MNN. Mar. 7, 2013. Physicist E.M. Keshe, of Iran, announced the offer of free clean natural energy technology to the world. It is natural magnetic energy based on the gravitational field system that surrounds the earth. Microwaves can be transmitted from the air to anything that requires electricity. It is everywhere. It belongs to everyone in the universe.

Iran captured and safely landed high speed state-of-the-art US drones to prove this. This ground based anti-aircraft super weapon can end all war. The magnetic energy is able to set up a wall and deter any dangerous flying weapons. 

No more war.

No more war.

In the late 1800’s Nickola Tesla of Croatia develop a simple coil to draw energy from the ionosphere which anyone can tap into. He developed alternating current AC electricity and put direct current DC out of business. The whole universe is electric energy. Simple wireless transformers can direct electricity anywhere, into homes and cars. To harvest energy in space he attached machinery to the natural world at any point in order to use it. 

Tesla coil.

Tesla coil.


He was supported by Westinghouse, then bought out by J.P. Morgan and the banks. In 1895 his lab, inventions, notes, data, tools, photos and x-ray imaging were burnt to the ground. He went on to develop a radio controlled boat. Marconi took his ideas for the cross Atlantic radio transmission. Tesla knew how to transmit  wireless energy over long distances through the earth’s surface and ionosphere.  

All of this was confirmed in 1950. The earth and the ionosphere are conductors of the natural electric universe. In Tesla’s Long Island wireless station in 1906 he produced a 200 hp 16,000 rpm bladeless turbine putting electrical energy in a wireless receiver. Marines smashed up his buildings in 1917. In 1928 his technology was used to create turbine engines in modern planes. Later his work in Colorado was also destroyed because he wanted to give free energy to everyone in the world. He died a pauper and forgave all his debtors who owed him millions of dollars. 

Keshe generator.

Keshe generator.

Something cannot exist on nothing. We humans are similar to our environment. We respond to energy and damage in the same way as Mother Earth. Keshe found a way for us to use it in a clean, safe and sustainable way. He has given this information out to the world. It was put on President Obama’s desk last November 2012 and was shown two weeks later how it made his high tech drone completely useless and that all US war technology is obsolete. 

Tesla, on his death bed, said, “If you want to know about the universe, think about frequency and vibration”. It can happen now. We can bury the reasons for war under the Tree of Peace for all time.  We can become of one mind now as the natural world intends. As Edgar Winter sang; “the mountain is high the valley is low and you’re so confused on which way to go.So I’ve come here to give you a hand and lead you to the promised land” Free Ride

Keshe   Film about Keshe

Secrets of Nicola Tesla

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MNN: Ohenton Kariwa’tek:wen, Thanksgiving

mnnlogo1OHENTON KARIWA’TEK:WEN, the Thanksgiving 

MNN.  FEB 3, 2013.  The “words that come before” is a dedication to the coming faces that we do every day.  We place ourselves within an interdependent relationship with the natural world. We remind ourselves that we are equal with all elements of nature.  

The Indigenous women are the progenitors of the soil of this land. It is held for the coming generations of our people yet unborn.  Sovereign power is exercised to remind us of our way of life based on the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law of Peace. The natural world is the perfect reality. At every gathering, the “ohenton kariwa’tek:wen” is said so that we may gather our minds together as one.

Circle of life.

Circle of life.


First, let us pay our respects to the people and remind ourselves of the necessity of good relations between ourselves in order to be productive and happy.  So be it in our minds. 

Let us extend our respect to our Great Mother Earth, and how the functions of the women parallels the role of the earth.  The immunities and medicines we inherit come from living on her.  So be it in our minds. 

Let us extend our thanks for our cousins, all the waters, and to the contents of the waters – the fish, plant life and other things.  Food and medicines needed to live healthily come from the waters.  So be it in our minds. 

Our Sisters.

Our Sisters.

Let us now extend our respect to our sisters, the plant life, such as corn, beans and squash, strawberries and other foods. So be it in our minds. 

Let us give our respect to our brothers and sisters, the animals, insects and birds, who are also beneficial to the people.  So be it in our minds. 

Let us give our thanks to our grandfathers, the four winds and thunderers. They help renew nature for the peopleSo be it in our minds. 

Let us now give our thanks to our grandmother, the moon, which regulates all female life. From her we learn the best time to put seeds into the ground and pick medicines.  So be it in our minds. 

Let us now give our respects to our eldest brother, the Sun, who is the example for the men to follow. The sun supports the earth by warming it so things can grow. He gives support and reinforcement to the people. He beautifies everything that has been put on the earth.  They protect and support the people, particularly the women. They help raise the children and ensure their well-being and continuation of life. So be it in our minds. 

Let us now give respect to our distant cousins, the stars, who have a lot of knowledge and strength when we need them. So be it in our minds. 

Let us give thanks to our teachers who pass on the language, culture and messages from our ancestors.  So be it in our minds. 

We give thanks to all our relatives of the natural world, to all that helps human life, to the “Kasasten’sera’kowa sa oiera”, the great natural power, which is the power that produces them.  We place ourselves in an interdependent system of relationships of all elements of nature, which are equal.  We shall never know the face of this power, nor the name of this power, nor where this power dwells.  We know it is logical, neither male nor female.  So be it in our minds. 

We, the people have the duty to rescue this earth for the faces yet unborn, who are under its surface and will be released to us. We work together to create an environment that will give them a good life on earth. So be it in our minds. 

We, the people, work together for the continuity of life. Saving humanity and the earth is through exercising the power of the Kaianereh’ko:wa. If there is anything in the great natural world that we forgot to thank, we add it here.  So be it in our minds. 

Now that we have given thanks and respect to all elements of Creation, we are ready to deal with the matters at hand. 

Song: We ask here for the silence, to sit still and block everything out so that we can only hear the Earth spinning. 

Kaneron'kwa:tsera, love is the medicine.

Kaneron’kwa:tsera, love is the medicine.

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