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MNN. Nov. 8, 2018. Oren Lyons is the worst traitor of all onkwehonweh. In 1996 before the New York State attack of the native people on May 18, 1997, Esther Sundown, an Onondaga of Tonawanda, played a recording of Lyons speaking at a gathering. She was shocked to hear him encourage native people to give up our birthright to turtle island and become corporate Americans. In effect he told the natives to, “Give up your birthright and start becoming Americans”. This is a natural impossibility. It can be done on paper but not genetically.

Oren Lyons is a longtime agent for the foreign intruders calling themselves the U.S government, that push the genocide program. He has fooled many. But not all. He made our people desperate if we maintained our true natural selves. On Nov. 5, he told us to vote in the foreign election. Only corporate citizen slaves can vote in an election. He violated the tekeni teiohateh [Two Row] by leaving the canoe and boarding the ship.     


He is not Onondaga, a chief nor a faithkeeper. Just a traitor and an informant for the US to help kill off the original people. Some call him the “Museum Indian” and others “Lying Oren”. Sometimes he calls himself “a runner”, which is a messenger boy for the enemy. He pushes the American way of oppression and lies about us, particularly the rotiskenrakete, the warriors. He falsely accused them of putting a bounty on him. 

The rotiskenrakete and our people knew there would be retribution from his US corporate handlers if the rightful duties of the kaianerekowa [our constitution] to execute him for treason was carried out [tehonwatisokwariton]. They would be called murderers for carrying out a sentence of death, which is the right of any nation in the world for someone who commits treason, conspiracy and espionage.These are his crimes against the rotinoshonni’onwe. 


karonhiaktajeh stated that great people know that arrogance and lies will bring down their people. The Roman Empire, Persians, British and Iroquois Confederacy fell apart because they did not deal with those who committed treason. The worst thing about Oren Lyons is that he knows better. He gives prostitution a bad name. 

Yes, Oren tries to humiliate us because we resisted his efforts to try to help steal our birthright. We stand with creation. Leonard Cohen sings about “betrayal of one’s country, the citizen and family”. 




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MNN. NOV. 6, 2018. The natural people of turtle island are following the instructions of creation, to feed and care for their families and to live in peace anywhere.  Those corporate borders set up the invaders are meant to stop and examine themselves, not us. They came here from other parts of the world. 

We true natives of turtle island are not immigrants!!! Our family that is travelling from the South of great turtle island to the North are traversing our land. They can come anyway they want, by plane, by inner tube, by boat, by car or with one foot in front of the other. 

These corporations want some of us as cheap labor to work for the immigrant. These intruders have no right to turn back, falsely charge any of them for being native or hunting them down for doing what we have every right to do. The immigrants are the criminals and have no right to stop us or to interfere with our free use and enjoyment of our lands. 

Family, you are native people. Every single thing on great turtle island from the North Pole to the tip of South America is our home. As relatives we need to support each other so our family can continue to live and survive on our mother. 

Casting away the colonialist propaganda that has kept our families apart, once again we are one people and we care very much for each other. As Joni Mitchell sings [Both Sides Now]: “rs and fears and feeling proud, To say “I love you” right out loud. Dreams and schemes and circus crowds. I’ve looked at life that way…”


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