MNN Jan. 22,2012.  Freedom requires responsibility [Kaianerehkowa].  The unsurrendered land, water, air and resources above, beneath and on Great Turtle Island is the birthright of the Indigenous people.  The bankers and their agents want to steal it all. Our resistance to genocide is causing panic.

 Here’s their plan.

 Lie about economic prosperity and ending mass unemployment.  Increase military spending.  Build more prisons. 

 Set up secret police outside of civil authority.  Rescind habeas corpus and civil liberties.  [US Defense Authorization Act; Canada Omnibus Crime Bill.]  Bribe, destroy, kill, imprison opponents. 

 Remove citizenship rights [US Enemy Expatriation Act]. Wear non-person ID in public.  Send resisters back to country of origin!  [Bye!]

 Special courts for death sentences.  Execute soldiers for cowardice!  [Or give them more meds.] 


Centralize power under one leader.   Assassinations to restore order.  Swear oath to leader like Canada to the Queen.

 Control courts and civic organizations.  Disband state and local governments.  Appoint governors, premiers, mayors. 

 Divide and rule.  Rich fight the poor.  Racial conflicts intensified.  Religious-based parties control education and youth groups. 

 Promote Pan Americanism based on white culture, to defend western civilization from ‘brown sub-humans’.

 Criminalize the truth.  Ban questioners.  Indigenous continue to be hated and feared [for existing].  Book burnings [Stop Arizona brown market in Indian books].  Teach race superiority dogma. [Guess which is at the top of the totem pole?].  Fire teachers who oppose. 

 Control mainstream media [A done deal]. 

 Kill the internet [SOPA].  Produce entertainment, films, mass rallies and rhetoric to push corporatist ideology down our throats. 

 Create economic depression.  Then make up fantasies to restore fake national pride.

 Unreasonable foreign policy.  Demand surrender or threaten war.  No compromise.  No reparation to peoples or countries attacked. 

 Create enemies.  Get another country to invade.  Send ultimatums demanding all their power or face invasion.  Step in.  Bomb.  Call for elections.  Put in puppets.  Set up quislings. 

 Form alliances with dictators or replace them.  Set up spies and informers.  Install tribal/band council-like entities to control masses and report on them.

 Infiltrate and suppress labor unions and strikes.

 [If we’re lucky] The US might threaten to pull out of or destroy the UN if they can’t own it.    

 Form secret and illegal alliances like the North American Union NAU.  Annex Canada and Mexico.  Suppress revolts.  Businesses owned by western interests.  Native land and resource owners do menial work. 

 Sign pacts to divide up world dominated by a small group of rulers. 

 Create fear of travel, such as airport TSA groping of passengers and mysterious shipwreck in Italy. 

 Heavy fines or long prison terms for crimes like parking tickets, spitting on the sidewalk or free speech.   

 US and Canada are conservative authoritarian corporations.  Their citizens are property of the corporations, squatting on a land they don’t own.  The youth want their corporations to give them a piece of the Indigenous pie. 

 Over 100 million Indigenous were murdered in the attempt.  They need to decolonize and respect the legal ownership of Great Turtle Island. 

 The white house or congress or parliament could be graffitied to signal a civil unrest over something that doesn’t belong to them. 

 Look for more false flags such as the World Trade Center and laws without parliamentary or congressional debate.    

 Open attack on uncooperative Indigenous communities. Human rights violated.  Deprivation of necessities of life. 

 Canada’s Prime Minister Harper wants to revive the old ghetto policy to keep us in deplorable conditions to carry out the final solution.  [Mother Earth segregated all of Great Turtle Island for us].

Death by warfare, genocide, reprisals, forced labor and starvation to carry out the Pan Americanisation of the western hemisphere. 

 Dictators studied these US strategies [Wasichu] of atrocities, mass murders, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing and theft on a grand scale. 

 The great natural power preserved us and continues to do so.  We don’t have a standing army.  We have the dreaded truth.

 As Oscar Wilde said:  When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood, [and a forked tongue] it’s hard to shake hands with her.

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