mnnlogoMNN. Sept, 4, 2013. MNN, Sept, 4, 2013. Nameless, Faceless. It is immoral to kill and steal? In a two-party theft, one person steals from or fatally injures the victim. The thief or killer could get caught, arrested, put on trial, imprisoned or executed. The criminal might argue they need food, shelter, clothes, a flat screen TV, or a cell phone.  They beg for all charges to be dropped on compassionate grounds. They are victims of inequality!

Curtains are drawn. We know who you are!

Plunderers! Curtains are open. We know who you are!


A third party joins in, known as a “threesome”. The artificial corporate hierarchy is a third party system. They carry out the theft of our property, give it to another or even kill us for it. We are the victims of the other two parties. Fake corporate by-laws are passed. Their enforcers can kill us the natural owners with impunity.   

Yale Threesome.

The “menage a trois”: corporation, their subjects and resisting Indigenous victims!




We constantly object and are branded as enemies of the state, selfish, greedy, uncaring criminals and terrorists.  The corporate by-laws portrays these receivers of stolen goods as not committing a crime. The enablers call it the ‘budget’ on how our ever-growing $375 trillion Indian Trust Fund is spent.

We are pushed out of the way so government [controllers of the mind] can survive. Genocide eliminates us and our voices. The  bankers carry it out with the help of their ”subjects” who have signed on. Canadians don’t see themselves as criminals as government is supposed to provide for them. No one asks where the funds come from.   

hitlers policiesThere is no limit on stupidity! Stealing is stealing. The statute of limitations never expires. It doesn’t magically become moral when the government carries out the crime for its subjects who want to avoid direct responsibility. Turning away from responsibility for the continuing genocide of our people makes them guilty and complicit in the crime. They just ‘vote’ or kiss the corporation. Even if they don’t vote, we never hear them pronouncing that they are going to return one inch of stolen land.     

The Great Law of Peace gives us the tools to maintain ourselves and others. Dekanawida and Jigosaseh saw that we could exist as self-directed people living in the best interests of everyone. Government is not enforcement so one has more than everybody else. Letting corporate rulers distribute our stolen possessions has created the tyranny of the Fourth Reich, the merger of corporation and state on Great Turtle Island.  

The German Nazi anthem could be revised and sung by Americans: Germany, Germany above everything,
 Above everything in the world’, The True Fuhrer Adolph Hitler.

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MNN. Feb. 22, 2013. The Infinite Elder “Red-X” found the Secret Instruction Manual on “Stealing Indigenous Resources”. Here are some of the colonial strategies.

A Red-X disguise.

A Red-X disguise.

Colonial Dirty Trick #1: Call it “democracy”, 51%, and you will keep control. Organize fancy cocktail parties with open bars, colonial big-wigs like the GG and other heavies, and pretty girls to entertain whoever they need to. Give the band and tribal councils tiaras to try on and a taste of “life in the fast lane”.  Get them too drunk to notice they’ve sold out their people. 

CDT #2: Outnumber the Indigenous 3 to 1. Keep them away from their home. Red-X said, “Hold them meetings at home in your tipi, longhouse or condemned bungalow with the cracked window panes and asbestos contaminated floors and walls”. 

CDT #3: Put out colonial law as if it’s Indigenous. 

CDT #4: Collect, horde and keep information. Put out lies, false history and myth making. Create new “Indians” that will go along with the land and resource giveaways that don’t belong to them [CAP]. 

CDT #5: Put some heavies at the table, with big titles, long resumes to confuse everybody. Give scripts to the band council to read that they don’t understand. 

CDT #6: Use hierarchical criteria with the colonists setting up at the front. 

CDT #7: Offer a concession to bowl over the Injuns. If they fuss, throw the chair back and leave the table. Take the bribe money with you. 

They are so stubborn.

Don’t have to listen to this.

CDT #8: Say, “We ain’t playing with you bad Injuns anymore”.  Walk out to keep control. 

CDT #9: Use “good cop” “bad cop” strategy to throw those Injuns off balance. [They’re all bad.] Threaten them with illegal injunctions, jail time and law suits. Then sidetrack them with “Cointelpro” charm. Move the meeting place and don’t tell them where. 

CDT #10: Break them into 2 groups and meet them separately. When they complain, leave. 

CDT #11: Targets are needed. Demand one speaker, not different ones every day. Otherwise, pick up the toys and leave. 

we're going.

We’re going.

CD #12: Stuff colonial side with “know-it-alls” to intimidate them. They’ll keep saying this is their land, they are sovereign and call the colonists trespassers. Walk out! 

Red-X advises, “Try not to barf!” 

How to counter Dirty Tricks: report daily to community, select new negotiators each day; don’t allow private ‘tete-a-tetes’ for making secret deals; international law requires a neutral 3rd party mediator approved by both parties. 

Don’t fall for “interim measure”, “agreement-in-principle”, “interim land withdrawal”, which don’t meet international law standards and don’t make sense. 

Come on, Injunsl, we didn't mean it.

Injuns, you’re not supposed to leave!


As Red-X said, “They can never be Ongwehonwe! We must use our natural world strategies against these beasts”. 


Red-X wonders who wrote this manual. It reminds him of the Monotones song:Book of Love “Tell me, tell me, tell me, oh, who wrote the book of love? I’ve got to know the answer. Was it someone from above?” all seeing eye

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