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MNN. APR. 8, 2015. Red-X, our ancient medicine man, travels inter-dimensionally and reports to us from his perch on the mountaintop where the sun never sets. He wants to discuss the current state of media affairs. He nominates for the First Annual MNN Award for Experts of Nothing in the Media the CBC’s “At Issue”. They are promoted as experts of everything. Red-X reveals they are actually experts of nothing.

Skawennahawi once saw Red-X.

Skawennahawi once saw Red-X.

Red-X suggests these corporate mouthpieces should become truthful. They should all wear the corporate logos of their sponsors. They’re selling products that continue the war, like Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Shell, Pfizer, etc. Anderson Cooper on CNN “360” and all the networks have an “expert of nothing” show. Their “most trusted” anchors are being caught as rotten stinking liars. They’ll soon be practicing flying off the tops of skyscrapers, just like the bankers and scientists.



Experts of Nothing preparing.

Experts of Nothing being briefed before the show.

The television MC usually introduces them, “We are bringing in the experts to talk about this or that”. They turn out to be the same experts for everything else. Sometimes a new one is brought in for color. Experts of nothing usually hang out together, attending the same golf courses and social clubs, drinking martinis and other fancy drinks. They stand around discussing, “Today I think I’ll be an expert on the Ongwe’hon:we and misiform our audience on INDIAN issues.”. Red-X telepathically messages us that these people are part of the genocide and they would soon be melting into a pile of jello.

Red-X messaged to us: “They will never get away with genocide. All corporate citizens inherited this atrocity and pass it down to their children”. Malcolm X said, “You hold out your hand for an inheritance. You inherit the good and the horrific wickedness to get what you have. You have to atone. Your kids are as guilty as you”. Red X advised us that to persist as a people we have to separate fact from fiction, use our own minds and direct our moral energies to preserve the Great Peace”.

Then he said, “onen”, got on his silver bird and left for another dimensional expedition.

Red-X always said, "Follow the money"!

Red-X always said, “Follow the money”!

CBC, CTV, CNN, ABC. NBC, Fox, and the others, you gotta have something if you wanna be with us. As Billy Preston notes about them, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You gotta have something if you wanna to be with me. I”m not trying to be your hero, cause that zero is too cold for me. Brrrr! I’m not trying to be your highness, because that minus is too low to see”.


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CBC experts of nothing, Andrew, Chantal and Bruce.

CBC experts of nothing, Andrew, Chantal and Bruce.

CBC panel of ‘experts of nothing’.

Duffy trial.










Jan. 12, 2014: Unfortunately for Canada’s Prime Minister Harper and his corporate overlords’ plans to control the world, soon the old technology they use will become obsolete. Their tyranny of us and our mother will be as extinct as they will become. Bill C38 is Harper’s version of Hitler’s “enabling act” of 1933, to get money for his corporate overlords.  l933 Enabling Act of fair

Harper wants the oil out now before the world is presented with the “free energy “ paradigm. poor indians

Canada provides the war material for the corporate legion known as the crown, which is in the Vatican. We are told, we will have a new world order under their control whether we like it or not.

In the past 5 years Prime Minister Harper has fired over 2,000 scientists and dismantled hundreds of programs and research facilities that monitor smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, ozone depletion, water quality, oil sands contamination of the Athabaska watershed and climate change. Scientists were forbidden to speak critically. The Museum of Civilization is now the Museum of Canadian History, concentrating on European propaganda, discounting Indigenous history.

New Museum of Rape & pillage: "What happened to all the Indians?"

New Museum: “We thought there were Indians here before?”

Multinational energy corporations have made major donations. CBC’s “Fifth Estate” [Silence of the Labs] criticizes politicians for making decisions without independent fact-based science.

Fossil fuels and the hierarchy are becoming obsolete. Harper boasts his agenda is dirty oil and more war. Canadians appear ready to salute him when the Americans officially take over Canada. We will pay the environmental price.

The ruling elite don’t pay attention to the advanced technology that will make free energy available to all human society. Suffering, hunger and wars will end. Everyone will have enough sustenance and shelter. Men of greed can produce all the gold and precious metals they want. Precious materials and sciences will be used to forge tools of lasting peace on this planet.

World leaders have no choice. No one will need to take up arms to fight. No one will be left hungry and homeless. Energy can be created by everyone for their own needs. Advance aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons will become irrelevant and obsolete.

paradigm shiftSoon technologies will be delivered which can provide sustenance for free. Every person can be balanced within nature without handouts. Free clean water will be available at any point on earth. Our mother is going to balance everything out. We’ll soon be singing with B.B. King: “Hey, everybody, let’s have some fun/You only live but once/And when you’re dead you’re done, so..”B.B. King. “Let the Good Times Roll”.

M.T. Keshe. Technology to clean up Fukushima.

Bankers created Motor City ruins!

Bankers created Motor City ruins!

The eagle warns us, there is a danger threatening your peace: CBC 5th Estate. “Silence of the Labs”.





Top Troubadour Neil Young:













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MNN. Mar. 7, 2013. Physicist E.M. Keshe, of Iran, announced the offer of free clean natural energy technology to the world. It is natural magnetic energy based on the gravitational field system that surrounds the earth. Microwaves can be transmitted from the air to anything that requires electricity. It is everywhere. It belongs to everyone in the universe.

Iran captured and safely landed high speed state-of-the-art US drones to prove this. This ground based anti-aircraft super weapon can end all war. The magnetic energy is able to set up a wall and deter any dangerous flying weapons. 

No more war.

No more war.

In the late 1800’s Nickola Tesla of Croatia develop a simple coil to draw energy from the ionosphere which anyone can tap into. He developed alternating current AC electricity and put direct current DC out of business. The whole universe is electric energy. Simple wireless transformers can direct electricity anywhere, into homes and cars. To harvest energy in space he attached machinery to the natural world at any point in order to use it. 

Tesla coil.

Tesla coil.


He was supported by Westinghouse, then bought out by J.P. Morgan and the banks. In 1895 his lab, inventions, notes, data, tools, photos and x-ray imaging were burnt to the ground. He went on to develop a radio controlled boat. Marconi took his ideas for the cross Atlantic radio transmission. Tesla knew how to transmit  wireless energy over long distances through the earth’s surface and ionosphere.  

All of this was confirmed in 1950. The earth and the ionosphere are conductors of the natural electric universe. In Tesla’s Long Island wireless station in 1906 he produced a 200 hp 16,000 rpm bladeless turbine putting electrical energy in a wireless receiver. Marines smashed up his buildings in 1917. In 1928 his technology was used to create turbine engines in modern planes. Later his work in Colorado was also destroyed because he wanted to give free energy to everyone in the world. He died a pauper and forgave all his debtors who owed him millions of dollars. 

Keshe generator.

Keshe generator.

Something cannot exist on nothing. We humans are similar to our environment. We respond to energy and damage in the same way as Mother Earth. Keshe found a way for us to use it in a clean, safe and sustainable way. He has given this information out to the world. It was put on President Obama’s desk last November 2012 and was shown two weeks later how it made his high tech drone completely useless and that all US war technology is obsolete. 

Tesla, on his death bed, said, “If you want to know about the universe, think about frequency and vibration”. It can happen now. We can bury the reasons for war under the Tree of Peace for all time.  We can become of one mind now as the natural world intends. As Edgar Winter sang; “the mountain is high the valley is low and you’re so confused on which way to go.So I’ve come here to give you a hand and lead you to the promised land” Free Ride

Keshe   Film about Keshe

Secrets of Nicola Tesla

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