MNN. May 7, 2013. The gun owners have not fallen into Obama’s trap. The National Rifle Association NRA meeting in Texas is a good example of their great fears. TV star Glenn Beck said, “Guns should only be in the hands of good people”! Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said, “The men and women who secured this country have the answers”. They are beginning to see the answer to survival is to go to the Indigenous people.

Anonymous put out a billboard connecting the weapons culture to the genocide of our people. Geronimo stands with 3 warriors, with the caption, “Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism since 1492”. The plight of North Americans is being equated to the genocide of over 100 million Indigenous People who were protecting their lives, lands and possessions. It is over 500 years of domination and ethnic exploitation we have endured. The bankers and their corporate media continue to try to malign us with their loud hysterical cries, superstition, magic, irrational beliefs, fatalism, wishful thinking and opportunism all rolled into one. The masses are not buying it! 

Homeland Security ..

“Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism since 1492” 

The desperate fascist media have not put a spin on it yet. This billboard indicates they admit to the murder and displacement of the Indigenous People. The 2nd amendment [right to bear arms] was put in their constitution to prevent the rise of a dictatorship within their republic.  

The use of this photo shows they think they are in the same situation that Geronimo was in. They inadvertently have come to the Indigenous People for the solution.   hysteria

They are frightened, paranoid or fear the future.  Placing themselves in solidarity with us is the beginning of the end of the war problem. We have the answers. The light is shining on the path that leads to the source of peace, freedom and equality. The gun owners will assist us when we stand up the tree of peace in Onondaga where it always resided. The war problem will end forever. As the Guess Who sings: “Eagle all gone. And no more caribou. Guns, guns, guns! God speed mother nature. never really wanted to say goodbye” Gun, Guns, Guns

The answer has always been here, the Great Law of Peace, Kaianerehowa. We will calmly explain Skenna, Kasatstensera and Karihwiio and they will listen. 

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