MNN. Jan. 9, 2013.  We are confronting the Corporation of Canada.  Start by shutting down your foreign [band council] embassies in our communities immediately.  Traitorous chiefs, your foot in the canoe will be removed.  Red apples will no longer be tolerated.

Moving band office/Canadian embassy

Canadian embassy removal


Idle No More is the worldwide freeing of indigenous people. Listen to the thunder of the masses.  We are destroying the dungeons of oppression, heading for the higher hills of freedom.  This Tsunami is the beginning of the greatest liberation in history.  

Corporate murder, aggression and colonialism are over.  All wars will stop.  The earth will be fairly distributed. Our Mother is reminding us of our birthright, to shake off the colonial bondage, to strike the death blow to fascism.    

Our greatest weapon is truth and courage.  Anyone who continues to turn a blind to genocide is guilty of complicity, according to the UN Charter.  Corporations and artificial people will become nothing but faded memories.    


Who's in or out of the canoe?

Who’s in or out of the canoe?

The 600,000 Metis, the newly created Indians under the Indian Act, here’s the test.  You are true Indigenous if you stand with us, not with the corporation of Canada that gave you your corporate Indian status, to help them continue the illusion of legality.     

You want to be an Indian!  OK.  No more putting one foot in the canoe and one in the boat, violating the Guswentha.  You better not participate in the colonial defunct system. Come into our canoe.  We will welcome you with open arms. Come and be of one mind with us under the constitution of the Great Peace.  

The condor has met the eagle.  No more corporate identities or entities.  These birds fly very high.  We are united in the same sky along the same path.  Bankers beware. eagle&condor

Robin Trower sang:  “I watch for the love, living in the day of the eagle.  Eagle, not the dove”.  

Robin Trower: Day of the eagle

Global day of action

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