MNN. Apr. 6, 2013. Gunboat diplomacy is forcing colonial policy on Indigenous through military power and direct threats until we comply. “Sign here or you’ll starve!”. The BIA in the US and Indian Affairs in Canada are military centers for worldwide operations. Money is laundered through Indian communities. Why did Prime Minister Harper suddenly announce his plan to “privatize” all Indigenous lands? To make us less accessible to scrutiny! 

"Take the money, or else!"

Chief: “Sign here and look the other way!”

In US Supreme Court decision Lara v. USA, Justice Clarence Thomas said that, as far as he could see, there is no evidence that the indigenous people ever gave up their sovereignty or any of their land. Federal Indian law and the Indian Act are schizophrenic and, as long as this is not dealt with, there will be chaos. 

not followedIndian Affairs in Canada and the US were both part of the War Departments. In mid-1980s an employee in Indian Affairs Minister David Crombie’s office in Ottawa was recruiting people of Indigenous ancestry. A secret operation was being established throughout the Western Hemisphere headquartered in Mexico City. 

Canada is not resisting the US takeover of the Indigenous territory called “the Northwest Passage”, and our resources there. In 2005 the top CEOs, cabinet ministers and military brass of Mexico, US and Canada had a secret meeting at the Fairmont Springs Hotel in Banff.Banff 2005 The US has infiltrated the army, police forces, government and corporations. The Canadian Airborne Regiment that defends northern sovereignty was disbanded. 

In 1990 gunboat diplomacy brought in the military invasion of the Mohawk of Kanehsatake. The US wants the rare mineral, “niobium” that lies under the community. This metal strengthens and lightens industrial metals for military hardware and rockets for outer space exploration. The September 29, 2006 border summit in Tucson revealed that Boeing Aircraft got $20 billion to develop the satellite virtual electronic wall over the Canada-US border. 

tontoCasinos in Indigenous communities allow unmonitored money and agents to pass through Indian reservations, which are under “federal jurisdiction”, into covert activities. Casino money is not overseen by the Bureau of Indians Affairs or Department of Indian Affairs. Billions were funneled to finance illegal activities.  

The colonial government declares that a band or tribal council has “mismanaged” their funds. The community is taken over. People are sent in to run everything. Indigenous people are told nothing. The corporate band council chiefs are now either court appointed politicians or compliant Indians who do what their team of Indian Affairs advisers tell them. It’s their gravy train of unaccounted money, placed in off-shore accounts. They just have to look the other way. 

The Indian Affairs program is meant to keep us demoralized, ignorant and dependent. These corporate conglomerates need to victimize us to control politics, police, military and economies of Canada and the US. 

The economic royalist bankers think there is no alternative to a few taking something for nothing with armed government support; to inequality and injustice, competition and division; conflict and suffering. Then putting the stolen money in secret off shore accounts. The Canadian model of world government is now being implemented in India. Countercurrents As Joni Mitchell sang: “And so once again, oh, America, my friend. And so once again, you are fighting us all. And when we ask you why, you raise your stick and cry. And we fall. Oh, my friend, how did you come to trade the fiddle for the drum”. The Fiddle and the Drum

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MNN Jan. 22,2012.  Freedom requires responsibility [Kaianerehkowa].  The unsurrendered land, water, air and resources above, beneath and on Great Turtle Island is the birthright of the Indigenous people.  The bankers and their agents want to steal it all. Our resistance to genocide is causing panic.

 Here’s their plan.

 Lie about economic prosperity and ending mass unemployment.  Increase military spending.  Build more prisons. 

 Set up secret police outside of civil authority.  Rescind habeas corpus and civil liberties.  [US Defense Authorization Act; Canada Omnibus Crime Bill.]  Bribe, destroy, kill, imprison opponents. 

 Remove citizenship rights [US Enemy Expatriation Act]. Wear non-person ID in public.  Send resisters back to country of origin!  [Bye!]

 Special courts for death sentences.  Execute soldiers for cowardice!  [Or give them more meds.] 


Centralize power under one leader.   Assassinations to restore order.  Swear oath to leader like Canada to the Queen.

 Control courts and civic organizations.  Disband state and local governments.  Appoint governors, premiers, mayors. 

 Divide and rule.  Rich fight the poor.  Racial conflicts intensified.  Religious-based parties control education and youth groups. 

 Promote Pan Americanism based on white culture, to defend western civilization from ‘brown sub-humans’.

 Criminalize the truth.  Ban questioners.  Indigenous continue to be hated and feared [for existing].  Book burnings [Stop Arizona brown market in Indian books].  Teach race superiority dogma. [Guess which is at the top of the totem pole?].  Fire teachers who oppose. 

 Control mainstream media [A done deal]. 

 Kill the internet [SOPA].  Produce entertainment, films, mass rallies and rhetoric to push corporatist ideology down our throats. 

 Create economic depression.  Then make up fantasies to restore fake national pride.

 Unreasonable foreign policy.  Demand surrender or threaten war.  No compromise.  No reparation to peoples or countries attacked. 

 Create enemies.  Get another country to invade.  Send ultimatums demanding all their power or face invasion.  Step in.  Bomb.  Call for elections.  Put in puppets.  Set up quislings. 

 Form alliances with dictators or replace them.  Set up spies and informers.  Install tribal/band council-like entities to control masses and report on them.

 Infiltrate and suppress labor unions and strikes.

 [If we’re lucky] The US might threaten to pull out of or destroy the UN if they can’t own it.    

 Form secret and illegal alliances like the North American Union NAU.  Annex Canada and Mexico.  Suppress revolts.  Businesses owned by western interests.  Native land and resource owners do menial work. 

 Sign pacts to divide up world dominated by a small group of rulers. 

 Create fear of travel, such as airport TSA groping of passengers and mysterious shipwreck in Italy. 

 Heavy fines or long prison terms for crimes like parking tickets, spitting on the sidewalk or free speech.   

 US and Canada are conservative authoritarian corporations.  Their citizens are property of the corporations, squatting on a land they don’t own.  The youth want their corporations to give them a piece of the Indigenous pie. 

 Over 100 million Indigenous were murdered in the attempt.  They need to decolonize and respect the legal ownership of Great Turtle Island. 

 The white house or congress or parliament could be graffitied to signal a civil unrest over something that doesn’t belong to them. 

 Look for more false flags such as the World Trade Center and laws without parliamentary or congressional debate.    

 Open attack on uncooperative Indigenous communities. Human rights violated.  Deprivation of necessities of life. 

 Canada’s Prime Minister Harper wants to revive the old ghetto policy to keep us in deplorable conditions to carry out the final solution.  [Mother Earth segregated all of Great Turtle Island for us].

Death by warfare, genocide, reprisals, forced labor and starvation to carry out the Pan Americanisation of the western hemisphere. 

 Dictators studied these US strategies [Wasichu] of atrocities, mass murders, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing and theft on a grand scale. 

 The great natural power preserved us and continues to do so.  We don’t have a standing army.  We have the dreaded truth.

 As Oscar Wilde said:  When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood, [and a forked tongue] it’s hard to shake hands with her.

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MNN. Oct. 11, 2008. The stock market crash could be the best thing that ever happened to save the planet. The pollution from the skies will clear so that we can see the horizon once more. The Wall Street bankers are surprised that people are not reacting yet or cracking up. Angry words, yes! But watch out! We’re getting all our affairs in order.

Governments and wars can’t be run without money. So what will happen to all our differences? We might have to talk to each other like human beings.

The secret government/oligarch “mobsters” anticipated the current unfolding of events, the collapse of the US economy, the panic, the outrage and the “domino effect” around the world. The corporate media hid it from us. We can thank alternate internet media for cluing us in! The mobsters anticipated the angry backlash of the people and prepared for it. However, they overlooked our Indigenous creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance. As we watch the demise of the exploitation of our lands and resources, we are seeing a show that is over and no one is clapping for an encore. The liars have been caught. It’ll never be the same again.

The “New World Order” gangsters thought that “regional economies” like the North American Union NAU should be set up first before proceeding to “global one world government”. Their new center of development won’t last long because it’s a fraud. Their insistence on hierarchy is misdirected. We do not need one governing mind. We need to bring together all minds so that we can benefit from the wisdom of human and natural diversity. The US had the delusion that it could be the dominant economy all over the world forever. We know that no one can keep on stealing. It had to come to an end. Even so, the multinational dummies saw ahead and set themselves up in China, India, Asia and Central Asia.

Tightening domestic controls is underway with: i) blending of military and police roles within and between nations; ii) stronger laws on surveillance, privacy, data collection, etc. People are being conditioned to accept huge invasions of privacy to get jobs, have bank accounts, go to school, etc. And iii) growing ISR – intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance on the domestic front. Cameras are everywhere, UAV’s, microwave towers, internet controls and chipping with RFID (radio frequency ID). Everyone is being judged by ignorant, trigger-happy kids under the command of megalomaniac “nut jobs” with little concern for inter-cultural experience and wisdom.

Former Minister of the Liberal government of Canada, John Manley, is one of the main architects of the NAU. He recently recognized that, “Ending “insurgency” in Afghanistan quickly [is] ‘unrealistic’”. Of course it is. The war is also illegal. Everyone has a right to self-determination, including the people of Afghanistan. [Harper Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service, Oct. 6, 2008]. Watch out for this man!

The timing of the “merged elections” in the U.S. and Canada is meant to blur the imaginary border between these two colonial for-profit states. They are not fooling anyone. We say, “Remove the delusionary border and give everything back to us”. Artificial borders are outdated tools of the elite to control us and our resources that they are stealing.

A biological event would legitimize martial law and travel restrictions. If one doesn’t appear soon, the banker-oligarchs need another “pretext event” like 911. In 2001, the economy was in a slump and then got a big boost from the Twin Towers going down. It boosted spending on the military and policing. It brought on the illegal U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S. President George Bush told everybody to go shopping. Resistance – protests – strikes – rebellion – civil war!! They hope to find a pretext soon to bring in martial law.

The borders are being tightened with armed guards and IBET – Integrated Border Enforcement Teams at several border crossings. What’s next? Checkpoints everywhere? Enhanced drivers licenses are being introduced in border provinces/states like Manitoba and Vermont so that people who work in one jurisdiction and live in another can travel across the border “without hassle”. For the rest of us it’s abuse, harassment, threats and even death. Why do we have to still declare goods at the border despite the North American “free trade” agreement?

The recent bizarre killing and attacks on buses reflects the legitimizing of airport like security for bus travelers.
IBET operates in 15 regions along the Canada-U.S. border. Evidently, Cornwall was the first one. This might be because Canadian Border Services Agency CBSA is the most paranoid as their illegal operation sits right in the middle of the Mohawk community of Akwesasne.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne hosted the first ever International Indigenous Cross-Border Security Summit on March 17-18, 2006, in Cornwall Ontario. It brought together First Nations and American Indian “sell-outs” from communities which lie in close proximity to the Canada-U.S. border, as well as colonial government and law enforcement partners from coast to coast. [Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, the Assembly of First Nations, the National Congress of American Indians, Canada Emergency Preparedness PSEPC and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.] The meeting was opened by “pseudo” Seneca-Onondaga faith keeper, Oren Lyons, a long time employee of New York State. They discussed issues relating to security of the “imaginary line” manned by their goons. They had a chance to trade intelligence, share tactics, identify people and areas where future work could be enhanced. This was followed by a big fight on how the money was going to be doled out.

Can war be waged without money? No. It’s going to based on a “free labor” program which is being set in place:
i) forced labor using homeless, prisoners and others to build military bases like the new one at Trenton and to work in factories building tanks, trucks and gun barrels.
ii) have a huge stockpile of ammo and supplies purchased on credit. The question is who’s going to give credit when they know it’s not for a legitimate purpose and there’s no backing for the dollar? Guess they’ll just have to go in and get what they need by force. But how, with bullet-less guns?
iii) delay paying soldiers for as long as possible. Screw them on their pensions and leave them homeless in the streets. Oh, that’s already happening. Don’t think that the injured are going to be taken care of.

With elitists like Mr. Fuld, CEO of Lehman Brothers Investment House, getting punched out by an angry investor and recent changes in the top echelon of the US air force, there is evidence of erosion of the ranks from within. There isn’t a lot of room at the top. Some of the lesser elitists are getting screwed and getting mad. They may try to mobilize the patriotic masses by telling them they are their champion and their angry reactions are necessary. Accusations are flying in every direction. Some say an attempted assassination helps to legitimize a leader and martial law. Somehow “legitimate elections” have to be stopped.

What will happen to government pensions – old age, disability, vets? How else will the “fat” be trimmed? Cutting social services, medicare, housing and education? Everybody will have to fend for themselves. The good thing for the environment is there won’t be money for clear cutting, mining explorations or endless R&D (Research and development). The price of oil has plunged because the factory doors are closed. When Russia went thru its economic crisis, the air in the cities cleared up because the factories were shut down and could not spew out toxic smoke. People without jobs have time to think. Maybe with less inane activity, our heads will clear up and we’d see through some of the confusion. Some with lots of idle time and starving might even riot.

How did Indigenous people survive one genocide and holocaust after another? It’s based on our relationship with the natural world and to each other.

Remember that story about the frog in the pot of water on the stove? The water is heated up gradually until he got cooked and couldn’t jump out. Well, the water’s been heating up for awhile. Everybody is frantically swimming around. Jump, we’re told, from the boiling water into the fire. Like the frogs, we should’ve known better using our common sense! We should’ve seen it coming! But we buried our heads and put our faith in fraudsters and gangsters who are calling for one world government enslavement to solve everyone’s problems, which is them.

Who’ll notice what’s going on besides people like us who have been standing on the sidelines forever and don’t take part in either the colonial elections or the stock market? Is there a new state of consciousness to jump into? Or maybe we can jump back into something really traditional, like the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace, of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.

Iako’ha:kowa & MNN Staff, – –

Note: Canada has denied everything set out in our Statement of Claim filed in the Federal Court of Canada T-1309-08 for the “Assault, Arrest & Illegal Detention” of Kahentinetha and Katenies on June 14, 2008 by their Cornwall Ontario border guards. They are filing a $20,000 surety demand for their costs. Your financial help is needed. Please send donations to PayPal, or by check or money order to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen thank you very much.

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