MNN. Feb. 16, 2013. The Corporation of Canada is trying to do away with us by pretending to remove their international treaty obligations, budget, protection and stealing our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. They want to get out of actions for liability for all the cruelty, larceny and crimes they’ve committed against us. They think the stroke of a pen can make us into “Canadians” against our will. They will not get away with genocide. Obviously, they will try anything. 

Burn, Indian Affairs, burn!

Burn, Indian Affairs, burn!

We’re not disappearing. Indian Affairs will be killed off piece by piece. The Indian Act is the “weapon of mass destruction”. We are using the law of the land, Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace, the Two Row Wampum and taking over our massive Indian Trust Fund. Then we can do what ever we need to do. We will set up law of the land courts. Everyone has to follow it. 

We want full accountability and total forensic audit of Indian Affairs and its entire gangsta’ apparatus, subsidiary companies, contractors, and the names of all the shareholders of the derelict corporations. We will be holding the feet of the criminals to the fire. A lot of lawyers and consultants have been getting big career boosts and piles of our money by misrepresenting us and feigning investigations into criminal acts committed against us by the colonial government without resolving them. By design, they are meant to be lost. 

Queenie: "Look what you did. Now I have to get a job".

Queenie: “Look what you did. Now I have to get a REAL  job”.

Indian Affairs is organized crime. Prime Minister Harper is the head Don. The provinces, ministers, corporations, judges and armed forces are all part of it. They take blood oaths to the godfather [mother], Queen Elizabeth, to hide their wrong doing, as Pope Ratzinger is doing now hiding in the Vatican to avoid prosecution.  

The tribal and band councils are striving to become full patch members to exercise the rule of terror over us to keep us in line. They are all following the business plan of the royal economist bankers. 

A proper land-lord tenant relationship will be set in place. Settlers will stop gobbling up our assets, polluting our land and destroying the inheritance of our coming generations. We will  sit down and start talking about the terms under which they can stay here. Their future relationship will through Guswentha to the Kaianereh’kowa. They must become of one mind with us, or the war will continue. 

No, we’re not afraid to get rid of Indian Affairs. They have an ongoing debt to us supported by their own laws [Section 109, BNA Act, Royal Proclamation, and so on] and the human rights covenants Canada signed and supports internationally. We have to carry out our original instructions. The land has to be taken care of. The damage has to be repaired. 

Indian Affairs accomplices, take a good supply of canned goods with you,.

Discussion in the lunch room at Indian Affairs.

As David Bowie sings in “Space Oddity”: “3, 2, 1, Blast off! And may God’s love be with you”. “Space Oddity” by David Bowie

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MNN.  21 May 2012.  Is Kahnawake a pretend “combat zone” for their war exercises?   At 6:00 pm My 21st twelve fighter jets flew in threatening formations, crisscrossing closely over the Mohawks of Kahnawake.  Twelve flights for 20 minutes were videotaped.   
Canada violated the Notice on Navigation and Travel Restriction issued on August 17, 2007 by the Longhouse Peoples of the Mohawk Nation. Under authority of the Kaianerehkowa, Supreme Law of the Great Architect of Creation and Rotiskenrakehte “They who hold the Peace”, inside Kanienke, declare Navigation and Travel Restriction as follows:
At 23:00 hrs. August 18, 2007, until further notice, and shall apply to vessels of any nation or corporation engaging in commerce, commercial intercourse with corporate US or Canada, from navigation or travel inside or upon navigable water, known to be Kanientarahwaoneh [River Saint Laurence said Gulf Saint Laurence and tributaries]. [See geographical coordinates below].
Air space within one nautical mile of domicile or abode of Onkwehonwe shall also be restricted from use by government or private contracted security aircraft of said US and Canada.     
For centuries Onkwehonwe [Original People of the Land] and other Indigenous Nations have suffered genocide, near total destruction of our Earth, way of life and continued war of aggression by colonial invaders under de facto papal authority, said Holy See.   Crusading British corporations  US, Canada, Australia, France, England and others continue this genocide in pursuit of commerce and presume Sovereign Dominion Over the Earth.  [All UN nations are corporate entities registered through the city state of London under Admiralty/corporate Law, meant for bankers and corporations].  
Rotiskenrakehte shall exercise Authority under law of the land to use all force necessary to maintain the Peace and stop the destruction of life on Earth, by this Navigation and Travel Restriction. Furthermore, Onkwehonwe may take prize of vessel and goods for breaking the Peace.    We Indigenous are not registered in the city of London as a corporate state, so Admiralty Law of the sea does not apply to us. 
Rotiskenrakehte ask that the People upon the Earth unite with us to stop the destruction of Life, to help open eyes of the people of your world, to the War of Genocide pursued against People upon the Earth. With Authority under Kaiaherehkowa, so be it our Minds. 
Attacks and threats are carried out against Indigenous peoples when Parliament or governments go on holiday.  Their corporate Indians don’t tell us much.  During the Mohawk Oka Crisis 1990 fighter jets flew without notice closely, trying to scare us.
The flights over Kahnawake on May 21st 2012 could be dangerous for civilians due to risk of collateral damage.  Is this warning us of another “Indian summer” when the army or cops come to town?
Like Jimmy Hendrix prophecized in his Vietnam War song, Machine Gun;  “Machine gun, tearing my body all apart.  Machine gun, tearing my body all apart.  Evil man make me kill ya.  Evil man make you kill me.  Evil man make me kill you, even though we’re only families apart.  The same way you shoot me down, baby, you’ll be going just the same.  Three times the pain, and your own self to blame.  Hey, machine gun.”
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NOTE:  Beginning point upon the Earth at Forty-three degrees, fifty-six minutes north latitude and Seventy-six degrees, fifty-one minutes, thirty-five seconds west longitude;  thence along rhumb line to point at Forty-three degrees, fifty minutes, eighteen seconds, north latitude and Seventy-six degrees, seventeen minutes fifty-five seconds west longitude; thence east and north along land and course of navigable water Kanientarawanoneh, said Saint Lawrence Seaway, to point at Forty-five degrees, Fifty-three minutes, thirty-nine seconds north latitude and Fifty-nine degrees, fifty-eight minutes, twenty-one seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Forty-seven degrees, thirty-five minutes, ten seconds north latitude and Fifty-two degrees, forty-one minutes, thirty-one seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Fifty-two degrees, sixteen minutes, twenty seconds north latitude and fifty-five degrees, thirty-five minutes west longitude.

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