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MNN. May 18, 2018. Every year American corporations celebrate the biggest holocaust in all humanity:  The US on July 4 called “Independence Day”, and Canada on July 1 called “Canada Day”. They are in fact the celebration by the beneficiaries of the biggest holocaust in all humanity, the annihilation of over 100 million original natives of the turtle island, which is the western hemisphere.   


The hierarchical system is controlled by 1%, mostly men of the white race. Because of their high testosterone level, they are driven to try to control the entire world. Their impotent followers like the vigorless Assembly of First Nations AFN, national, provincial, territorial, local committees called the band/tribal councils are convinced they should follow them. These spineless traitors believe that these corporatists have the testosterone which is the “killer instinct” hormone to protect and save them if they do what they’re told. 

Prime Minister Trudeau said at the May 2 AFN meeting  at the casino that he wants the natives  to be signed, sealed and delivered to him in a year by his Indian slaves. Why the hurry?

  They’re joinng the Involuntary Celibates in droves,with a chapter in the Parliamentary “Rage Room”. 

Our great mother makes us keep asking what this greed and killing is leading to. The Kingston Trio reminds us where we all end up when we sterilize the mind, body and spirit: “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago? Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls have picked them everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?”


Sitting down with our friends and allies to share stories over coffee is a wonderful way to relate, pass on history and knowledge and joke around. As Frank Sinatra reminds us: “Way down among Brazilians coffee beans grow by the billions, so they have got to find those extra cups to fill. They have got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. You can’t get cherry soda cause they’ve got to fill that quota. The way things are I bet they never will. They’ve got zillion tons of coffee in Brazil”.  

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MNN. MAY 17, 2018. The invaders arrived here on turtle island, mass murdered us, forced us survivors to live on the back corner of our mother earth to die off. For 500 years the invaders beat our mother almost to death, drain her, poison her, rip apart her insides, deface her.  The invaders are ordering us to not care about or love our mother. No one can stop us from loving our mother. We will never give permission to anyone to rape, pillage or kill her. 


She is onowarekeh, turtle island. She lives in the most natural way according to creation and to care for her children. She is the mother of the onkwehonweh, the true original people of this part of the world, north, south and beyond. Across the waters are the mothers of the invaders who are waiting for their children to return to them so she can teach them some manners.

They feel no guilt for their devastation of all life, which is a betrayal of nature. The invaders think they can only ‘win’ if they eliminate those they think are “weak” or not buying into their treachery. They ruthlessly beat and berate those who question, criticize or resist them. We are constantly reminded that we are on their “final solution to the Indian problem” list since 1492. 



These immigrant murderers know they can do nothing without our knowledge and consent as creation designed. We cannot and will never sell our mother. 

Their well paid Indian rats and snitches known as federal, national, provincial, territorial and band/tribal councils collaborate with our corrupt and deadly enemy. They gleefully help the corporate criminals make real estate deals for turtle island and carry out the genocide. Assembly of First Nations is a ‘stroke-me-rub-my-back-gimme-that-paper-to-sign fest’.  


We will not break our ties with our mother.  We will not make blood oaths to their distant mother, queenie.   

ia-ne-wenton te te-iont te-kwat-ka-wen tsi te-wa-na-keri nene-ion-kwa-no-tion-ne onwe.  

sa-wen-sios take into your mind the message of the kaianerekowa. Everything worldwide will be made right according to creation. We will continue to care for our mother. We only have one. 

The invaders and their puppets have no right to talk to anyone about anything below, on, above turtle island. Only to us, the true original people placed on turtle island by creation.  As Foster the People sing: “Walk little walk. Small talk big thoughts. Gonna tell them all just what I want. That street two streets I see you and me, Hanging on the empty swings. ‘Count high low don’t worry my eyes are closed. I’m a superman and it’s my show. One shoe two gonna kick with my new shoes. I’m going to kick until I need new shoes. Yeah, yeah I said don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop Talking to me, stop don’t stop don’t stop . . .” [Don’t Stop].


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