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MNN. Feb. 21, 2018. When our minds are forced into the evil corporate colonial brainwashing systems by churches, schools, military and government institutions, the goal is to destroy our  connection to all creation. WATCH THE WHITE MAN’S GET RICH SCHEME TO STEAL FROM US:


Our language was beaten out of us. Our language guides us te-tsi-kwa-ni-kon-ra. Colonial brain bashing was designed to prevent us from using our minds to describe complete details of our world, how to go about our lives and define ourselves.

Our language shows us what is real, how creation works, how the moon, stars, sun and everything continue to exist that we are part of. Creation gave us mental tools oni-kon-ra to make decisions by using our reason to dissect ta-sha-to-reh-ton all matters that come to us. We make decisions from our mind and not from our gut. 

We don’t take issues at face value, which create incomplete decisions. We learn from thousands of generations of onkwe-hon-weh minds, not from man-made words based on unproven fables.

onkwe-honwe-onwe thinking is naturally scientific, using both parts of our brain. Our parents, families, clans and people seri-wa-kwen-ies guide us to learn.


We concentrate on what the language absolutely says, not the changed fake meanings that words of the foreign slave tongue are used for. We use it as it was designed, to help us to have a real understanding about all aspects of life. We seek to understand many sides of everything. We reflect on those things that make us smile or don’t make us smile.

We come to understand who we are. Everything in creation is positive, weather, rain, sun, snow, and natural elements. In English everything is hateful, which is part of our brainwashing and character forming experience.


For good things to happen we have to take responsibility. The colonists tried to kick out our will to help each other. We’re told to, “Wait for the expert” of this and that and then pay for it. That’s the [corporate] law!

One adjudicating over the other is not respect or equality. The band tribal councils can sell their birthright but not ours. The land, river, resources, everything are ours. We cannot let them give away anything for foolish privileges which the immigrants have been eroding. 


Band and tribal councils and their followers are fake trained automatons who are conditioned in fake spirituality and paid to do the government’s dirty work.

To get our lives back we focus on who we are. 

Phillip Phillips sings about the drumming long after they are gone, gone, gone:

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MNN. Mar. 2, 2014. In the 1960s one of the top actors in Hollywood was involved with the burgeoning American Indian Movement AIM. He was constantly seeking knowledge about our true history and rights. He invited Mohawk activist at the time, Kahentinetha Horn, to visit him at his home in Beverly Hills. A limousine  drove her to his lavish heavily guarded hilltop home. Nourishing food was served at the poolside. He was an honest man and she felt comfortable with him. He wanted to learn everything he could about how the colonizers treat the Indigenous people of Great Turtle Island. He learned about the role of the Kanionkehaka in helping to spread the Great Law of Peace to everybody in the world. 

"I got an offer I couldn't refuse" to stand up for the Indians!

“I got an offer I couldn’t refuse” to stand up for the Indians!

Later both were asked frequently by the press about their discrete relationship. He was in his forties and she was in her twenties. Neither kissed nor told.

The Indian Fish Wars were going on at the time in Puget Sound. The US government was violating the 1855 fishing rights treaty. The Indigenous People were removed from their lands but kept these rights and constantly resisted. Marlon Brando, Buffy Sainte Marie and Dick Gregory joined the resistance. In March 1964 Brando was arrested with members of the Puyallup Nation for taking two steelhead trout. That was his awakening.

Because a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."

In effect, Don Corleone said, “They stand up for their family because they’re real men.”

In 1973 Brando received an Oscar for his role in the Godfather”. He refused it and sent an Indigenous women to deliver a message for him. Later he told talk show host, Dick Cavett, why he did it.

“The motion picture community has been as responsible as any for degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing him as savage, hostile and evil. It’s hard enough for children to grow up in this world. When Indian children … see their race depicted as they are in films, their minds become injured in ways we can never know.”

“Why Brando Rejected the Oscar”.

“Dick Cavett interviews Marlon Brando”.

Once again the millionaires-patting-each-other-on-the-back show [the Oscars] is on. We wonder who the next Marlon Brando will be for the American Indian!

As Jim Morrison laments: Ride the snake, ride the snake/To the lake, the ancient lake, baby/The snake is long, seven miles/Ride the snake/…he’s old, and his skin is cold.. Jim Morrison. “The End”.

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