MNN. Oct. 26, 2013. The people were concerned. Their lands were constantly under attack by invaders. Warriors were sent out to find some answers. One ended up at a big stone house with a big watchtower on top of a high hill. He wanted to find out who lived there and entered. He encountered large unattractive people with scales all over their bodies. He saw that they slayed each other for fun and to get prizes.

Senators: "We just come here, sit in our chairs, sleep, and collect our pay checks."

Scaly people: “Mostly we sleep in our chairs and collect our ‘sustenance’ til we die.”

In a pond next to the big stone house lived a huge dragon that had to be fed everyday with the bodies of the true people of the nation. When they are all gone, then the subjects and their children would be thrown into the pond to be eaten by the dragon. The true people nearby told the warrior that everyone was living under great distress, because the dragon and his keepers are ravaging the land. They are taking all the sustenance to the bigger stone house far away over the bigger pond. 

Dragon: "You don't believe us!!! That you just stay quiet and everything will be alright!!"

Dragon: “Here’s a back room deal. Just stay quiet and everything will be alright!!”

The beast overheard them talking. He jumped out of the pond roaring like thunder. His head was immense and his tail was 50 ft. long. The warrior showed no fear.  

The warrior and the dragon fought. Its scales were so thick and hard his arrows broke into thousands of pieces upon impact. He took shelter beneath the Tree of Peace where no poison can prevail and no dragon can hurt us. With the arrow in his hand the warrior rushed at the dragon and pierce it where there are no scales. The dragon fell dead at his feet. He had found the dragon’s weakness and went everywhere to tell his people about it.

Warrior: "Hey, Dragon. You got soft spots all over!"

Warrior: “Hey, Dragon. You got soft spots all over!”

The true people can come together under the Tree of Peace for the protection of all mankind. 

The Irish Rovers sang about dragons. When he has no believers, he dies .. “Without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave, So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave. oh!  Irish Rovers: “Puff the Magic Dragon”. 

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