. We are being falsely labeled as insurgents, terrorists and global risks. This violates the Geneva Conventions 1949 which set the standards in international law for humanitarian treatment of civilians and the victims of conflict. [See notes at end]

The women are not Canadian citizens as the Mohawk Nation never relinquished our territorial independence. The two women took it to the Federal Court of Canada, FCA T-1309-08, to address the human rights abuses. Canada is supposed to live up to its commitments under international law to respect human rights of all.

The Crown issued orders respecting our sovereignty. On October 23, 2008, Prothonotary Mireille Tabib ordered the two women to pay for Canada’s costs by depositing $19,460.00 with the court plus all subsequent costs. The reason! They live in Akwesasne and Kahnawake and are not residents of Canada. An appeal was filed. On January 29, 2009 Judge Francois Lemieux issued the same order. On Feb. 26, 2009 another case was filed by one of the women, T-288-09. On April 7, 2009, the same order was made because she lives in Kahnawake, making her a non-resident of Canada.

The Two Row Wampum agreement separates the colonists from the true original Indigenous jurisdiction. The Crown must fulfill our request to investigate our complaints against their agents. The CBSA acted outside its territorial jurisdiction when it assaulted the two women and cannot demand security for their costs.

The CBSA can never return to Kawenoke Island, the real name of Cornwall Island, which they abandoned on May 31, 2009. The Mohawks refused to allow these foreigners to carry guns in the middle of our community. The old Customs House sits empty and belongs to the Mohawks. CBSA needs to get their junk out of there. When Alcatraz was abandoned, it returned automatically to the Indigenous people.

The colony of Canada removed the CBSA checkpoint from Kawenoke to the foot of the bridge in the city of Cornwall Ontario. Cornwall is part of the Mohawk North Shore claim. A CBSA supervisor stated to Mohawk elders that the former Kawenoke Customs had to be officially de-designated as a Canada port of entry. The new one sits on Akwesasne land. CBSA has to remove its port-a-potties out of Cornwall to parts unknown, maybe back to England. Phew!

Our territory extends all across this land.In requesting Mohawks to report to them when leaving Kawenoke, which they formerly treated as part of the colony of Canada, they are respecting our sovereignty. They actually have no business asking our people anything. We cannot allow them to interfere with our natural birthright and our right to travel freely about our homeland or entering our communities.

The colonial pirates that are attacking and confiscating our legitimate products on our rivers are also out of their jurisdiction. They have no right whatsoever to interfere with our trade and commerce anywhere. All waterways are our highways long before the coming of foreigners to this land to be freely traversed by us.

These Federal Court of Canada orders recognize that Indigenous people on Onowaregeh retain international sovereignty. The demand for money is meant to discourage us from seeking justice against these brutal carpetbaggers. They are telling us we have to buy justice from them. Canada has no problems to dish out millions to the band and tribal councils to illegitimately sell us out and fraudulently try to settle our land claims. It violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Our political position does not allow them to assault or murder us, prevent freedom of speech or violate our human rights. These organized criminal cartels have no right to extort money from us. Everything they do falls under every kind of genocide known to humankind.

The checkpoint had to be removed. The border had to be removed. What’s next?

To stop the CBSA from coming in, we need to keep our fire going and to erect a building. To help, please contact 613-937-1813.

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News,
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Background: Federal Court of Canada File No. T-1309-08, Kahentinetha et al v. The Queen: Order of madam Prothonotary Mireille Tabib, October 23, 2008 that the women give $19,460.00 security for the court costs from the beginning to the end, because they are “ordinarily resident outside of Canada” as they live in Akwesasne and Kahnawake [FC rule 416(10)a];

On Feb. 26, 2009, Statement of Claim filed on the Reckless disregard for the safety and security of Indigenous Women at the Canadian Border, Akwesasne, FCC # T-288-09 between Kahentinetha, of the Kanion’ke:haka, and the Queen, Sec. 48 Federal Court Act. Filed Feb. 26, 2009, on Hon. John Sims, Deputy Attorney General of Canada 613-946-2774 Fax 613-952-6006. [Contact: Marieke Bouchard 613-952-6006; Cynthia Leaver, Regional Assistant 613-952-3653; Shurman Longo Grenier 613-868-9009; Vincent Veilleux 613-952-6006.]

Art. 27, Geneva Conventions: protected persons are entitled to respect for their persons, honor, family rights, religious convictions, manners and customs. They shall be treated humanely especially against violence or threats and insults. Women should especially be protected against indecent assault based on race, religion and political opinions.

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For immediate release : Mohawk grandmother remains in hiding, defying arrest warrant

— Mohawk grandmother remains in hiding, defying arrest warrant

 “Katenies” challenges US-Canada border jurisdiction

Akwesasne/Kahnawake, Mohawk Territory; March 4, 2007 — A Mohawk woman from the Akwesasne Community remains in hiding, defying an arrest warrant from the Superior Court of Ontario in Cornwall.

“Katenies” (gaw-den-yes – whose Mohawk name means “she changes things around”) refused to appear in court on customs and border violations this past January 18, 2007. Instead, she served her own “Motion to Dismiss,” questioning the jurisdiction of the courts and border officials over sovereign Mohawk peoples and their land.

Katenies is a mother and grandmother – her third grandchild was born just 4 days ago on February 28 – and a researcher with Mohawk Nation News.

She and her family — including her daughter and grandchildren — have been harassed by border officials, in various incidents that date back to 2003. To visit her daughter, Katenies needs to make a simple 5-minute drive, but that drive takes her through two provinces, one state, and two countries (Canada-U.S.-New York State-Quebec-Ontario).

If captured by the police, Katenies faces possible pre-trial detention until her court date in August 2007.

Katenies vows to continue to defy the courts until the jurisdiction question is answered; in her words: “It’s the Crown, the courts and the police that are the frauds, and it’s they who are in violation of the law.”

Katenies remains out of sight, somewhere on Turtle Island.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kahentinetha of Mohawk Nation News (MNN) at 450-635-9345 or

For background information to Katenies’ case, including her Motion to Dismiss and a 28-minute audio interview, please consult:


A call for your support and solidarity

— Katenies defies the colonial US-Canada Border

— Out of sight somewhere on Turtle Island

Katenies, Bear Clan, is Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk from Akwesasne. She is a mother and a grandmother – her third grandchild was recently born on February 28, 2007 — who works to carry out the Great Law responsibility to take care of the land for the future generations.

However, an official of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently described her as “lawless”. Katenies has questioned the authority of the Canadian courts, or any colonial courts and border officials, over Onkwehonwe (indigenous peoples) of Turtle Island.

Katenies is currently wanted on an arrest warrant, from the Superior Court of Justice in Cornwall, Ontario, for refusing to appear on phony customs and border violations.

She and her family — including her daughter and grandchildren — have been harassed by border officials, in various incidents that date back to 2003. To visit her daughter, Katenies needs to make a simple 2-minute drive, but that drive takes her through two provinces, one state, and two countries.

As recently as November 2006, Katenies was accused of running the border. She was ordered to court this past January 18, 2007, but didn’t appear. Instead, she earlier served the courts with her own Motion to Dismiss, demanding that the courts and border officials address the jurisdiction question: Does Canada, or the US, have any jurisdiction whatsoever over the Mohawk people?

Katenies’ current struggle occurs in the context of wider issues concerning the “border”, or what Onkwehonwe call “the imaginary line”. For example, there have been repeated attempts to introduce biometric “smart cards” into Mohawk communities.

Simply put, Katenies refuses to submit to colonial authorities, or abide by an imaginary line over her and her land.

She remains out of sight of the authorities, somewhere on Turtle Island, but always under threat of being arrested and detained. If she is captured, she could be in custody until at least August 2007.

Katenies is not alone. A network is being established to support her and her jurisdictional challenge, whatever might happen in the coming weeks and months.

–> To offer your support, please get in touch by e-mail – — or by phone via Mohawk Nation News at 450-635-9345. We are working to raise awareness about Katenies’ case, and we will mobilize for both court and jail support if Katenies is captured.


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MNN. January 5, 2007. All Katenies [gaw-den-yes], a Kanion’keha:ka/Mohawk, did was ask Her Majesty the Queen to explain how all her foreign corporations got jurisdiction over her and her land. They won’t tell her because they can’t. They have claimed power over her in a way that violates the principles of international law that Canada has agreed to uphold.

This youthful looking grandmother has had it up to the eye balls with the colonial abuse that our people continue to suffer. Katenies obeys the laws of the land meticulously. The problem for the colonial Canadian courts is that the laws she follows are the legitimate laws of the land. They are founded on the Kanion’keha:ka participation in the Rotinhsonnion:we/Iroquois Confederacy.

Katenies never had any problem with the law before and is being attacked with everything the colonizing corporate-judicial-military forces can throw at her. Her crime! She simply pointed out that the Queen is guilty of genocide, violations of our freedom and our inherent right to self-determination. She ordered her to return to us all her stolen money, trusts, lands, rights and possessions that were made or taken from our lands.

On December 27th, 2006 Katenies received a document that had a medieval name. It seems to be an artifact of some quaint customs that were brought here on the sailing ships by the colonizers. It is a Notice of “Estreat”. Apparently it’s a copy from their records which they will use to extract everything she has. The Court Hearing is to be in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Katenies will be sued for every question she?s asked about their illegal actions.

The Queen’s corporation has ordered her to appear at the Cornwall court on January 18th 2007 to [have a cup of tea with her and] tell her why she shouldn’t throw all the books at her. Katenies told her that we own Canada, lock stock and barrel. Their document has stamps, dates, numbers, signatures and fingerprints of the Queen’s slaves all over the paper and envelope.

In effect, it’s just another paper noose being put around our necks at gunpoint. Will the Queen be at the execution wearing dark glasses and taking pictures with her phone to be shown on the internet?

On January 3rd 2007 Katenies received a letter dated December 18th 2006 from Ronald J-L Turgeon, the Crown prosecutor, informing her that she has been charged under ?this and that? [S.11(1), 153 (c) & 153.1] of the colonial Custom’s Act. At the hearing on December 18th 2006 they quickly closed down the court when she read her questions and charges against the Queen. she had already filed and served to everyone involved. She did appear, refused to stand and then left. She then sent her document by mail to the Queen and the Governor General of Canada.

The court jesters got all flustered when she refused to stand up according to their master-slave protocol. The letter to her stated, “As you left prior to your matter being dealt with” [which is not true. They were busy ejaculating all over the courtroom and pretended she wasn’t there]. Justice of the Peace Stewart has a Bench Warrant for her arrest. Does this mean they’re going to handcuff her to some bench, or hit her with a bench?

Katenies was told that if she does not “relinquish” herself she will be jailed probably until her trial on August 10th 2007 in Alexandria. What’s this supposed to mean? It sounds like they want to institutionally rape her and beat her into submission. If these guys didn’t wear those medieval black robes, the “character” of their actions would be clearer for all the world to see. They want to confine her for their own perverse pleasure to torture her.

These weird voyeurs even asked Katenies to bring along witnesses for their “peep show” of “See Katenies in Bondage”. What is the purpose of this circus? They want to prove that they have might by pointing guns at us and being able to imprison us. This is so they can distract attention from the fact that they simply do not have jurisdiction. Corporate Canada, the charge is rape.

This whole thing started in 2003 when she was driving through the checkpoint to visit her daughter as she does every day. Then they started to harass her daughter. Why these rapacious predators decided to land on this ordinary grandmother is really difficult to understand. Now they are even scaring her 6 year old granddaughter by making her sit outside in the cold while they harass her parents. The guards want the higher ups to give them guns to make their scare tactics more effective. We can expect worse. That checkpoint should never have been there in the first place. They constantly advise us to go along with it to “make it easier on ourselves”. What do you think?

What is going on here? Katenies wants to be at the forthcoming birth of her grandchild. Are they trying to make her the female “Deskahe”? In the 1920’s he asked a similar question about the Indian Act being ultra vires the constitution of Canada. He went to the League of Nations. Canada would never let him return to Six Nations. He died in Tuscarora near Buffalo New York in 1925.

We Onkwehonwe are confronted by the US-Canada-Mexico border every day. We don’t need passports to travel freely anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. One condition of tolerating the colonial presence was that we would continue to travel anywhere on Turtle Island. We all have some kind of ID. Only we can decide how we will identify ourselves.

The AFN [Assembly of First Nations] wants us to use their government-issue “Indian status” cards. A lot of us who are real Onkwehonwe don’t have such a card. A lot of imposters do. Many of us refuse to be incorporated into Canada and become’ members of a foreign company. Incorporate means “in”. A corporation makes Canada into a “body”. We don’t want to become part of the polluted body of Canada. It all smells awful to us and we want no part of it.

Traversing our homeland is a birthright, not a “privilege” granted by them. We demand that the colonists stop interfering with our travel over their imaginary line. The Jay Treaty 1794 was a trade agreement between the United States and Britain. Ever since then the colonists have been trying to make us “walk the line”, to impose that phony line on us. They haven’t been able to do it. So now they’re trying to tie it around our necks and squeezing it as tight as they can. They are trying to drive us to desperation. But it’s not working.

No one can make us citizens of a nation we don’t want to be citizens of. No nation has a right to denationalize another nation. As independent Onkwehonwe nations we have a right to deal with such issues based on our own laws.

Under International law, we are not members of any of these colonial foreign corporations. Therefore, we cannot carry passports of foreign corporations of which we are not citizens. These drooling jackals are trying to make us commit an illegal act. If all the mystification were removed everyone would see that this all grand standing. They are creating illegal policies to determine our existence as a people. They have no right whatsoever to do this. It’s an international issue. We know many Canadians an Americans have good sense and want to belong to a decent law abiding entity.

Legality requires proper procedures and remedies. Katenies raised a legitimate legal question which has to be answered. She asked where they got their jurisdiction. The Queen and Governor General have not answered. According to law, they have to meet us on a nation-to-nation basis to polish the Silver Covenant Chain and dust the Two Row Wampum Agreement. We have to stop the ongoing theft of our lands and resources and the destruction of the environment.

Why is this ongoing bullying and threatening of Katenies continuing? The policy is probably to give resisters and their families a hard time. If these people believe in the rule of law, the next procedural step is for them to produce the proof that they have jurisdiction. That’s it!

To help and for comments, contact

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News

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Rejecting our Sovereignty?

She:kon. The following letter speaks for itself. It calls for support by emailing the Prime Minister at and anyone else your see fit. Nia:wenKanion’ke:haka Kaianereh’ko:wa Kanon’ses:neh
P.O. Box 49
Kanatakon. Akwesasne (HOM 1A0)
518-358-6012 fax 518-358-6007

December 4, 2005


Lance Markell
District Director
Canada Customs
Ottawa 613-930-3234 Fax 613-991-1407


Today a meeting is taking place between Mike Mitchell, Angie Barnes and pseudo Iroquois Paul Williams of Akwesasne Mohawk Band Council regarding the Kanion’ke:haka Nation’s “Red Card” identification. This card is the choice of the Roti’noshonnon:we/Iroquois who are citizens of the Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk under our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa. Any usurpation of our right to issue this card to anyone is considered a hostile act of international consequences.

These members of the Canadian government band council system, who are Canadian citizens of Mohawk ancestry, are impersonating us and usurping our national identity. These band councils are municipal level entities illegally set up by the Canadian government. They cannot represent us or use our national instruments such as the Red Cards or even to negotiate any kind of agreement on anything. The reason we believe this is happening is due to the continued assertion of our constitutional jurisdiction according to our laws that are respected by the laws of Canada.

The Two Row Wampum Agreement is the guide for our relationship with the newcomers to our land. They agreed to stay in their ship with their laws, customs, languages and ways and whatever land they brought with them. We agreed to stay in our canoe with our laws, ways and culture and title to all our land and jurisdiction over our unsurrendered lands. So far our sovereignty and none of our land has ever been surrendered.

Our relationship with Canada can only be on a nation-to-nation basis according to our constitution, the Kaianereh’kowa, as respected by the British North America Act 1867. International law is clear. We could only give up jurisdiction and sovereignty through informed consent of a clear majority of the constitutional Indigenous people. This never happened.

These fakes are followers of the illegally imposed Indian Act which violate the Canadian constitution, international law and the rule of law. They have relinquished their claims to Mohawk nation rights and lands.

Sections 109 and 132 of the Canadian constitution respect our nation-to-nation relationship, which sets out the process for our formal relationship. Parliament only has jurisdiction to make treaties with us, that’s all. We never surrendered anything to anybody. We were and continue to be governed by our own constitution.

Customs Canada and all federal, provincial and local agencies who try to deal with us through their own puppet governments violate the rule of law and breaches section 109 of Canada’s constitution. International law is clear. Your appropriation of our rights and possessions is illegal. Canada is not exempt from international standards in dealing with Indigenous nations such as ours. Neither Canadian federal, provincial or local laws apply to us because we never consented to them. They were imposed on us against our will at a time when Canada was actively involved in promoting policies that are now identified as genocide.

Regarding the crossing of your “imaginary line”, you must deal with the true Mohawk Nation government. We are not subject to your “imagination”. We refuse to see it. You cannot show us where we ever agreed to this border line on our territory. You cannot deal with your illegally imposed band council on Nation issues. We are not British or Canadian subjects and we never have been. We Mohawks have always been on our land under our own constitution. Your own laws confirm we are independent. We have “prior interests” to our lands, resources and jurisdiction that Canada and its provinces must respect.

Canada in passing the Indian Act treasonably superseded its constitution and placed itself above the law. Any business conducted under the Indian Act is null, void and illegal. We have asked your Supreme Court if the Canadian constitution still stands. The answer of course is “yes”. Canada and its provinces have no jurisdiction over us and our lands were never validly surrendered. We continue to be independent.

Cease and desist your meetings about us with these imposters. We’ll be glad to come and explain the facts of life to you in person.


Katenies, Woman Title Holder

Cc: Governor General of Canada
Ms. Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister
U.S. President George Bush
Band Council of Akwesasne
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc.
Assembly of First Nations
All Embassies and Media

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