MNN. Feb. 5, 2014. George Washington was selected by the bankers to be the first CEO of the Corporation of the United States of America  [1789 to 1797]. He became the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. The rules he helped draft to run the corporation is called the US Constitution. It is a war constitution. It was the first time anywhere in the world that a corporation masqueraded as a country. custer & indians 

Who was he? According to Prof. Bernard J. Cigrand George’s family were De Hertburn, then Wassyngton and then Washington. They are not British. They hail from Bavaria, Germany. They are connected to the House of Odenburg, a prime branch of the Holstein Gottorp stock, which has given emperors to Russia, Demark and England. They were related to the banking firm Corneius L. Keurenenaar.  Washington Not Real Name of Our First President. 

The children of the 13 blood lines formed the Knights Templar, who became the current day bankers. 

When they came here they befriended us for the first 150 years. Then Columbus and the rest came. As Dekanawida told us, “We would be befriended by a white serpent. And at first it would be good between the Onkwehonwe and the serpent”. Then the time came to do away with us so they could bring their people over and carry on with their plans for the New Babylon.   

US great sealThe Great Seal of the United States is actually the corporate logo of the Bavarian illuminati that first appeared in 1754. 

Knights Templar Flag

Knights Templar Flag 


Infamous General George Armstrong Custer was part of this. His German family, Kuster, are descendants of Palatines from Switzerland. They are high-level officials attached to imperial or royal courts in Europe since Roman times. The highest level officials in the Roman Catholic Church were Palatine. In British North America rulers of counties were called palatines. In 1648 after the 30 years war they went north into Germany.

The Knights Cross pin on his scarf to keep his neck warm.

The Knights Cross pin on his scarf to keep his neck warm.

They came to the US in 1693 and entered high positions. Custer went to West Point to train for his mission to kill the Indians. In 1876 his regiment, made up of many Swiss soldiers, was annihilated by the Sioux.   

Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s job is to try to finish what Kuster started. Harper has been spending a lot of time in Switzerland to protect the bank accounts of all his minions and to get his orders from those with the red shield, like Custer and Washington did.

We can hear the minions of the New World Order singing this song: “Hey, Mr. Custer, please don’t make me go. I had a dream last night about the coming fight. Somebody yelled ‘attack’, and there I stood with an arrow in my back!” “Please, Mr. Custer!”  See: MNN: “First False Flag”. Swiss US General Custer.

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mnnlogo1MNN. Jan. 16, 2014. The American Revolutionary War was sold to the British colonial settlers on Great Turtle Island as an effort to break away from England so they could become free of indebted slavery. 

Washington: "What! None of us an swim?"

Washington: “What! None of us an swim?”

Cornwallis and Washington would meet every Thursday night in the Masonic Lodge to prearrange all the battles “fought” in 1776, 1777 and 1778. Both were 32nd degree Free Masons. It was all theatre to plan who was going to win or lose. Washington would start a musket volley, the British would return fire, 10 Americans and one or two British would be injured, then the Americans would run away and the British could never catch them. The rag tag fighters would have their shirts tied on their feet for boots, until apparently they got some money from Congress! 

"Honey, it's my Thursday night meeting to cook up some war".

“Honey, it’s my Thursday night meeting to cook up some war”.

Until December 1778 the biggest army Washington could muster was 1,000 men. His first victory was December 17, 1778 against the Hessian mercenaries sent over by King George to lose to the Americans.  

In January 1779 General Sullivan amassed a troop of 13,000 men. In February 1779 he marched them with horses and cannons. They came at us with everything they had, through Seneca country, to attack the Iroquois capital at Onondaga. In the meantime, the British army parked their ships in Quebec City and took a year off. They let the Americans finish the dirty work on the Iroquois that Champlain started in 1609.   

The real reason for the American Revolutionary War was to attack the Iroquois and to divide and conquer the Indians by putting up a corporate border [a pretend line] through the center of our territory. We noticed right away the same families were running everything on both sides of the border.  

The Constitution of Peace was turned into the constitution of war. The Council of Women was replaced with the Senate [all men] and the consensus process was changed from one mind to 51%. The people could never again become of one mind on any issues. Any war will continue forever. 

The New Babylon of corruption, ungodliness, materialism, & sensual pleasure.

Map of New Babylon of corruption, ungodliness, materialism & sensual pleasure.

The Masonic dream was to turn America into the new Babylon. The original streets and building designs of Washington DC shows this. 

The corporate fraud played on the settlers is  Americans swearing allegiance to a war constitution.

One star for each ruling family of bankers, City of London.

One star for each Christian crown family of bankers, City of London.

The legalese language ensures that the American ruling family version of the hierarchal system stays in power forever. The American hierarchy is owned outright by the City of London bankers. 

Every war since then has been a false flag. If the settlers don’t stand with their Indians now, then every American and Canadian is in on the fraud and dooming the future of their own children. Another war is coming soon to a neighborhood near you by way of a false flag. 

As the Beatles sang: “You say you want a revolution. Well, you know we all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution. … You say you got a real solution. Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan…”  The Beatles. “Revolution”.

Social Studies for Kids. “US History”. 

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