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MNN. Oct. 4, 2014. Two related incidents. The orchestrated attack on selected Mohawks by Canada’s band council of Kahnawake MCK inc.

Corporate band council meetings in Kahnawake.

Corporate band council meetings in Kahnawake.

And an attempted murder of a young driver by the Surete du Quebec SQ. Both are part of the “ordo ab chao” conflict strategy to create fear and confusion in Kahnawake.

Under the eye of the corporate council, certain people were ordered to leave the community. They were deemed to be unqualified under the colonial Indian Act to live here.

The underlying issue appears to be our legitimate demand for the return of 45,000 acres of our land known as the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis. Kahnawake is on this tract which is part of the Iroquois Confederacy territory. Ten non-native municipalities are on this tract which must now be returned. According to the Kaianerekowa, the supreme law of the land, the Mohawks and the Confederacy cannot sell the land, much less accept money. According to international law, a vote, referendum or consensus of all adults is required. In violation of the Two Row Wampum – Guswentha, Canada illegally turned Kahnawake into a reserve without a surrender and a treaty. They are trying to do this in the West now. 

The “legal fiction” is that in 1680 French King Louis XIV gave our land to the Jesuits. In 1762 General Gage of the British military dispossessed them and affirmed the land as that of the Iroquois and our friends and allies.

Nobody wants to meet our o'ien'kwen:ton!

O’ien’kwen:ton! We have a duty to defend our land!

In 1974 Canada could not send the military or RCMP into Kahnawake. The Mohawks were removing non-native people. Lawyer, Gaetan Robert, informed us that Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chretien, had secretly enacted an illegal order in council on November 16, 1974, turning Kahnawake into a reserve. This order cannot be found. The SQ riot squad came in. A battle ensued. They and the white families left. The SQ, RCMP and the military have no legal authority to enter our community known as Kahnawake for any reason.

The Government of Canada Indian council do as they’re told by their real rulers. Other fear tactics are now being used on us.

SQ: "Okay, I see you have your seat belt on!"

SQ: “Okay, you have your seat belt on. So I’ll put my gun away!”

On October 2, 2014 a young man with his two year old daughter was followed by the SQ onto a side road in Kahnawake and pulled over. The driver immediately called the local Indian cops and then put both hands on the dash. The cop yanked the car door open and pointed his loaded gun with his finger on the trigger at him, “Show me your license and registration”. The Mohawk coolly said, “First take your finger off the trigger and point your gun somewhere else”. Local cops and neighbors quickly arrived and diffused the situation. Apparently it was a misunderstanding. The Quebec license bureau had not yet registered his paid up car registration.

As Hank Williams advises, it’s time to fall in love with your Indians again: “Poor old, Kaw-liga, he never got a kiss. Poor old, Kaw-liga, he don’t know what he missed. Is it any wonder that his face is red. Kaw-liga, that poor old wooden head”.  Hank Williams. “Kaw-liga”.

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NOTE: Corporation of Canada is a system of bylaws that have the appearance of legality.All acts committed, proceedings taken or things done or suffered under or pursuant to the provisions of the said Order in Council of the 12th July, 1906 (P.C. 1419), are hereby declared to have been valid and effective to all in- tents and purposes as if the said Order in Council had been lawfully made”. All their acts are corporate bylaws, assumed to have the color of law. The corporate system is for the benefit of the shareholders, the bankers. The corporate business plan is to steal all the resources from the earth. Caughnawaga into reserve without consent.

Amending voting.

Kahnawake timeline.  

MNN: Mohawks have Nothing to Negotiate! Renters have to pay

MNN.  June 8, 2011.   Kahnawake is a Mohawk community on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River across from Montreal.  This tract is part of the greater Rotino’shonni:onwe/Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy territory, which is the unsurrendered eastern half of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island.  

In 1680 French King Louis XIV illegally gave 45 thousand acres of our land to the Jesuits to turn us into Catholics.  They named Kahnawake, our home, the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis.  

The account, not the title to our land, needs settling.  Canada and Quebec’s demand to settle is an admission of our position that the land is ours and always will be.  

Kahnawake Is a Kanienkehaka and Ongwehonwe issue.  None of Great Turtle Island is for sale.  

After the French and Indian disputes, the French sued for peace and a return of their prisoners that we held.  The Peace of Montreal in 1701 brought peace between the French and the Iroquois and 39 of our Indian allies who signed onto the treaty.  This treaty remains active.  

Then the Jesuits illegally gave away two-thirds of Kahnawake to their settlers.  Only 13,000 acres was left for us.    

We always lodged complaints against the Jesuits, Governors and the French King.  In 1754 Governor Duquesne came to Kahnawake to confirm that the Jesuits had no right to give away our land.   In 1762 after the French and British stopped fighting with each other, British General Gage also affirmed that the Mohawks own Kahnawake.  He appointed a receiver to collect the rent.  Some rent was paid.  

In 1854 Quebec illegally passed a law abolishing the seigneury land system and our interest to Kahnawake.  In 1935 another illegal law abolished the rents payable to us.  

Today Kahnawake includes eight immigrant communities:  LaPrairie, Candiac, Delson, Saint Catherine, Saint-Constant and Chateauguay; parts of Lachine and Lasalle on the island of Montreal.  Also included is the St. Lawrence River bed. 

There’s nothing to negotiate.  Canada and Quebec have no jurisdiction.  Canada wants to offer us a few dollars.  They know that Rotino’shonni:onwe can’t be tricked into giving up our birthright. 

The band councils have no right to settle anything, especially land issues.  They speak for the Canadian government, which says:  “if we don’t settle, this land will remain in dispute”.  

Title to our territories did not begin when the Europeans arrived.  The land was and must be governed by the applicable law, the Kaianerekowa, our constitution. 

Our land cannot remain under colonial fraud. The women inherently hold it on behalf of the future generations. Canada is always trying to legitimize their occupation of our land, which we never relinquished since the beginning of time.


Those settlers who do not want to live under Kaianerehkowa can chose to leave.  We certainly will not force death and violence on them they did to us.     

Canada should honourably sit with us and take responsibility for their people’s actions.  Indigenous people should be compensated fairly.  

Recently Prime Minister Harper apologized to some of those native people who were put into residential schools to be abused and killed.  In our culture, an apology means taking responsibility.  Words cannot fix the wrongs.  You must make it right.    All settlers have to make things right.  They came here to benefit from our land and resources, while the owners suffer. 

This is a Kaianerehowa/Great Law issue, which involves all Indigenous people.  

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What is “ecclesiastical tyranny”?

It is raw colonialism and terrorism, plain and simple! MNN. Nov. 24, 2007. On Friday, November 23, 2007, a hearing was held in Montreal. A Mohawk had been fired the year before by the Sulpician Order because he was a Mohawk. Little did they know, he was a very quiet, reliable and hard working guy. It took the Sulpicians more than a year to cook up a case against him. While they were busy plotting, he quietly sold rosaries and crucifixes to the multi-national clientele that come into the shop at Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal. This is where they sent him to get him out of the way. Too bad for them, the bad old days are gone. Quebec employees have some laws to protect them. Once the church cobbled together some charges, they had to deal with a union.

The church witnesses eagerly stated that, “We are afraid of Mohawks. They are violent and associated with organized crime”. Never mind that the Mohawk defendant had no criminal record and no association with any known criminals. The church expects divine intervention even if it has to co-opt people with delusional fantasies to get its way.

This tactic is not new. It harkens right back to Samuel de Champlain’s first encounter with the Kanienkehaka, the people of the flint. Without so much as pausing for a “howdy do”, or “by your leave”, he marched onto our land on Lake Champlain and shot our chiefs the moment he saw them. Then, he embarked on three genocidal campaigns hoping to kill every Mohawk. They made up crazy stories about us to justify their actions. It’s been going on ever since. [This is “organized crime”!] The subconscious of French-Canadian ecclesiastical and military power has a tremendous animosity towards the Mohawks. They have always tried to eliminate us. They pretend they have a right to be here and that we don’t exist.

The defendant brought a female elder from his community to sit in on the hearings. She sat beside him. Even though the hearing was taking place on Mohawk land and involved allegations against the Mohawks, everything took place in French. None of the proper formalities were observed. The “Ahenton kariwatekwen” was not recited. There was no “condolence ceremony” as would have been proper in an intercultural meeting. The elder decided to observe the proceedings and show her joyful enthusiastic good nature by smiling and showing good will to everyone. She never spoke or made any other gestures throughout the day.

Eventually, the church witnesses became so agitated by her smile that the arbitrator tried to claim that her presence was disrupting the somber atmosphere. “Why are you staring at the witnesses?” he asked.

She replied, “Everyone is observing the proceedings”. The arbitrator wanted to put the woman elder in the far corner of the room, like a child, so no one could see her watching what went on. The reason why they did not want an outside observer was obvious. As the day wore on, the witnesses were finding it more and more difficult to think up things that would make their victim look bad.

A young man who worked as a janitor for the church, before moving to Ontario, was flown in for the day. The poor guy was suffering from delusions, “I feared for my life”, he stated as his face twitched and sweat poured down his brow. He described an incident that happened in Verdun, a municipality of Montreal. He said that the defendant had driven by him on his bike on a bike path, heading back into Old Montreal to the church, at around 6:25 pm. He claims to have heard the defendant say, “You’re next, you little fuck!”

The problem with this story is that, one, the defendant is not in the habit of using that kind of language. Two, whoops!! There are many witnesses who can prove the defendant was still at work selling rosaries at 6:05 pm on that very day. Maybe it was a doppleganger! This hearing proved something for sure. Prejudice and dangerous delusional fantasies about the Kanienkehaka [Mohawk] continue to run rampant in Quebec, just as they did on the day of our first meeting with Champlain and his French troops. These people could sure use an exorcist real quick, or what!

A pall of darkness descended into the room. It was like going back to the middle ages in Europe. The Sulpicians, who believe that Louis XIV gave them our land in 1663, have been running what they call a “civilized community” for 350 years. It’s like going into the mausoleum, opening the creaking doors and removing the cobwebs out of these decadent decrepit buildings in Montreal. They are now empty and a relic of a bygone era in Quebec history when the church had absolute control over the minds of the French-Canadians. We thought they had been set free from this oppression. This hearing gives us serious cause for concern. School children in Montreal are still being taught geography as if we do not exist. This makes it difficult for us to receive justice.

We hope this hearing is the last gasp of the church to maintain control over the people who were trying to eliminate us 400 years ago. They will never crush the Mohawks. At some level, the Sulpicians know this.

The presence of a single elderly Mohawk woman made them nervous, especially since she was smiling. She learned her friendly attitude from her ancestors. The Iroquois always presented themselves to people in a cordial peaceful manner. This is why they are considered the masters of diplomacy. This goes against church hierarchy which operates on intimidation and domination. If this doesn’t work, they become flustered.

The Sulpicians are represented by a lawyer from one of the most powerful, influential law firms in Canada, Heenan Blaikie. This firm is dominated by former prime ministers like Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien who are prominently displayed on their letterheads. Heenan Blaikie is always trying to dominate and control the Mohawks who have been constantly disputing Canada’s claim to our lands. They say Louis XIV gave it to them. They can’t explain how it was Louis’ to give. We never give up our land and they know that. The Sulpicians’ history of attempting to oppress the Mohawks at Kanehsatake is long and dirty. Heenan Blaikie not only represent the Sulpicians, but Canada hired Heenan Blaikie to represent the Kahehsatake Mohawks in the land claims negotiations that are currently taking place. They sit on both sides.

The Supreme Court says aboriginal rights are sui generis. We guess Heenan Blaikie think this means we are in a class of our own and normal professional “conflict of interest” rules don’t apply.

Boards of directors, outside accounting and law firms, bankers and brokers, provincial and federal regulatory agencies and legislators are either inert or complicit in this double dealing.

From the farce that took place at the Montreal hearing, the Sulpicians has a lust for power that corrupts absolutely. The catholic church hierarchical system is the model for the colonial “pecking order”. This is where the higher ups gobble those under them.

Bertrand Russell said, “Power is a drug, the desire for which increases with habit”. Those who achieve the top rung of the hierarchy begin to believe that their rapacious oppression is normal in an abnormal world. To do this, they have to control the money, the police, the army, the politics and the economy.

The church could not control all the players in the hearing. They wanted conformity, suppression and obedience. They became uncomfortable because they could not exercise their “ecclesiastical tyranny”. They could not threaten us that we would go to hell. We don’t share their cosmogony.

A spark of light can displace darkness. For Mohawks, the love of freedom and our belief in human equality permeates our love of our people. We all want to be free, to have children, to have a home, to love and be loved.

When lies face the truth, the truth wins. If they can’t see it now, people will look back on this as a very “dark age” indeed.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

See: “Colonialism”

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